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Dumped by Manager

1/3/2012 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you're wondering why Octomom's Facebook, Twitter, and Ustream accounts have all been suddenly deleted ... it's because the mother of 14 has just been dropped by her management team -- TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Nadya Suleman tell us, it's all because Octo was the ultimate flake -- her management team would book her on paying gig after paying gig ... and Nadya "would find any reason" to cancel last minute ... often claiming she couldn't find a babysitter.

We're told Octomom was great the past year -- raking in lots of dough through appearances and different celebrity events -- but getting her to work the past couple months has been like pulling teeth.

By the end, we're told it was nearly impossible even to reach Octo by phone -- and her managers had just about enough ... so they dropped her this weekend.

We reached out to Octomom's now-former manager Gina Rodriguez -- who replied, "I quit on her because she is unmanageable. She would not reply to anything work-related we would call or text about especially if it was not paid."

Gina added, "Regardless of the $70k we made her, she still claimed to not be able to pay any of her bills. We no longer wanted a part of any of it and we feel sorry for the children."

Attempts to reach Nadya were unsuccessful.


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Squeaky Shoes    

now, on to octomom... seriously, this moron is completely unfit to be a mother. aside from the video footage i've seen of her not paying attention to her kids while they beat the living crap out of eachother, i bet she spent a good portion of the 70K on the obvious botox injections she's had in those disgusting lips of hers (along with all the other plastic surgery i bet she's had)

988 days ago


Either she is depressed and doesn't want to do anything (which I doubt because if she was depressed she wouldn't be so worried about her looks all the time, she would just let herself go. Or she realized that by working all these odd jobs she is showing eveyone that she can work and she can't have that now can she? Also add one more lie to the mannnnny lies that she has told, she said that she couldn't work because she couldn't get a babysitter. What happened to the nannies that Dr Drew hired for her for a year? Were they always off on the day she needed to work? There is one question that I would like to know, was this management team responsible for getting Octo the gig with her in a S&M getup whipping a butt showing diaper man? I would of fired them also over that one. But as we know Octo was fired not them. You just can't fix crazy.

988 days ago


Honestly, did anyone really believe Suleman fired her management team, please. Suleman set out become rich and famous by having as many children as her body could hold, research proves this to be true. Yes, the whole sage is laughable until you remember there are 14 children behind it, not so funny. What this woman has done and not done for these kids is criminal. We need to focus less on Octomom and more on the small victims who are paying for this woman's horrible mistakes.Truth is not a word Nadya Suleman ever bothered to learn.

988 days ago


why work when you have successfully fraudulently scammed the California taxpayers out of workman comp and other government benefits? What do you think paid for the 180k of fertility treatments? What about the 150k in plastic surgery? Thats right you all did because she was receiving benefits for her poor "hurt back". Its funny how she can have such excruciating pain in her back making it impossible to work but can carry several pregnancies , two of them multiples with no pain or problems. If she was anyone else, she would have been charged with fraud and the children taken away. I think she deserves to be locked up, forced to work manual labor to pay back the services she took advantage of, and her children taken away from her and put into loving homes. She was smart at scamming the system and knows she doesn't have to do any real work because of people like Dr. Drew who keep giving her handouts like free childcare (childcare for what?she doesn't work!) and items. Cut her off and press charges on her and maybe she will figure out what to do.

988 days ago


Hope the **** kills herself and takes those 14 disgusting bastards with her

988 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

What kind of a job could this idiot get anyway. She cannot string a sentence together without babbling nonsense. Lock her up and throw away the key.

I just applied to adopt a dog from a dog rescue group. The application I filled out I'm sure was way more than what that dumbazz doctor made her fill out before he shot her full of embroyo's. This group wants to come to my house to make sure our house is safe enough for a dog. This doc shot her up with embroyo's time and time again and never once asked her how she was going to support her kids or what kind of living conditions the children would have to endure.

We treat dogs better in this country that we treat helpless children.

988 days ago

arale norimaki    

To octomom "You get nothing. You were a disappointment and a mistake."

988 days ago

i'm a lawyer!    

the question is, why did she have a manager to begin with?

988 days ago


this b*tcvh has had SO many opportunities to pull herseld out of the $ hole its unreal. She is her own co*k block. She only cooperates when she is desperate with money. But as long as she has money 'today' she ignores the world. She got issues. Sad times.

988 days ago


the truth is this is gonna end up bad! her kids will probably end up in foster homes and she will find some dumb ass willin to marry her then she will spend another few months explainin how her kids were takin away and all for a little fame

988 days ago


SURPRISE...SURPRISE...SURPRISE! She thinks she is an entitled celebrity and should be paid for all...kinda like the Kardashians...she has no talent nothing!!! And my heart bleeds for those kids...the little ones are being locked in a room and look blank..not like normal three yr olds...sad...blank eyes...I cant believe CPS has not intervened!! Nadya would be happy sitting home on gov't aid..which almost everyone is sure she is getting illegally anyway. Do you really think she is reporting all this income?? All she has done all her life is scam...

988 days ago

There's a problem here    

Shocker ain't it? Have you ever heard her talk? Have you ever heard anyone try to interview her? She's got some serious hyperactivity coupled with some kind of scattered, flighty thoughts. Her voice alone is enough to make you stick knitting needles into your eardrums so you never have to hear it again. Besides all that SHE'S NUCKING FUTS!!

987 days ago


What really is the truth ? "I fired my Manager".... "I fired my client". 'She said...It said.' Frankly, I neither like, nor respect either. But I will, in this instance give creedence to her Manager, based upon Suleman's personal do***ented history.. the conduit being, as I shall regurgitate yet again, a legal, do***ented Public Record,available as Public Domain, as well as audio, video and photographic evidence. Ho,hum...snore.
No matter the slant that Suleman presents,I believe it to be just that..her slant. The bottom line is that she is no longer a client of DD Management. Historically , none of her numerous associations appear to sustain. Hmmmmm... And the common denominator in all of the failed associations appears to be..none other than.. Suleman. Suleman ...You may have fired your Manager...but that was after she terminated you..

987 days ago


So, let's look at a list of those who have been "fired" (aka quit) by Octo:

-Joanne Killeen, the first publicist
- victor Munoz, the second publicist
-Angels in Waiting
-Dr Phil
Suze Orman
- Tattoo
- Aracelli, her long time nanny
-The rest of the nannies
-Jeff Czech, her lawyer and business partner
-(Va) Gina

Beotch knows how to burn bridges...

987 days ago


She obviously can't take care of the kids, so where is child services? There's probably many parents who can't have children of their own who would be happy to adopt most of them, and leave OctoDummy maybe 1 or 2 kids.

987 days ago
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