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Lindsay's Alleged Trespasser

The Arrest Photos

1/2/2012 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohans Alleged TrespasserThe man arrested outside Lindsay Lohan's house in Venice Beach yesterday is old enough to be her dad ... at least according to several pics taken of the man in handcuffs.

The photos were snapped yesterday around 6:30pm outside Lindsay's pad -- where the white-haired man was arrested for trespassing.

TMZ broke the story ... cops were called to Lindsay's house after the man knocked on her front door, demanding to speak to the actress.

Lindsay refused to open the door. Cops showed up soon after and handcuffed the guy. He's still in custody.

10:30 AM PT: The suspect's name is Lonnie Short -- and according to his booking documents, he's 64 years old. He's being held on $1,000 bail.


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big bamboo    

any stalker would be better then pootie..but he is the only one that supplies nose candy..
and as far as david stalker / free mason...they were texting each other for years

964 days ago


ALLEDGED STLKER...NICOLE what part of that word don't you understand......the police hasn't said a word yet and you have him convicted and hanged....

964 days ago

big bamboo    

Hey to it being NON VIOLENT MISDEMEANOR...he should be realeased due to over crowding and good behavior.
like lindsay and you said...jail is only for murders

964 days ago


I miss the good old Playboy days when Lindsay would melt her red lipstick in a saucepan and put it on with a Waterpik.

964 days ago


Lindsay Lohan as usual will still use any one and throws anyone under the bus to cover up her her own Bull Crap lies she herself get's caught in. No change in that.

6:30 pm. Plenty of sunshine left. Claims a knock on the door. Lohan claims she's freaking out. No. That backfired, now it's Lohan was unnearved (meaning Lindsay Lohan was never freaking out in the first place). Backfiring as usual.

Now a person who supposdly knocked on a door. Now it's Alleged PERSON who just happened to be accused of knocking on a door. Arrested for tresspassing. Lohan still uses the couldn't care less who she uses to throw under a bus. She still can't keep her BS stright. Funny, how the police can't determine where the call came from. There was never a call in the first place.

Oh, golly gee, what a surprise that is. Lindsay Lohans stright speed dial to still not backed up.

964 days ago

give me a freakin break    

Nicole "If Lindsay said it's true, I believe her. Why would she lie? I can't think of any reason, and she wasn't raised to lie."

HAHA. Lindsay never lie. YOU ARE EITHER TROLLING OR HAVE NO COMMON SENSE. I can show you many instances where she "never lied."

964 days ago


When you say hurtful things about Lindsay, you're only hurting yourself. lol

964 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, just woke up from a huge nap, gloday bored me to sleep.

964 days ago

big bamboo    

OK he has been in jail long enough..He wants to move on with his life and career now..he is really,really,really lindsay he needs to tweet therapy in.
has has even purchased a box of cupcakes and some "in and out" burgers for the men in blue.
like lindsay he feels the jails are only good for murderers------------------
I know that Nicole feels the same way..theres no way she has double standards.

964 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Reading the spam ads here is more fun than reading gloday's crap...

964 days ago


Gloday only says what you all are thinking but don't have the courage to say. NOH8!

964 days ago


Didnt see any post from that wwwrichard guy and he's always on here.

964 days ago


oldman and the sea: 20 minutes ago

Hey to it being NON VIOLENT MISDEMEANOR...he should be realeased due to over crowding and good behavior.

I agree he should be treated like all other non violent misdemeanor offenders if he is convicted or strikes a plea deal.

964 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I have to admit to being curious about what he wanted to talk to her about.

964 days ago

Ellie G    

lolololol "Lindsay wasnt raised to lie" lololololol!!

964 days ago
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