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Lisa Lampanelli


You Pissed Me Off!!!

1/5/2012 8:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lisa Lampanelli is demanding a "BIG F**KING APOLOGY"  from NBC ... claiming the network completely disrespected her at the NY Knicks game last night ... in front of thousands of people.

Lisa -- who was just announced as a contestant on the upcoming "Celebrity Apprentice" -- had just completed a hardcore day of promoting the show ... when she WENT OFF on the peacock.

Lampanelli says she was invited to Madison Square Garden along with two of her co-stars -- former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza and "Real Housewives" star Teresa Giudice.

But when they got the tickets, Lisa says Dayana and Teresa were placed in the front row ... while  Lisa was forced to sit all the way in the back. Obviously, Lisa was PISSED.


"I said, REALLY?? Well, guess what NBC ... you owe me a big f**king apology."

She unloaded, "You think anyone is watching that 'Celebrity Apprentice' for anybody except me and a couple other people who really keep the ball rolling?"

"I'll expect my gift basket with your apology and some GOOD Knicks tickets tomorrow .. 'cause I killed myself for you for 18 hours today."

And the worst part of all ... the front row seat next to Teresa and Dayana was EMPTY!!!



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Metta Worldhate    

Maybe you should try not being so ugly?

1019 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

You are a fat cow. No one wants to see your face. That is why you were stuck in the back. You should apologize to the world for your face.

1019 days ago


I think this says FAR more about Teresa and Dayana than it does Lisa.
Her, so called, friends should have refused to take those seats unless their partner could join them!

1019 days ago


what do u expect from a "socialist network"?
also trump u tout the best choice's for apprentice new season ? hag teresa and victoria gotti? oh get a friggin life donald..never watch this trash!
also for all of u "tebow basher's" many women do u see suing him in court for child support?
tebow is 100% man that respect's women. more than i can say for all thse "so called" nfl player that think it's ok to spawn as many illegatimate children as they can.
the child pay's not u ignorant anouscolon's.
think u are a man? not..a total fool! seath ur weenie d>>Khead !!

1019 days ago


None of those trashcans are celebrities, ridiculous

1019 days ago


Seems like a spoiled primadona to me!!! show some class!!

1018 days ago


Jesus, get over yourself you talentless skank. Just because you're gay doesn't give you the right to compare yourself to anyone, let alone Rosa Parks.

Typical leftist, uber-liberal garbage from a so-called "comic" who isn't the least bit funny and quite frankly, no one I know who knows of this broad thinks she's the least bit funny either.

Hey Lisa: here's a big F!%@ YOU Too!! Hopefully NBC will sue you BACK into abject poverty, where you so richly belong, for slander and a basic imbecilic stupidity that is truly "offensive".

Political Correctness: a true cop-out to hide behind for those people too WEAK to handle the harsh REALITIES and TRUTHS of day to day life. And since when does being correct need any kind of descriptor in the first place?!?! You are either correct or you are not, but there are NOT "grades" of correctness and anyone who thinks otherwise, see definition of P.C. (unsurprisingly made up by the anti-America/American UBER-LEFTIST DEMOCRAT PARTY during Billary Clinton's (America's ONLY IMPEACHED PRESIDENT) reign of socialistic terror.

'Nuff said...

"Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play upon." -- Joseph Goebbles - Propaganda Minister, SOCIALIST Nazi Party; 1938

"A man who reads nothing is far smarter than a man who reads nothing but newspaper." -- Thomas Jefferson - Third President of The United States of America; 1789

1015 days ago


If I were either Teresa or the other Dayana I would have offered up my seat and taken the back. GEEZ. Besides I would have had more fun in the back and at least someone wouldn't think they were unworthy to be in the front row. Etiquette 101 people!

962 days ago


wow, never write comments but,really lisa, if u lick ur part of the click, the girls didn t want u near them, to bad aubrey wasn t there 4 u. u disgust me love the apprentice. after the show i wouldn t see you perform if tickets were free. thats a fact jack

920 days ago
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