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Lindsay Lohan

Bodyguard Shopping

After Trespassing Incident

1/3/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Yesterday's door-knocking incident was a huge wake up call for Lindsay Lohan -- who's now in the market to ramp up security at her L.A. home ... with surveillance cameras ... and even a new bodyguard.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress loves her Venice Beach house ... but with random scary people walking right up to her front door, she's convinced it's time to invest in some extra security upgrades for the property.

On top of adding additional security cameras -- we're told Lindsay wants to hire a full-time bodyguard to stay with her for a period of time ... until she feels safe again.

As for the man arrested for trespassing outside her house on Sunday -- Lonnie Short -- we're told he shares a bizarre connection with Lindsay's alleged stalker David Cocordan.

According to sources, when Short knocked on Lindsay's door yesterday, he announced he was friends with David and needed to explain some things.

Clearly, Lindsay wasn't up for a chat -- and minutes later, cops arrested Short for trespassing. He's still in custody on $1,000 bail.


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The second shift has arrived, where is everyone?

987 days ago


I think we can say for sure that it wasn't opportunity knocking! :)

987 days ago


I can just see it now after the body guard has been around her for a month or two demands will start coming out of the body guard. Pay up or there will be a leaked book.(Since they can't talk)Lots of Leaking going on in Hollyweird. Right Lindsay?
Lindsay tells everyone that the bodyguard is now stalking her and she fires him (more TMZ fodder)and then decides to sue him for a lot of trumped up charges, because the more the merrier and the more money she could get out of him (and TMZ). For who would take the word of a mean old bodyguard over a little ole actress (cough),model (cough cough), and an entrepreneur (gasp,gag).

987 days ago


What happened to poor Elinor? Why isn't she answering the door?

987 days ago

big bamboo    

the body guard has been hired...after all the bounced checks and lawsuits against her last security personel.
everyone was affraid to take the job.
But through the scab line Danny bonadouche...has no problem taking the job..
Danny grawed "we have a lot in common, we are both child actors,ginger snaps,cant tan,anger issues,drug problems...screw this we are going to party like it is 1979!!!"
Lindsay coughed back "I only hired him, because fred savage was busy"

987 days ago


Lindsay is gonna freak unless she's stockpiling the stuff

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987 days ago

AGENT smith    

I'm not sure I understand the rules of the blogging game that you are playing Ketjo. You suggested a scenario about a 25 year old woman who you don't know and suggested that maybe she will be murdered by drug dealers that she owes money to and wind up like a dead goldfish face up in a toilet bowl. When I suggested that your own death may be impending from natural causes you freak out. That's like Andy posting Lindsay's home address and saying he hopes someone breaks in and steals her stuff, If I posted Andy's home address and said that I hope someone breaks into his place, all the haters would be screaming like biches.....

987 days ago

big bamboo    

better then her security system now..-
Sign On fence saying "I am star,I will sue you"
MJs bodyguard lasted for years with the king of pop.
but he lasted long eneough for TMZ to walk away after the interview with lindsay..
If that guy put up with wacko jacko,and couldnt spend MIN. with the queen of poppers. then that says something.
anyone that hangs around her (LNOR) ages in dog years

987 days ago

big bamboo    

Smitty you want my address?
post your phone number I will call and give it to you..

987 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is still tripping over herself from her own lies. She must have flavored socks, she always puts her foot in her mouth.

Lohan was too busy partying in Caan, France, to wasted to make her flight and court date. Photos proove it. So Lohan pulls that her passport was stolen, (Lohan using that as an excuse) The French Police never had any record or report Lindsay Lohans passport stolen. That backfired so now her passport was lost and amazingly found. Lohans passport was never stolen or lost.

Lohan used the playboy shoot as 'work' she still used the shoot to go party in Hawaii. Now in Hawaii, Lohan went to a party. Lohan said her 5k pocketbook with her 'passport' and all her ID's and paperwork and alot of cash, Lohan herself said she left her pocketbook on the front seat of her car at a party. (with all that in a 5k pocketbook? pure Bull Crap) Lindsay Lohan just so happened to leave her 5k pocketbook on the front seat of her car? Yeah, right.

Lohan is partying, fully intensional of blowing off the Ellen taping to promote the playboy shoot she's used to get to Hawaii to party.

So what does Lindsay Lohan pull again... The same Bull Crap she pulled in France, this time Lohans in Hawaii.

Oh, golly gee, like that's a surprise.

Lohan in Hawaii speed dials tmz in LA that someone stole her 5k pocketbook with her passport, all of her ID's and paperwork, and alot of cash Lohan left on the front seat of her car. Lohan herself said she left her pocketbook on the seat of the car.

Again, no police report or record of Lohans pocketbook was ever solen. Wow, hours later Lohans 5k pocketbook simply shows back up with everything intact execpt the 10k cash Lohan claimed was missing. Again, no police report on Lohans missing or stolen cash. No surprise there.


Lindsay Lohan has over used, over played her excuses.

So what now... Lindsay Lohan is going to try and pull the 'alleged' 'stalker' she needs a 'bodyguard' for safety...STILL SEE THE PATTERN...

Must be a court date coming up. STILL SEEING THE PATTERN.

987 days ago

big bamboo    

A washed up looking Lindsay wearing the stolen $11,000 coat and a very evil look in her eyes. I can't believe she is only 21.

Out of work actress Lindsay Lohan is up to her old tricks again - stealing people's clothes. The Kabbalah cult nut stole a pricey fur coat from 22-year-old Masha Markova, which was a gift from her grandmother. Masha was described as a pretty exchange student.
Scotland Yard is investigating the disappearance of around $500,000 worth of jewels — earrings and a necklace — that went missing after an Elle magazine shoot ... and guess who was front and center for the shoot? Our freckle-faced friend.
Lindsay Lohan has been named a suspect in the theft of a $35,000 Rolex watch, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told the watch belongs to one of Lindsay's "friends," who accidentally left it at Lindsay's house earlier this year -- and never got it back.

But sources tell us that cops have photographic evidence which could prove Lindsay knows exactly where the Rolex went. We're told cops rolled over to Lohan's pad Wednesday to question the actress about the Rolex -- but Lindsay denied any involvement in the theft.
Lindsay Lohan -- I NEVER Stole a Necklace!!!!

Lindsay Lohan is firing back at a store owner who claims the actress stole a $2,500 necklace last month -- telling friends, "It's bulls**t ... I don't have any necklace."
In April of 07, Lindsay Lohan was accused of stealing over 10,000 dollars in clothes and jewelry from model Lauren Hastings while Hastings was working in Europe and a mutual friend was house sitting (source). In August of that same year, she stole some clothes on loan from Louis Vuitton for an Elle magazine photo shoot (source). Seven months later she was photographed leaving a party wearing an 11,000 fur coat that didn’t belong to her (source
what else has she stolen and not been caught with?

987 days ago


Good News , its snowing so hard that my weekly womans club meeting has been canceled so I get to stay in and play....the road are to dangerous to they are asking for people to stay home ....postiing a pic for you .
Wish you were her Madisyn I know you miss the snow......

987 days ago


How the hell can she afford a full time bodyguard?!

987 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Look at the illiterate, rode wet, bag lady bullies getting their granny panties in an uproar because 99% of us would have NO problem giving you all a shove down that fake mountain in wheelchairs after being buckled in securely!!!!

987 days ago

AGENT smith    

Ketjo you suggested the scenario of Lindsay being murdered by drug dealers and winding up face up in the toilet like a goldfish. I didn't start this fight. You think it's OK to talk about Lindsay's possible murder, but I can't talk about your impending death from natural causes.

987 days ago
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