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Justin Bieber

Father-Son Shirtless Beach Time

1/5/2012 10:20 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

010512_justin_bieber_father_FAMELooking like Marky Mark wannabes, 17-year-old Justin Bieber and his dad 37-year-old Jeremy showed off their smooth shirtless chests on the beach in L.A. on Wednesday.

There's nothing like quality topless family bonding.



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Jeez, did JB finally mature??????????????? He looks as tall as his dad and not like a little girl anymore, Hallejuia!!!!!

1021 days ago


JB is completely ASEXUAL. His body is disgusting to look at.

1021 days ago


Douche and bag.

1021 days ago


His Dad looks like Kevin Federline.

1021 days ago

hung and dashing    

They look precisely like those so-called "straight guys" who show up in gay amateur porn movies. The sort of titles like "Straight Loads of Pacific Beach" or "Military Straights" where guys come in for $50 bucks and jack off on camera for gay videos. Or they sit side-by-side on some soiled couch while a "gay guy" sucks them off. But because they're "straight" and only getting sucked off, its "cool". Is that the image which Bieber and dad wish to project? Because there is a niche market in amateur gay-for-pay porn for that, too. Where supposed pairs of dads and sons show up at some "gay guy's" apartment and beat off together. And then the whole JESUS angle, too! Geez! Gay-for-pay-straight guys-for-Jesus! Another niche market. Like all the phony straight guy for gay amatuer porn stuff down in the Bible Belt states. Florida and South Carolina white trash guys who won't be in a "gay" porn but will be the "straight trade" in a gay amateur video if it comes with some smokes, an Xbox, a $50 bill and a BJ. This is the how the BEEEEBS and his dad hang? Good luck with that.

1021 days ago


My niece and nephew love Justin Bieber. I totally dont understand all the hate, he seems like a good kid, down to earth, I think its so crazy how much hate he gets.

1021 days ago


Is he the father that wanted nothing to do with the kid until he got famous?

1021 days ago


I am Spartacus: 19 minutes ago
Food for thought...
1- He CAN'T SING OR DANCE. His singing ability really is awful and his dancing ability is no better. He fits a mold that appeals to young teen girls who are a MAJOR demographic that BUYS CDs and tons of merchandising.
2- Don't assume he'll live the rest of his life in a great house with no worries. Look at Aaron Carter, look at many other quick hit teen pop stars. That money can go fast because a lot of people have their hands in it.
3- Would i love his money? Absolutely! Does it change the fact that he acts like a d-bag, dresses like a wannabe black kid, looks like he hasn't hit puberty yet? NO!

At some point this kid will need to understand that he's going to have to change and mature or else he'll fizzle like the rest of them. He's 17 years old, dressing and acting like a 15 year old isn't cool and dressing like your black when your white isn't cool when you're an adult. Justin Timberlake stayed relevant because he had style and grew up, this kid will end up like Aaron Carter... guaranteed.
Well Sparty,

Having read your comment above and your previous post, I can safely assume you are actually jealous of all that JB has accomplished at the tender age of 17. Like I said previously I am not a Bieber fan but I'm sure he's achieved more in his 17 years then you have.

As far as JB turning out like Aaron's possible but I doubt it...JB seems to be grounded and seems to have a strong support network around him.

Justin Timberland has stayed relevant because he's grown as a performer AND he has branched out (restaurants, clothing lines, acting etc) as I'm sure JB will do as well.

You mentioned that JB's singing and dancing are "awful"....Gosh are you a SIMON COWELL OR PAULA ABDUL? What credentials do you have that allow you to judge? Did you earn a degree from Juilliard School of Music or School of Dance?

The other thing I noticed in BOTH your posts - you dont like JBs "schtick".....did it occur to you that his "schtick" is what has earned him upwards of 80 million dollars? Like it or not Sparty, the kid is successful, has fans all over the world AND is rich beyond YOUR wildest dreams.

1021 days ago


Redskin_Chick: 10 minutes ago
My niece and nephew love Justin Bieber. I totally dont understand all the hate, he seems like a good kid, down to earth, I think its so crazy how much hate he gets.
All the hate comes from the folks who are actually JEALOUS of the fact that JB is 17, has a net worth exceeding 80million and has accomplished MORE in his short life then most. AND JB can retire when his 15mins of fame is up - the haters have to keep working at a job they hate til the day they die.

1021 days ago


First of all, I agree with all the comments arguing that they should pull up their pants. It just looks sloppy & stupid, in my opinion. But whats with this idea that they dress "black"? What exactly does that mean? If they were in a suit & tie would you say they dress "white"? It's like the saying "white-washed." Both seem to suggest that being black is equated with looking/acting like a gangster.

1021 days ago

Deb Colorado    

Oh Helllooooo. Dad's not too shabby!! :))

1021 days ago


If I was Bieber i'd be firing my personal trainer if that's how I looked after 6 months working with him. That poor kid will be luck to ever weigh more then 120 lbs soaking wet, because he clearly can not bulk up in the slightest.

As for his dad, who care's if he wants to dress like tommy lee, or one of those lame 40 year olds who wanna be 20, all it means is they live a miserable life and desperatly wish they could recapture their youth.

1021 days ago


So inspirational to see father and son. They look good to me. Classy photo. I'm a middle-age guy and I hope to meet the talented Justin Bieber some day. Happy New Year!

1021 days ago

G Wilson    


1021 days ago


Take a look girls, this is what the Beib will look like in the future

1021 days ago
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