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President Barack Obama


in Shirtless Football Game

1/4/2012 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama shirtless playing beach footballDon't let anyone tell you Barack Obama lacks cojones -- because this weekend in Hawaii, the POTUS himself sacrificed his body to make a diving catch in a hardcore beach football game ... and TMZ has the pics.

The pics were snapped New Year's Day at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base on Oahu, where the President and the first family stayed for their 10-day vacation.

Obama -- who's pretty ripped for a 50-year-old -- makes some shockingly athletic plays ... diving for catches, tossing up some Hail Marys, and juking people all over the place.

Barack Obama playing beach football
When was the last time a President did THAT?!?

Obama and the fam arrived back in DC early Tuesday morning -- where Mr. President will begin to quarterback his re-election campaign.


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Billy Bob    

I don't know many straight 50 year olds who look like him. As a matter of fact, I still don't know any straight 50 year olds who look like him.

991 days ago


Whether he keeps his shirt on or off people will always have something negative to say about my President. Go ahead Mr. President, show them that you don't give a damm, lmao. I love his attitude!

991 days ago


God what a bunch of moaners!! I actually logged in to see the comments to get a laugh from the haters and blamers! Thanks for not letting me down! So predictable! "Uuhh why is having a day off??!!" Blah Blah Blah

991 days ago


The biggest mistake Obama has made has been not learning how to seize the narrative. Republicans are experts at that. If Obama was republican they would be talking about how he saved the country from depression, saved the auto industry, ended a war, oversaw the taking of world public enemy #1, and created more jobs than his predecessor. And, btw, he's taken fewer vacation days than W or the right wing hero, Reagan (who is the true architect of the disaster we're in right now... begun when he took the U.S. from being the world's largest creditor to being the world largest debtor.>>>>>>>

How very very true is that! Look at all of the JEALOUS LOSERS posting. LOL. People in the mid-west and the east just love our President! Have you seen the 3 ring circus of CLOWNS that they THINK could beat Obama?? If that is'nt a hoot and a half I don't know what is....WE have your back in all 4 Corners Mr President!

991 days ago


Obama did not create the National debt George Bush did. I do however think it's very insensitive that he always seems to be on vacation when alot of his constituents haven't had a vacation in a very very long time. We are all losing our a**es out here and having most of our rights taken away by all this BS legislation passing in the middle of the night. The republicans are the ones who have blocked most if not all of the remedies that truly would have helped this country because they are all rich people who don't want to pay their share when most likely they haven't done anything Earth ****tering to have earned that money. That being said watch what you spend on and quit supporting all this crap in the mainstream. OBAMA keep your vacations to yourself no body wants to see you having fun while your salary is being paid by poor people in America...And for god sakes get a handle on your witchy wife she's always emasculating you on TV

991 days ago


Thanks god this idiot will be gone soon

991 days ago

Jo Arms    

Is all this president does is "Play"?

991 days ago


wow...have fun throwing that ball around while the country YOUR president over is going to **** big ass mistake America! I didn't vote for him.

991 days ago


wow...have fun throwing that ball around while the country YOUR president over is going to **** big ass mistake America! I didn't vote for him.

991 days ago


First of all, what is this.. his like 15th vacation? I love how he goes on vacation right after passing a law that gives authority to the president or (KING) to order the military to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without official charge or trial on the mere suspicion of being a terrorist or linked to a terrorist organization. So if all of you Americans who supported him or even if you didn't don't like the way something is being ran or act or talk out against the US guess what?!?! They can arrest you as a terrorist. He is bringing the troops home and yeah everyone is happy, But I think it is pretty coincidental that they are coming home right when this law is passed. FUNNY **** IS GOING ON PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES!

We need a real president to take office and help our country. And I don't want to hear people's excuses of well he walked into a mess... because what the **** has he done in 4 years?!?! No matter how big of a calamity he walked into he could of done ANYTHING for this country.

991 days ago


that's right have that you will be refresh to deal with those haters.....
the one's that can't take off the shirt, cause they have so much up the sleeve..

990 days ago


Did you hear that haters-- Just in on ABC News.....Private sectors just hired 325,000 people. Unemployment is going down. Sounds like Obama is winning!!!! He is a very handsome and intelligent person. I am so glad he is blocking out the negativity and b***h a** complainers!!! He will be re-elected! Team Obama

990 days ago

Bambino Italiano    

I was link to here from another site. Reading the comments I was wondering where have I venture into? I scroll up and I got my explanation.

990 days ago


Most manly thing he's done in four years. Moochelle must be proud of her closeted "husband".

990 days ago



989 days ago
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