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Lindsay's Alleged Trespasser

The Arrest Photos

1/2/2012 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohans Alleged TrespasserThe man arrested outside Lindsay Lohan's house in Venice Beach yesterday is old enough to be her dad ... at least according to several pics taken of the man in handcuffs.

The photos were snapped yesterday around 6:30pm outside Lindsay's pad -- where the white-haired man was arrested for trespassing.

TMZ broke the story ... cops were called to Lindsay's house after the man knocked on her front door, demanding to speak to the actress.

Lindsay refused to open the door. Cops showed up soon after and handcuffed the guy. He's still in custody.

10:30 AM PT: The suspect's name is Lonnie Short -- and according to his booking documents, he's 64 years old. He's being held on $1,000 bail.


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Grandma Cracker    

HELL(p) you did not read my post carefully at all. I said this person could have been lost or confused, BUT SINCE HE WAS ARRESTED, THAT APPARENTLY WAS NOT THE CASE. Furthermore, I said that Lindsay's intercom system served her well and she did the right thing by calling the police. I did not blame the victim, and you have no right to call me a moron. In fact, I am one of the nicer posters here.

992 days ago


I am going to answer you here since my post is so far back.

AnnieSH: about an hour ago
Forgive me that I disagree with your pious and negating speech. Just because someone is well-known and is generally disliked by others, does NOT mean it's justifiable for individuals to mock other individuals who (not THAT) are either neutral or supportive of the said celebrity. Granted there are those whom you speak of that take it too far, BUT there are those who make positive comments that are attacked by the league of haters here. Maybe some of us are tired of getting slammed all because our opinions are not of general consensus. To think and say that EVERYONE hates Lindsay and EVERYONE wants to mock her is nothing but pure arrogance. If YOU do not like her, fine. But do NOT speak for everyone and especially do NOT mock those of us who do like her. Otherwise expect the same type of courtesy. And NO, I am NOT a friend or family of hers. Nor am I blind fan who should bury my azz in her fan website. The posts here are not exclusive JUST for the people who dislike her.

Nowhere in that was I trying to be pious. I was simply stating an opinion in an intelligent manner. If you cannot recognize the difference, please do not continue to read my posts. I brought in a perspective as to WHY this was happening. I was not even going after ALL supporters in my statement, merely ONE individual and i am sure you are aware of who i was speaking of. If you do not I will elaborate: Gloday1.
Everyone, EVERYONE is allowed to have opinions. ALLOWED. whether they take it too far on either side, well, it all depends on the maturity levels of said posters. To assume that i was using my comment as a veiled attempt to attack others is not only ridiculous and stupid, but its just plain ARROGANT. I have never bothered to read any of your comments ms. annie because frankly if you are not a frequent poster, or someone of interest to me I simply skip your comments.
Do not ever assume that my comments are all encompassing. What I put out as an opinion was perfectly logical, but again an OPINION.
As far as the mocking being pure arrogance, may I remind you that Hollywood (whether it be talk show hosts, other actors, radio show hosts, or musicians) are doing the same exact thing that many of the commentors do here. The only difference is you have the ability to ha***** out with us here, and you do not with them.
Again, please do not presume to be so above it all for that is exactly what you show when making a filthy comment like that.

992 days ago


Lindsay tweets Diane Keaton telling her she's chic and inspires her. I hope Diane inspired her to continue on schedule with community service.

992 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is pathetic.

She is still tripping over her own lies.

992 days ago


jeebus & Annie:

We love cat fights here at TMZ.

By all means, please continue.

992 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey Jeeb, I am going to stick to our community members here and annie, gloday and HELL(p) are not on that list. I will just gladly pass over their posts and I hope they would do the same with mine.

992 days ago


I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed yet:

The older gentleman trespasser is very strong in the looks department -- just not quite on Harvey's level.

992 days ago


Wonder what he wanted to talk to her about.

992 days ago


hopefully he gets a 30 day sentence like Lindsay did, can serve 4 hrs, and can stop by her house for a quick hello.

991 days ago


New story, more on the alleged trespasser and Lindsay may hire a bodyguard.

991 days ago

ex lax    

sam is not ageing so well

991 days ago


Give him a break... He just wanted his latest issue of Playboy signed.

991 days ago


Rogue Warrior: 22 hours ago
Can you H8rs hear that?????? It's Van Halen in the background
singing JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ooh...can you hear that????? It's Cee Lo Green in the background singing, "FVCK YOU!".
(sry...couldn't help myself. My fingers developed quite the will of their own and just TOOK over!!). =p

991 days ago


My husband and I witnessed the whole incident. I put a call into LAPD, and we decided to wait until they arrived. My husband did not approach the man, for fear that he may have been armed. However, my husband was prepared to pounce had the stalker broken into her place. He kept trying to open her front door and was SUPER CREEPY! We saw Lindsay upstairs and were warning Lindsay with hand motions that he was still there. We left shortly after the cops arrived. She also needs to had heavier window treatments, since you could totally see her. The stalker was watching her first before he walked up to the door.

990 days ago
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