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Katy Perry's Dad

Not ALLOWED to Talk Divorce

1/3/2012 6:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Katy Perry's evangelical father has been MUZZLED ... telling photogs he's under orders to keep his mouth shut about his daughter's divorce from Russell Brand.

Perry's dad Keith Hudson was out grocery shopping in Irvine, CA Friday -- hours after Brand filed for divorce -- when he told the paps, "I can't talk ... I can't talk to you ... sorry about that."

TMZ broke the story ... Perry WANTED Brand to file the divorce papers, because she didn't want to further upset her religious parents, who believe divorce is wrong.


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THIS is Mr. Altra Conservative Christian? Yeah right... Dad is on the payroll to obviously keep little Miss I Only Care About Myself's 'innocent but naughty' girl image. I could never stand the no talent copycat hypocrite but the more stories I read these days the more I really can't stand this fake a** twit.

837 days ago


Yeah, he can't talk because that excuse Katy's spin team gave about not upsetting her religious parents is total bull****. She got dumped, plain and simple. Just like when she used Travis McCoy just to get her career started then cheated on him with Russell and finally dumped him. We all see through Katy's phoniness. And now karma is kicking her ass.

837 days ago


Jeez, stop using religion as an excuse. Any so called religion is simply used as a TAX-EXEMPT and whatever else 'religion' can be used for.

837 days ago


Leave her family alone for crying out loud. It is not their issue and they shouldn't be followed around asked to even comment. You fricking vultures.

837 days ago


They love her because I bet she gives them lots of her $$$$$, she is supporting her parents

837 days ago


That dude is a southern baptist tongue talkin' preacher? He looks like Truman Capote or an Elton John Religion in the South. Gotta love it. Bet they wife-swap too.

837 days ago


She's lying. I don't believe for one minute that Katy Perry was expecting for Russell Brand to file for divorce and she's lying if she says she told him to do it for her own religious reasons.

If Katy Perry was THAT religious, she would NOT be wearing all those clevage showing outfits and butt-bearing mini dresses.

837 days ago


I think it's kind of strange that she's worried about upsetting her 'very religious' parents with a divorce but isn't worried how they feel about her shooting whipped cream out of her t!ts. Weird.

837 days ago

Tammy LM    

Ok, I'm sorry....but I have to say it finally. Have her parents ever seen a Katy Perry video or have they ever heard a Katy Perry song? Because I find it the funniest thing that her overly-religious parents are going to be devistated by her wanting out of a now finished relationship/mariage...but they're perfectly OK with "I kissed a girl and I liked it!"

837 days ago


Sorry, Harvey; I'm calling BULLSH*T on your stupid story. According to "REAL" media (which you're not part of), the reason Brand filed was because Katy Perry cared more about being a party girl than she did about being a wife; he pulled the plug because she's a head case & he gave up on her stupidity, not because she asked him to due to her "evangelical parents". As for perry herself, there's Definite hypocrisy going on here. She trots out her "pious" upbringing to anyone who will listen, yet:
1) She sings songs about kissing girls, lesbianism and oral sex.
2) She dresses like a slut onstage, including costumes that emphasize the size of her tittsss. Her rack is pushed up & out in every slutty costume she wears; they're shoved in everyone's faces bigtime.
3) She married a recovering alcoholic/drug addict and admitted sexaholic who's banged every ho in hollywood at least twice.
So, as usual, Harvey, you & your 8th grade dropout "reporters" got it wrong. Try to do a little research next time, will you?

837 days ago


I guess some things don't change much. Katy's dad still likes to wear colorful clothes like a lot of people from California did over the last 40-50 years. The Beach Boys used to wear shirts like Katy's dad is wearing.

You guys should read up a bit about Katy Perry's parents. Katy's parents USED TO be typical California "flower child" hippies back in the 1960...s. No joke.

Katy's father USED TO hang out with a philosophical guru Timothy Leary who used to explore consciousness and so forth with various drugs.

837 days ago


I bet Katy's mother was just as hot looking as Katy when she was in her 20s. She even dated rock legend JIMI HENDRIX back in those days. I'm not kidding.

I bet Katy's mom has some good stories about those days .... hanging out with one of the best guitarists of all time. Jimi was a charming guy. I bet Katy's mom was attracted to that. I saw a do***entary about Jimi a few years ago. Jimi talked kind of like like a black guy from England.

He probably got all the women he wanted. One of them just happened to be Katy's mom. Not many women can say "my Mom dated Jimi Hendrix". Katy can. It's a small world isn't it? I'm sure Jimi would be very impressed with how Katy has turned out if he was still alive. It was a tragedy when he died.

Maybe Jimi's death and other negative things in those days made Katy's parents turn to traditional Christianity. I don't have anything against that. This is America. You can have any kind of religious beliefs you want.

Katy said in an interview that she loves her parents but they "agree to disagree" about a lot of issues. Katy's a free spirit and she has her own views about things like religion. Maybe some of that "flower child" stuff rubbed off on her a bit. That's cool.

Katy's not anti-Christianity either even though she dresses and acts sexy on stage. That's her "act" folks ... her stage persona that she likes to have fun with. Same thing as what Lady Gaga does to "stick out from the crowd".

Katy probably agrees with some things in traditional religion but not everything. Katy tweeted that she didn't like how Lady Gaga is disrespectful of religion in a few of her songs. That's fine. It doesn't mean Katy's a "holy roller" or whatever. Katy just seems to be a tolerant kind of person. That makes me like her even more. She seems to be an all around "cool chick" to me. Who her parents are doesn't really matter that much. They're probably good, down to earth people most of the time.

837 days ago


@Mike...If Katy was so concerned about Lady Gaga being "disrespectful" of religion, she probably should have listened to some of Russel's stand up before she married him. He's got some wildly funny bits that would drive fundamentalists insane.


Since when do evangelical Christian men wear earrings?

837 days ago



Not surprisingly, I hear that Katy's parents weren't too wild about Russell Brand ... probably because he has some Hindu beliefs kind of like George Harrison in the Beatles did. They probably didn't like his long hair and beard too much either. I bet they told Katy that he wasn't right for her. Donald Trump said the same thing by the way.

Katy seems to have a rebellious, independent streak. Maybe that's why she got that tattoo that says "go with the flow" on her arm. Katy's father apparently has an independent streak too with that earring he has. There's plenty of people like Katy's dad in Cali. They might play guitars and have rock and roll keyboards in their church for all we know. There's all sorts of churches in Christianity you know. California is probably a good bit more non-traditional than in the South.

These days, I bet Katy is thinking .... hmmm, maybe I should have listened to Mom and Dad a little more about Russell and how marriage is usually a really big step. Katy probably should have gotten a prenup that's for sure. Hopefully, Russell is going to settle in the divorce like a good English gentleman should. Katy worked hard to get where she is today.

Russell probably has about $20 million in the bank anyway. He'll be fine financially. His career will still probably be good for a good while. I can see Russell as a pirate in one of those "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. Russell's eyes and lanky body remind me a bit of Mick Fleetwood (in Fleetwood Mac). He probably could do a very funny "Monty Python" type British comedy movie. I used to love those movies ... especially "The Meaning of Life".

837 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

Apparently he speaks in tongues. I would like to speak in tongues, all over her sweater kittens!

837 days ago
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