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Paternity Judge To T.O.

Your NFL Career Is Over

1/4/2012 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0104-terrell-owens-tmz-ex-1Terrell Owens was just told his NFL career is in the toilet, with little prospect for a turnaround -- and he got the word from a judge handling his paternity cases.

T.O. was in L.A. County Superior Court this AM, asking Judge Marc Marmaro to reduce his child support payments in 2 of his 4 ongoing paternity cases, because he's just not pulling in the bucks.

T.O.'s lawyer made it clear -- his client is a man without a team and therefore a man without a paycheck. The judge went one step further, telling T.O. his prospects for a comeback are bleak.

Judge Marmaro said, "His NFL career seems to be over. I mean no disrespect."  T.O. nodded his head in acknowledgment.

And get this ... the judge apparently felt sorry for the beleaguered parent, offering him a ray of hope by noting that Kurt Warner went from an Arena League player to a Super Bowl champ. There's a buzz that T.O. may get picked up by an Arena team.

As for reducing his child support ... the judge wants to noodle on it before making a decision.

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What a dope. Ah ha ha ha.

1024 days ago


GHETTO TRASH!!! As go Hood Rats, he has no concept of HIS responsibilities are after he sires a kid... and the dumb chicks who thinks an income is a welfare cheque or on the rare occasion where the baby daddy has a job -child support are equally stupid. But what's more disgusting is the POS is denying that he is the sperm donor of FOUR kids. What the hell was he "thinking." Of course those bitches were going to take him to court--getting the child support was the intent behind having the babies - duhhhh It doesn't matter if he had a job, he would still try to dodge his responsibilities--because he's a loser. I'm curious how is affording that attorney... that boy has a stash [not much] hidden somewhere.

1024 days ago


I heard they invented these things called CONDOMS.

1024 days ago


Now that had to hurt, your career is Over, by a paternity court judge. Guy just couldn't keep it zipped. He's 50% responsibile 4 times? I would suggest a quick vas, four kids is way out of line if you cannot AFFORD to have kids.

1024 days ago

Miss Greta    

He should get together with Allen Iverson and make themselves a new tv sitcom - Two Broke Jokes

1024 days ago


Is he involved in the raising of any of these kids?

1024 days ago


Waddya mean Where's all my money? Ya think these earrings grow on trees?!

1024 days ago


wow!!!, he made over ( 70 MILLION DOLLARS ), in the NFL, that is mind blowing.

1024 days ago


You gotta ask why are women in this age still stupid enough to sleep with these ignorant losers without three or four forms of contraception at the same time. I blame the women for spreading their legs for this loser.

1024 days ago

Teal Listen    

T.O. is pathetic. Why didn't he make good on these payments when he was making money. He was too busy trying to get with white women -- that's why. He was practically begging that white girl to marry him. She even said it, "look at him he's a mess." She left his broke down a** and didn't come back. What a charming fellow! Dumb a** n*****!

1024 days ago

Teal Listen    

This has got to be the dumbest man alive. I don't know about African American men and the women that allow them to get them pregnant with no hopes of a future with them. As long as they can get a monthly check. It's just absurd. And this guy T.O. was so busy chasing white women that he forgot to put his condom on now he lost his house, he can't take care of his family, he lost his dignity for sure. He was crying all over the television on his reality show. Well, the reality is; you need a real job. Go have one of those girls set up your resume and go knock on doors like the rest of us have to do and pay your child support or go to jail. Stupid ass.

1024 days ago


Maybe Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo can find yard work for unemployed TO.

1024 days ago


tmz, you might want to take a look at these comments and see what kind of racism you're promoting.

1024 days ago

Billy Bob    

You Californians are all about entitlements. No one is entitled to being supported on a millionaire level. You get food, clothing, schooling, that's it. You want more? Earn it!

1024 days ago


T.O. is 1 of the worst people on this planet, selfish and the poster boy for the "dumb jock" label. And in case you want to see the best people/athletes on the plane*****ch some nhl hockey, most of the players involved in the greatest plays congratulate each other for a great team effort, rather than pounding their own chest as if they scored with no help from there teammates.

1024 days ago
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