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Kim Kardashian

I'm Flying to Texas to Save Khloe

1/3/2012 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim KardashianBig sister to the rescue -- TMZ has learned, Kim Kardashian just boarded a plane to Dallas because Khloe is in desperate need of help ... moving into her new house.

As we previously reported, Khloe's husband Lamar Odom has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks ... but sources tell TMZ, ever since the couple found a place to live in town -- a $7,500-a-month condo at the W Hotel -- Khloe's been freaking out about moving in.

We're told Khloe really needed a sister around for support -- so, Kim hopped a jet this morning at LAX (above) to help her sis with the transition process ... moving Khloe's stuff in, getting settled, stimulating the local economy, etc.

The Mavs are set to play the Suns tomorrow -- where Kim may or may not find a new fiance.


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just sayin'    

Is that what Kim said? She's going to 'save Khloe?'
Too funny. No way would Khloe be 'freaking out' about moving into a furnished condo at the W Hotel. First of all the place is totally furnished. The only things Khloe will need are her clothes and maybe a few personal items, like framed pictures.
Even if it was a huge, unfurnished house Khloe wouldn't be 'freaking.'
Khloe freaking over a house/condo? lol.No way!
When she and Lamar decided they wanted to get married right away Khloe didn't even freak about planning a wedding in 9 days. So no.

It's sad if Kim did tell TMZ she's going to Dallas to 'save Khloe'........sad because Kim still has no idea about the dynamics of a happily married couple.
To Kim it was 'normal' to be excited about living with her sister in NYC. A newlywed would NOT be looking forward to living crammed together in a apartment/hotel suite with her sister.
She's blind to the fact that while sisterly love is to be cherished it does not, should not, be given priority over the love and bond between a husband and wife. (or a Mother/child). Even when her new husband told her, more than once, that living with Scott, Kourt and their baby was too much.....she remained with her in the clouds. She sought opinions from sister, Mother, friends about having a child. WTF? that's a discussion a husband and wife has together.

She might be going to Dallas on a 'Kim-mission' to shop, research opening a Dash store there or to check out the available crop of new men in Dallas............but no was is she going to 'save' Khloe! lol.

986 days ago


Isn't it a mystery why someone becomes a multimillionaire just for throwing a ball through a hoop? Isn't it a mystery why someone becomes a multimillionaire ,just for being photogenic?? Think about it~ the inequity of life~

986 days ago


Texas doesn't want these broads around!! Go back to where you came from!!

986 days ago


"Backers of California millionaire tax target Kim Kardashian."

986 days ago


According to this photo she has no body guards around...Please! And why would she be walking into LAX to fly a commercial airline when the Kardashians have their own jet? This is just more BS!!!!


985 days ago


Kim you just want everyone to be looking at your wax looking face. Botox much? Your face is frozen solid, not very attractive. You went to Dallas just to be seen, and not to help your beautiful sis Khloe. Actually you're the Ugly Troll not Khloe. You are so transparent its pathetic! Materialistic Nutcase from HELL!

985 days ago


I think you ppl who are negetive toward the Kardashians are Idioits! Clearly, you dont like them because YOU WATCH THEM so that makes you 'on the payroll too' HAHA Dummys! You read every article that comes out on E!, TMZ, Yahoo etc and comment on them like you're tough. Get a life... #TeamKardashian&Odom!!!

985 days ago



985 days ago


blah blah danm kim u can never get out the spotlight girl please u need a doctor a therapist mental one hahahahahaha

985 days ago


Dammit why does Texas get Lamar Odom & his tranny looking wife?

985 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

I love those cinnamon / vanilla waffles! Delicious! GHS makes the best guitar strings. I'm thinking about buying a lava lamp. Echo Delta Tango. Do the Macarena!

983 days ago


why don't you people do something to help mankind? more "look at me," than a Miss American convention. stupid bunch of women.

981 days ago


did ya ever notice when khloe and kourtney were on jimmy fallon how khloe kept hangin on kourtney. i dont know what use kim would be nothing big except that derriere of hers and humphries sez she wears butt pads. once kim breaks a nail she ll probably try and sue khloe and lamar. i was wondering how long khloe could hang on her own. now we know
i ll bet a divorce is next. was this lamars plan? to move to dallas so khloe would divorce him??

979 days ago


And the main slut comes flying in to save the other one.
All sluts must stick together. It's in the slut pact!!

978 days ago


What exactly is so bad about living in Texas with a hubby who worships the ground she walks on? Sheesh she sure has it bad huh? We know she will can afford a zillion plane tickets for goodness sake.....Texas is not that far from LA. Be thankful for your blessings girl or they will be taken way....all away. Oh and acting like a prima donna is going to cause your gorgeous hubby to think you don't really love him and are only in it for his money.

978 days ago
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