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Paternity Judge To T.O.

Your NFL Career Is Over

1/4/2012 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0104-terrell-owens-tmz-ex-1Terrell Owens was just told his NFL career is in the toilet, with little prospect for a turnaround -- and he got the word from a judge handling his paternity cases.

T.O. was in L.A. County Superior Court this AM, asking Judge Marc Marmaro to reduce his child support payments in 2 of his 4 ongoing paternity cases, because he's just not pulling in the bucks.

T.O.'s lawyer made it clear -- his client is a man without a team and therefore a man without a paycheck. The judge went one step further, telling T.O. his prospects for a comeback are bleak.

Judge Marmaro said, "His NFL career seems to be over. I mean no disrespect."  T.O. nodded his head in acknowledgment.

And get this ... the judge apparently felt sorry for the beleaguered parent, offering him a ray of hope by noting that Kurt Warner went from an Arena League player to a Super Bowl champ. There's a buzz that T.O. may get picked up by an Arena team.

As for reducing his child support ... the judge wants to noodle on it before making a decision.

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No Avatar


watch nhl players !

993 days ago


The suits aren't because he's NOT paying or hasnt been paying its because he's not making as much money.. He requested the paternity suits so he can lower his payments. He wasnt brought to court by the mother(s) because hes a deadbeat! If he's making less money than it's only right that the amount owed be lowered also.

993 days ago


Too bad T.O. went to college and never learned what a condom was and how to use it.

993 days ago


What a freakin idiot this fiddle is. How can you have big NFL contracts for years and be broke? Make him flip burgers at McDonalds or Burger King somewhere.

993 days ago


Hey, him and Newt Gingrich have something in common, trying to squelch out of Child Support payments.

993 days ago


I think these hoes that marry athletes for the money should have to deal with being broke if they guy goes broke. They latched on when times were good, why should they be exempt from the bad times? Selfish gold diggers!!!

993 days ago

Main Event    

The hole situation is messed up,T.O bangs the women,they have the baby,women takes T.O. To court,they base child support of both parties income,women hits the payday quits job,the child barely sees father vice versa,football player makes bad investments ,t.o now broke no job, and judge wont lower cs payments until one gets new income!.....moral of the story...insert here(. )

993 days ago


Athletes do nothing special, and get payed way too much. I think it's kind of funny, and don't find him charming at all! Maybe his baby mamas better find a job too.

993 days ago


Why is T.O. a piece of ****?
Because 4 women chose to get pregnant by a rich football player expecting to have some free ticket?
Yes, T.O. should have worn protection. But I bet these women were also not using birth control. As a woman, it is on me to protect myself. These women knew they were going to be single moms and chose the golden ticket over having a real family for their child(ren).
Don't blame T.O.
It takes 2 to Tango, and the women should be MORE to blame.
Yes, I am woman and YES I SAID IT.

993 days ago


What ever happened to abortions? Whatever happened to people having sex for the fun of it?

993 days ago


I don't think this has anything to do with race. People from all walks of life struggle to make child support payments. They are paying for their mistakes. All of these hateful comments make me think of one thing, "misery loves company". TO is a celebrity - he made it so. Now he has to deal with all of his dirty laundry being aired out.

993 days ago


This is not a Black male issue; this is a T.O. This is not a race issue; it is an issue of a man who makes his living as a professional athlete engaging in irresponsible sexual behavior.

992 days ago

Voice of Reason    

Lesson for the young men, don't let your di*k make a bum out of you.

992 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Seems like the gravy train has somewhat run out of steam...

991 days ago
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