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President Barack Obama


in Shirtless Football Game

1/4/2012 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama shirtless playing beach footballDon't let anyone tell you Barack Obama lacks cojones -- because this weekend in Hawaii, the POTUS himself sacrificed his body to make a diving catch in a hardcore beach football game ... and TMZ has the pics.

The pics were snapped New Year's Day at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base on Oahu, where the President and the first family stayed for their 10-day vacation.

Obama -- who's pretty ripped for a 50-year-old -- makes some shockingly athletic plays ... diving for catches, tossing up some Hail Marys, and juking people all over the place.

Barack Obama playing beach football
When was the last time a President did THAT?!?

Obama and the fam arrived back in DC early Tuesday morning -- where Mr. President will begin to quarterback his re-election campaign.


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Has anybody researched to see how many days off this guy has taken? I did, quite enlightening. And not just him, either, whole list of which presidents took how many days off. And yes, I am aware even presidents deserve days off, thats not the point.

987 days ago

Busty Betty    

Cripes. He needs to get back to f$#@ing work...
What a joke

987 days ago


Well, when you're on vacation or golfing every few days, the chance of this happening are great. I'm done with this clown. What an embarassment.

987 days ago


Nice face plant...Just like his precidency..

987 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

Damn Pres, I think you just made my nipples hard. LMAO!

987 days ago


Ripped??..He is a skinny little twig..Nice face plant..LMFAO!!!

987 days ago


What a crock! This was such a photo-op. I guess the secret service was unaware of a hiding photo taker on a grassy knoll. Just so happens these are out about the same time that the Republican primary elections are happening. More like "Hello, remember me, I'm Obama!." I guess those military bases are so unsecured that they allow someone to creep on with unknown equipment and get close to the President. What a non-story.

987 days ago


Look at obama now pretending to be JFK...What a loser

987 days ago


We pay over $4,000,000 so this fraud can play football ? November can not come soon enough.

986 days ago


Well when you're on vacation or golfing every few days, well, the chances of this stuff happening is almost sure. He's a joke and I'm done with this clown.

986 days ago


I am so weary of the press adulation of Barack Caesar. What a zero.

986 days ago


First off to Holly, I have lived in Hawaii for three years with my husband being military and yes they do wear shirts for surfing and playing on beach. Shows how much you know and no I do not feel like explaining why. It is easy to figure out. Secondly for all you non knowing people out there this man is as fake as they come. He likes to take his pictures interacting with Marines in Kanehoe and only certain ones are allowed. Since he has been in office and coming to Hawaii and pretending that is where he is from so noone makes a stink about it he has NEVER once gone to the Airforce, Army, or Navy bases or posts to visit any soldiers. He only goes to the Marine base to use the exercise equipment and take his photo ops. If he gave one crap about any soldier he would of visited all places in the past years. So while you all sit here and believe this crap that is all it is.

986 days ago


He makes me utterly sick. I can not stand the sight of this man. I will never understand why people elevate politicians (or celebrities) into martyr status. 95% of them are liars, cheats and s***bags.

America, you've bolstered this mans ego so high that he will need a crow bar to pry him off of his pedestal. You've created this monster. Hope you're aware of how STUPID you are and snap out of it soon.

986 days ago


I think America likes having a young, vigorous, super smart President like Obama. You sure wouldn't see fatboy Noot Gingrich out on the beach shirtless and showing off his upper body like Obama. I bet Obama is pretty darned good in backyard basketball games. He played basketball in high school you know. I think he played a little in college too.

If idiotic Republican "laissez faire" economic policies during the Bush administration didn't send America off a cliff in 2008, I bet just about everyone would think that Obama is a good President.

Obama just had the misfortune of being elected at the beginning of major recession ... "The Great Recession". He's not a miracle worker folks. He's helping to dig us out of this deep hole as best he can. I guarantee you that McCain and freakin Sarah Palin couldn't have done any better if they was elected in 2008.

I think Obama is going to cruise to an easy re-election victory in November. These people running for President in the Republican party are a joke. I've never seen so many bizarre, stupid people in my life. Obama is lucky to be running against any one of those clowns.

986 days ago


Eats dirt, eh? That looks like white sand to me.

986 days ago
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