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Katy Perry's Dad

Not ALLOWED to Talk Divorce

1/3/2012 6:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Katy Perry's evangelical father has been MUZZLED ... telling photogs he's under orders to keep his mouth shut about his daughter's divorce from Russell Brand.

Perry's dad Keith Hudson was out grocery shopping in Irvine, CA Friday -- hours after Brand filed for divorce -- when he told the paps, "I can't talk ... I can't talk to you ... sorry about that."

TMZ broke the story ... Perry WANTED Brand to file the divorce papers, because she didn't want to further upset her religious parents, who believe divorce is wrong.


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Didn't want to upset her parents???? Are you kiding? She has been an embarrassment to them since she hit the media machine. I'm embarrassed and I'm not even her father. I feel sorry for them for the way that they are seen by everyone else.

1025 days ago


I don't understand why - religion has nothing to do with marriage and divorce. You get a piece of paper from the state in order to form the union, no religion need be involved, unless you want it to be. Then you get a boat load of papers from the court in your state involved in a divorce, there again no religion needed or involved. It is completely optional. To each his own.

1025 days ago


He can't talk about divorce but he can spend Katy's $ on that sweater and those ridiculous glasses..

1025 days ago


@Mike...You "hear" that Katy's parents weren't too wild about Russell? That's odd, because every news story I read about it said that they were very welcoming to him.

You seem to have a lot of notions about what is probably going on, what you bet has hapepned, and what seems to be going on.

I am aware that there are all sorts of churches in Christianity. I'll make a little bet of my own. I bet that if you go ask 100 evangelical Christian men if they would wear an earring that the answer would be a resounding "no".

Katy didn't work hard to get where she is. Katy turned slut after she couldn't make it on talent. The people who have worked hard to get Katy where she is are makeup artists and auto tune experts.

Oh, yes, and the plastic surgeons. Even though she complained about the trials of growing up with large breasts when an internet search will show that she is lying about the contours of her body prior to surgery.

1025 days ago


What a dysfunctional freak family - maybe that's why Katie is so cool.

1025 days ago


trinity 911:

You don't think Katy earned her way to where she is today? Come on man. Get real.

Watch this video ... "The One That Got Away".

It's probably my favorite song on "Teenage Dream". I hope Katy has a few songs on her next album just like it. I have read that Katy writes most of her own songs. Not all the "pop princesses" do that you know. Katy seems to be a smart, well educated, creative person if you listen to her interviews on YouTube.

You are judging Katy based on her skimpy outfits and her sexy stage persona. That is done to GRAB PEOPLE'S ATTENTION. She's very good at it. We live in an "attention deficit disorder world" these days. It's hard to break through the noise and get noticed.

Katy has some real depth in her songs. She should use the same producer on her next CD. They did a great job. It's not easy at all to make smash hit CDs like Katy just did in the last few years. She earned it. That song "The One That Got Away" is about to be the SIXTH #1 hit song from the "Teenage Dream" CD. That is very rare. I think she's going to have more hits from this album than Michael Jackson did on any one of his albums.

1025 days ago


Now that the marriage is off, will the mating pair of pigeons be allowed to return to their nest atop Russell Brand's head?

1025 days ago


He sure doesn't dress or look like an Evangelical Christian. What's with the pierced ear and heavy gold chains?

1025 days ago


@Mike You're blinded by your obvious obsession with KP and it's really creepy. Look up any of her songs and you'll see she is just a minor co-writer - she has A TEAM of professional song writers and producers who write for her. And she didn't work her way to the top - she used Travis McCoy for instance. You're delusional, dude.

1025 days ago


Earrings and bling? C'mon old man you look like an idiot.

1025 days ago


Dudette Jennifer ...

I don't get obsessed with any particular music group or individual Please. Maybe I'm a music loving freak though. Lots of people are. Believe me, I have a very wide collection of music that I listen to. Everything from country, to classical, to blues, new wave, punk, progressive, hard rock, heavy metal, easy listening, rockabilly, Vegas singers, etc.

I just think her latest CD is one of the best I've heard from the pop music arena in a while. I used to listen to a lot of pop and progressive type music several years ago. I get bored of listening to the old stuff, so it's great to see NEW songs and whole CDs coming out that as good as Katy's music. I'm particularly impressed that Katy is about to have SIX #1 songs from "Teenage Dream".

Plus, if you watch some of Katy's interviews on YouTube, it's hard NOT to like Katy Perry. Out of all of Katy's MANY hairstyles, I think I like how she looks on this video the best.

I think she's cool chick. Who doesn't? Great personality, funny, goofy, super hot looking face and body. I don't see how Russell couldn't get along with her! I think the guy just blew it because of his moodiness and she'd had enough. She doesn't seem like a "high maintenance", moody, spoiled, difficult "diva" type entertainers to me. Far from it.

She's just a very busy girl these days. Russell was never going to turn Katy into a "barefoot and pregnant" housewife with 5 screaming kids and no career. She's just not that kind of girl. Not now anyway. She's having way too much fun and success in her career to settle down like that.

1025 days ago


Who cares? In another month or two, each of them will have married someone else. Their respective marriages will last between 30 days and 1.5 years. Then, the cycle will repeat. Pretty soon, all Hollywood trash will have herpes and alimony payments. Then, a comet will strike Beverly Hills and LA will fall into the ocean. Aside from a few talented people, nobody will be missed and the world will be a better place for all.

1025 days ago


I find it interesting that Katy ALLEGEDLY wanted her husband to file the divorce papers for fear of her parents being (Christian Pastor dad), anti divorce? But, er, ehemm... What's with the earring?

1025 days ago


Nothing like hiding behind the bible when things get tough, not the dad tho, talking about Katy...Aside from that, throw a suit on this guy and he looks like "Mr. Six" from the Six Flags commercials....Just sayin'

1025 days ago



By the way, I'm well aware that when it comes to getting credit for creating a song it's usually a collaborative effort by at least 2 people. You know who writes almost ALL the lyrics for that rock band "Rush"? The drummer does. The singer and bassist, Geddy Lee just sings what Neil Peart writes since he's the wordsmith.

I don't know for sure, but it sounds to me like Katy writes a heck of a lot of the lyrics and comes up with the overall themes for songs. She might even come up with the some of the core keyboard parts and core guitar riffs. As you can see on this webpage, Katy's name is the FIRST one getting the credit on her songs on Teenage Dream. She's kind of like the movie director of the song writing process. Her producer probably does quite a bit of that as well.

I saw this U2 do***entary called "From the Sky Down" about the creation of their smash hit "Achtung Baby" album.

It was interesting. When they came up with the first pieces for the song "One" it was Bono and other people in the room who stopped Edge when he was playing guitar and said "play that last part back, I think there's something really good there".

Edge didn't recognize the great guitar part but Bono and the other guys did. That's a good example of how music gets made. They get a skeleton of a song from a guitar riff or a piano part and then they refine it and poli***** into a hit song.

1025 days ago
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