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Khloe Kardashian

Rescues Tigers with One Finger

1/3/2012 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian helped raise thousands of dollars to help save endangered tigers in the wild -- all while barely raising a finger ... TMZ has learned.

Here's how it happened -- Khloe posted a tweet New Year's Day, asking her 5.6 million followers to text "Tigers" to 20222 ... thereby donating $10 directly to the World Wildlife Fund to help save wild tigers across the world. It was that simple.

A rep for the WWF tells TMZ, the tweet got an overwhelming response -- with over 600 people texting "Tigers" in the last 2 days ... raising over $6,000 for tiger conservation. According to the rep, the massive surge in donations was a "huge jump" above the norm.

But the rep tells us, the Kardashian sister's charitable moment didn't end there -- Khloe also adopted a tiger online ... and she got her mom Kris to do the same.

According to the rep, the money raised by Khloe's tweet will go to science and research on the ground in regions of the world where tigers live ... to better understand how to protect them.

Finally, a reason to keep up with the Kardashians.


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the tigers will end up in the Kardashians handbags and shoes...hahaHAAAAAA!

1024 days ago


Hate to be such a skeptic, but it occurred to me that the exercise had a dual purpose. First for PR damage control, of course. But I wonder if she was trying to use this as a test of her twitter power I. promoting products as well? Also wonder why she didn't at least offer a matching funds thing. So she's getting glory just from other people's donations instead.
I caught a promo or maybe part if an episode of K&K in NYC. Sad little Kimmie was saying something about feeling that she had to keep her guard up with Kris H and asking Mama Ten Percent if that was normal. Of course Mama Ten Percent assured her it wasn't normal. It was an odd scene, seemed done against a plain backdrop instead of within the regular show. I imagine it was something they actually added long after Kimmie dropped the divorce bombshell on Kris H. but they were trying to pretend it was while he was still on the show, pre-divorce bombshell from little Kimmie.
Nothing is real with these people. Now we hear that Khloe just can't survive without Kimmie coming to Texas to help her move in. Oh, yeah. So likely.

1024 days ago


Join the movement taking the internet by storm! Boycott the Kartrashians!

1024 days ago


she ought to RESCUE her Figure shes realy getting FATT.
onik onick her littel piggy

1024 days ago


The KKK brand only pays once percent more taxs than a Beurger King worker.
Tax the rich more!

1024 days ago


Harvey is not on Kris K's payroll -- he wants to please the one man he adores -- Ryan Seacrest!!!! Harvey, please, where has your professionalism gone??? You used to roll your eyes whenever the K-Klan came up. You can't have it both ways, my dear! If you want to cover the K-Klan, do it for real -- report the TRUTH!!!!!

1024 days ago


The kkk is corruppting everything now they have even runied TMZ.

and Twitter.
Is nothing safe from the KKK
Our whole country is being Skanked up right in front of our eyes.
This is the deveils Plan
Putt dirty thoughts we never wanted to see or think like kim getting peed on in a porn.
Exhibite A extra ruanchy POrn moive by kim
Exhibite B Reality show promoting bad vaules to tweens
EXBT c makes a perfume that smell like balck mans pee
D marrys on TV to experince being abrinde and make millions
e divoceing kris
saying kris was gay, hoarding allt he gifts,tradeing them for roolexs, gettign nasty sores all over and skinking to high hell
trying to get back with regie
useing 15 $ amonth workers
fraudulat eveything..

1024 days ago


When TMZ is high anything looks like a Tigger.
If Khole is so charity minded why doesnt she adopt a few of the children working in her sweat shop>
any chairty the kkk gets invloed with makes no diffrence they still look FAKE and HYPRICTICAL as hell as long as they are abuseing children and peole who make thier crap.

Nothing can be sinsere when they are abusing so many people.
their needs to be a chairty to save the peole who work for them from poverty and inhumane work condtions.
WWW SAVE kartrahines employees from a lving hell.

its hard to invison Khole as a do Gooder when sheis abuseing so many peole to make money.

however all the money int he world wont make any of them happy they are all lost souls.
KKK well all burn in Hell.

1024 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Khloe: Write them a check for $60...0,000 and I will be impressed.

Bunch of nasty thieves...

1024 days ago


It is a great iniquity in life,that someone becomes a multimillionaire ,for throwing a ball through a hoop? Think about it~

1024 days ago


Seriously..60...0 followers out of 5.6 million donated money and this is considered an overwhelming response, Are you kidding me?? What a joke! Donations must be rare where you people come from.

1024 days ago

Jessey Pals    

How much is TMZ paying the Fraudasians for all these BS stories about them. C'mon Man!

1024 days ago


"Backers of California millionaire tax target Kim Kardashian."

1024 days ago


I SO love to see articles about the Kartrashians on here and see all the crazy a** comments that people say about them. Best entertainment I get all day. I just KNEW when I saw this one people would not leave it alone and i was right.

1024 days ago


Not enough of a reason for me, sorry. The Kwhores always seem to have some sort of ulterior motive for everything they do. I wish that all of the stupid idiots out there who keep watching their shows would do mankind a favor and stop watching, so they get taken off the air. I cannot understand why they still watching even though they know the "marriage" was a shame, but yet the show is still playing episodes like it wasn't. Well, I guess I answered my own question, like I said earlier their stupid idiots who evidentially can't figure it out. I'll do what I can to help out, here goes….THE "MARRIAGE" IS A SHAME, THE SHOW IS TOTALY FAKE. Hope it helps.

1024 days ago
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