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President Barack Obama


in Shirtless Football Game

1/4/2012 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama shirtless playing beach footballDon't let anyone tell you Barack Obama lacks cojones -- because this weekend in Hawaii, the POTUS himself sacrificed his body to make a diving catch in a hardcore beach football game ... and TMZ has the pics.

The pics were snapped New Year's Day at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base on Oahu, where the President and the first family stayed for their 10-day vacation.

Obama -- who's pretty ripped for a 50-year-old -- makes some shockingly athletic plays ... diving for catches, tossing up some Hail Marys, and juking people all over the place.

Barack Obama playing beach football
When was the last time a President did THAT?!?

Obama and the fam arrived back in DC early Tuesday morning -- where Mr. President will begin to quarterback his re-election campaign.


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People how is this any different than when everybody got mad at good ol' George W. when people got pis$ed at him for the video of him golfing while war is be waged. Obama's equally a loser as is any president that will come next, (most likely). Presidency=Puppetry

1001 days ago



How do you know that a future Republican President isn't going to have to spend $4 million in order to go on vacation in their home state? Hawaii is a long ways away from DC and Air Force One is expensive to use.

It's the security for Obama that is ultra expensive. That can't be helped. We live in a gun toting country with a bunch of crazies running around like that total nutcase who shot Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in Arizona.

1001 days ago


It kills me how everybody keeps saying that President Obama ran this country in the ground....REALLY???And what did Bush do for his 8 years in office? Have the economy booming? I don't think so! Everyone wants him to take the blame for this screwed up economy because it's easier to just blame the black man and not the white man that was in office before him. Bush lead us into 2 wars for no reason whatsoever which helped screw up the economy but people conveniently forget that. I don't think President Obama is a perfect president but he is a helluva lot better than Bush!

1001 days ago


When was the last time you saw a president take a "holiday" every other month because "he's so stressed?" please get this lazy sack of useless poop back in the office and quit spending OUR money for his vacations... to be exact $4 million went to this vacation payed by the courtesy of the american people... great president isn't he??? please

1001 days ago


Let's hope he has lots of time to play football after the November election.

1001 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

TMZ got the headline wrong by one letter - obama is SHIFTLESS. SHIFTLESS AND LAZY!

1001 days ago


I'm blown away by the people that think all of these vacations he takes is okay - do these people pay taxes and just not care how much this man is costing those of us that do actually work?! Insane what this man has cost this country.

1001 days ago


Funny how this smells a little like Putin hunting/hiking/strolling/running with his shirt off lately. Note that the much younger players are all wearing shirts, yet the Pres isn't? Hmmmm.

1001 days ago


It would be nice if he would put a tenth of that effort into his job. Can anyone imagine what his vacations have cost the taxpayers?

1001 days ago


Well how ironic, a dirtbag eating dirt!

1001 days ago


I'm surprised he's even playing football.

1001 days ago


4 more years! This will make all the whiny ignorant foxtards move out of the country. We don't need another republican destroying this country like Bush did in 8 years.

1001 days ago


It doesn't matter who you vote for, Republican or Democrat, the election is already rigged by the Illuminati. Obama is getting their NWO agenda passed underneath the radar of Republican Illuminati faux-attacking him like he's some communist trying to "spread the wealth".

1001 days ago


How very presidential of him. That makes 71 days total vacation time so far, 91 rounds of golf, 69 campaign speeches and 5 days attending church. I hope he goes on permanent vacation before he runs this country to ruin.

1001 days ago

St James III    

Aww Stop Bitchin!!! Sheeshh!!! Every President it's the same whaaaa whaaaaa whaaaaa

1001 days ago
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