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Amber Portwood

Happy New Year ...


1/5/2012 2:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood cryingAmber Portwood's landlord is tossing her out in the street -- a fact the "Teen Mom" star might care more about ... if she hadn't been cooling her ass in jail for the last 17 days. 

The company that owns Amber's rented home in Anderson, Indiana filed notice with the court yesterday that it wants her out ASAP.

According to the docs, Portwood somehow violated her lease agreement -- no specifics are listed -- and the landlord delivered a "notice to vacate" on Dec. 20 ... the day AFTER Amber got hauled off to jail for alleged probation violations. 

Portwood's attorney tells TMZ he didn't know about the notice, so couldn't comment. If Amber misses a Jan. 25 court date she could be evicted immediately. 

2012 ... not looking up for Amber.


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@ Todd,
You're an idiot, you're a racist troll who found a story that had NOTHING TO DO WITH BLACK PEOPLE yet YOU played your race card about how all black men like jail? And who plays the race card the most????

985 days ago


she deserves it

985 days ago


who cares about these teen trailer trash low lives? why do stories about them? they are not celebrities, they are just stupid little girls who don't know the meaning of birth control, I wouldn't be surprised if some of these morons got knocked up on purpose so that they can get their own show, its pathetic! stop giving them the attention they crave, no one feels sorry of them.

985 days ago


She is messed up on something..

985 days ago


who gives a chit!!!!!!!!! She such a s*** bag i wouldn't want to rent to her either~! Thank god that baby has her dad!

985 days ago


HAHAHAHAHA..and take that ugly bratty kid with ya!

985 days ago


black's have more class then her...white trash

985 days ago


I think that MTV probably coaxed at least the first set of girls into getting pregnant. What would make more sense, MTV finding the girls somewhere-possibly far along in their pregnancy, or MTV finding them before they actually got pregnant. I mean, by the time they set up things with MTV and they got crews down there, they probably wouldn't even be pregnant anymore. All they needed was the first season girls, then girls everywhere followed their lead. Several of them are pregnant for a second time. It does not show REAL struggles as a teen mom, I was one. I doesn't show how they have to clothe, feed, and house their children. It shows some petty drama between friends and boyfriends, while most of them lounge around in at the very least, nice or large homes. Not really how it works. Real moms can't just walk out the door, they have to get a baby sitter.

985 days ago


This girl is gonna Kill her self .. Thats a wrong thing to say but she tried to do it before her life is getting worse instead of better which builds up even more reasons to do it she's such a mess she walked her self into though, all of the teen moms have been involved in **** but at least they either have or are trying to get their selfs out of it

985 days ago


I am a huge fan of Teen Mom but she almost ruined the show. She is a whiny b*tch. Saying she wasn't ready to have a baby and **** (I read it in an interview after one of the season of Teen Mom) and it's like "hello sl*t keep your legs closed!"

985 days ago


Why is she being evicted she gets paid....if I was getting as much money as thy were for being on these shows, my rent would be the first to get paid and in advance at that. is it really that hard to pay ur bills. especially your rent even knowing you are trying your best and everything to prove you can be a good mom and somewhere to sleep for your kid

984 days ago


Maybe if people weren't always downing her she could "get better". Instead people wanna call her trash and a physco. I admit she is a little physco but what woman isn't?! She could use encouragement, nobody really knows what is going on in her life so don't judge. Half of the time these articles are made up or added on to anyways.

984 days ago


No I am sure she paid her rent , but I am a property manager and most leases and most states have a clause that if you are charged with a crime that it is a violation of the lease. As such she went to jail , so under this law they have the right to evict her in most states. I do not even know what state she is in (i do no*****ch the show) but in Texas this is legal. You do not even need to be guilty just charged with the crime. If it was a rent thing they would file a motion to get their money from her income she has to be receiving from the show to pay the rent, not file for eviction, they probably don't like her for some reason PICK A FEW, or do not want the show on their property and are using this as a loop hole to get rid of it.

984 days ago


TMZ, Please stop using that picture she looks like she is having a hard time on the toilet

983 days ago


I see this every day here where I live.. teens using the system.. They can afford to go party but not take care of kids. About time they crack down on all of them.. AND these shows make them popular with rest of teens. Not setting an example.

943 days ago
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