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Ready to Make It Right

with Mrs. Bone

1/3/2012 12:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1230_flesh_n_bone_gettyEXBone Thugs rapper Flesh-N-Bone knows his marriage is at a crossroad ... so now that he's cleared up that whole domestic violence arrest thing, the rapper says he's ready to do whatever it takes to fix his marriage. 

As TMZ first reported, Flesh (real name Stanley Howse) copped a plea deal in his domestic violence arrest from January -- pleading guilty to false imprisonment and getting sentenced to 3 years probation and 100 hours of community service. 

Howse continues to maintain his innocence, telling TMZ, "She and I both know that I never hit her. It was just a bad argument. I am very upset that this whole situation turned this messy."

Now, Flesh says he wants to work it out with his wife, with whom has two small children (ages 2 and 6 months), telling us, "I have to prove myself to her now and won’t have anymore heated arguments. I love my wife and going to try and put everything in my power to make it right."


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Second place is the first loser.

1024 days ago


Whoever edited this has poor grammar; my 7 yr old has a clearer understanding of the English language than this idiot. Christ TMZ, can you not hire people with a little umm; I dunno, maybe enough Education to write editorials for a broadcasting company. "that don't sound like illiterate morons",I have no doubt they come cheap in this economy.

1024 days ago


How does she have a child that is 2 months and another 4 months? The math doesn't add up.

1024 days ago


Sorry, 2 and 6 months. It still doesn't add up.

1024 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

TMZ. can you hire an adult who might actually write an article on a celebrity instead of a no-talent unknown "rapper"?

1024 days ago


If you are innocent, why cop a plea? Don't believe a word you say, thug.

1024 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So Flesh-N-Bone from that fine musical group Bone Thugs is at a crossroads and is going to do what has to be done about a soured marriage. I guess it's time to call in the hit man. If I was Mrs. Bone, I would be a little leery about opening the front door for the delivery man.

1024 days ago


never heard of him = NOT famous = 8 comments

1024 days ago


it's amazing. EVERY convicted person is innocent(except me) even the ones who entered a plea deal to a lessor charge to stay out of jail. WHO DOES THAT?

1024 days ago


He has seen the error of his ways [divorce minus money] and THIS TIME he'll prove himself. He'll start by denying that he hit her, this after a plea bargaining [guilty has hell and knew his ass was going to be handed to him--I forgot, California--something he didn't want, like shelling out more money might be imposed]. His wife needs to bail while he's off his axis. Unless she's an idiot, in which case all bets are off---and my sympathy for your kids who are being dragged through your drama because you're too stupid, selfish and weak to do the right thing FOR THEM.

1024 days ago


Regardless of misspells, people you got the jist of this story. The man loves his wife and wants to make it work. We are human, people make mistakes, and I hope he learns from this in order to save his marriage and his family. At least he manned up and didnt take the easy way out and leave. I commend him on his effort to stay, and I hope it works out for him and Mrs. Bones, and the kids.

1024 days ago


Bone Thugs N' Harmony? DAMN!!! No Kid n' Play news today?

1024 days ago


Yall are idiots, he def isnt as relevant as in the past but hes a member of one of the greatest groups of all time "Bone Thugs N Harmony"... in LA where tmz is located bone thugs r just as popular as ever due to the location. ****in Haters

1023 days ago

i know you too.    

flesh is soo nice. Although the wife knows what shes getting into, with him cheatin on her at some of his shows he goes to, like common, bitches be on his *ick. duhhh... so the mrs. bone knows whats up already with flesh. itsjust a matter of being strong enough to keep living like that with her HUSBAND preforming around the world.. and not in just 1 way. haha

1010 days ago

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