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Alec Baldwin

Market APOLOGIZES for Pulling

Ads Over Airplane Tantrum

1/4/2012 8:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin on the phone
Alec Baldwin just got a big fat apology from a New York-based supermarket chain that canned his commercials in the wake of his airplane freakout ... and now TMZ has learned the ads will GO BACK on the air.

A rep for Wegmans Food Market had previously announced the company yanked a commercial campaign featuring the actor because of the way he acted on a Dec. 6 flight ... when he refused to turn off his cell phone and screamed at the flight crew.

The commercials were taped in 2010 ... but were supposed to run again for three weeks in Dec. 2011. The rep said the ads were pulled a week early because of the airplane incident.

But now, the company is pulling a complete 180 -- telling us, "We regret ending the Alec Baldwin holiday commercials one week earlier than planned in response to a couple of dozen complaints. We have decided to run the commercials again, effective immediately."

The rep adds, "Clearly, many more people support Alec, as evidenced by the hundreds and hundreds of tweets, emails, and phone calls we have received. We enjoyed working with Alec Baldwin and his mom, Carol, and would do it again. We appreciate all the kind things they have said about Wegmans and respect the good work they do for communities.”


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Good for you Wegman's. American Airlines is the pig. Their
personnel think they are Gods and you have to do anything they say. Why aren't people complaining about the Airlines?
Do you like the way you are treated for all the money you are paying to be in that seat? And why can't you use your phone when the plane hasn't even left the ground. I LOVE

1021 days ago


Uhhh is that really his mom? Worst commerical ever, i'd rather get six bucks worth of taco bell.

1021 days ago

Rita Worlock    

WE did people!!! Thanks!!!

1021 days ago

Rita Worlock    

@Montclair Grandma, he was paid NOTHING, he didn't get paid at all.

1021 days ago


Wegmans originally pulled the commercials due to customer complaints regarding his airplane incident. Due to even MORE complaints regarding them pulling the ads is the REAL reason why they decided to re-air the ads

1021 days ago


Maybe they're looking to boost their pork sales. Next ad they should get a DJ to sample the 'thoughtless pig' recording.

1021 days ago


I love Wegmans. Alec Baldwin, meh, not so much.

1021 days ago


It had nothing to do with anyone threatening a lawsuit. He was paid for his appearance, it ends at that. Don't you idiots know how things work?

Anyhow, check out their Facebook page and any of the Rochester area news outlets reporting on the matter. I'm sure they received more than a couple of dozen complaints. Mostly about the company bending to some random complaints that really had nothing to do with their business or commercials. People like to bitch, just to bitch and companies need to take that into consideration before jumping the gun like this.

Anyhow. Putting the commercials back on got them mentioned all over the web today. Yesterday when they pulled the ads, unless you were local to Wegmans you wouldn't have known.

1021 days ago


I was one of those that called Wegman's and wrote some nastygrams (in good taste of course) I kept asking them how many complaints they received, one, five, a thousand? No answer. I'm tired of the few having the last word and companies quaking in their boots from them. Guess Wegman's found out about the silent majority the hard way.

1021 days ago

Lily Daisy    

let me get this right: he obstructs hundreds of passengers' rights to leave the gate on time, is verbally abusive to the crew (all so he can continue to play a game). If it were anyone else, he'd be arrested. This is why his kind (abusive men) keep abusing, the public, their kids, their wives and authority figures, because they get away with it and are encouraged to do more. Yes, there will be a lot more from mr. Baldwin I'm afraid,

1021 days ago


And, again, celebrities are rewarded for their bad behavior. What a shame.

1021 days ago


I like Wegmans, but I don't want to see Alec Baldwin eating or shopping for food. His ego would be too big to fit in the store.

1021 days ago


I love Wegman's! Being from Rochester, it's one thing we call our own and are extremely proud of! When Alec Baldwin signed on to do the commercials, I was ecstatic. However, when Wegman's pulled the commercials, it was the first time I have EVER been disappointed in my favorite supermarket. Glad to see they saw the light! I love Alec Baldwin and think that it's great he's the face of the company!

1021 days ago


God, that is the worst commercial I have ever seen. Are you kidding me? I could have shot that in my back yard with the local theatre.

1021 days ago


Wegmans obviously thought they would get better result because a couple of people complained? Then they changed their minds when they got an opposite reaction. What they should have done was told the couple dozen that complained initially to kiss their ass. Some people are just to uptight.Unless they were the ones actually on the plane and was affected by any delay that it might have caused then people just need to shut their fat yapper. We DO NOT need to be compliant to every ones opinion and complaints. If you dont want to, you dont have to shop there but if you think everyone is going to stop shopping their because you are upset you should pull your head out of your ass or just bury it in their permanently so no one has to be subject to your B.S.
Same applies to the idiots who thought "lets boycott HBO cause Bill Maher was pickin on Tebow". Keerist America. Why is everyone so sensitive and in everyone elses business??

1021 days ago
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