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Lisa Lampanelli

NBC Treated Me Like Rosa Parks

But I Got My Apology

1/5/2012 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli has buried the hatchet with NBC -- calling in to TMZ Live moments ago, claiming the network has apologized for dissing her hardcore at the NY Knicks game last night ... or as she put it, treating her like "Rosa Parks."

Lisa tells us, NBC called her up today to say sorry for the faux pas -- after it asked Lisa to attend the game as a favor to promote "Celebrity Apprentice" ... then insulted her with an 11th row seat, while her co-stars Teresa Giudice and Dayana Mendoza sat courtside.

Lisa cracked, "I'm like Rosa Parks! ... Don't sit me in the back of the bus!" -- but says she has since forgiven the network. According to Lisa, NBC even asked for her address to send her a gift in the mail.

Fruit baskets fix everything.


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They should put her on the terroris*****ch list and export her ugly ass out of the country. She's nither tired, nor poor, although she could pass for a huddled mass.

932 days ago


Big fat POS, how dare she compare herself to Rosa Parks. I hope she hears the word Fired, sooner rather than later.

932 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

She's comparing herself to Rosa Parks? Seriously? Lisa, when fat skanks are required by law to sit in the back of the bus, use separate bathrooms and drinking fountains, and you refuse and inspire an entire generation to stand up and demand equal rights under the law, then you might be able to compare yourself to Rosa Parks. Until that time you need to sit down and shut the hell up.

932 days ago


Put Teresa under the bus where she belongs. Keep driving over her util she is part of the pavemen.

932 days ago


Who is Lisa Lampanelli ?

932 days ago



932 days ago


I heard her on tmz and she sucks. There is nothing funny about her. 50 years old and still hasn't honed her craft. You could tell how harvey was forcing his laughing to be polite.

932 days ago


she will be the reason i will no*****ch celeb apprentice I can not stand her shes not funny in the least bit

931 days ago


What an ungrateful person she is.

931 days ago


Anyone check into seeing if Casey Anthony adopted the dog herself, or if someone ELSE bought her the dog... That's always possible, someone bought her the phone, etc. Someone else could clearly pass the adoption testing, and then just give it to her.

931 days ago


WAH WAH, WANNA A LITTLE CHESSE WITH THAT WINE???? Who is she anyway???? lol, just goes to show that NBC is nice even if they didnt think she was worth giving the ticket too...didnt she realize that the empty seat was waiting for someone special??

931 days ago

Daytona Girl    

She was put in the 11th row because she is ugly, loud mouth and a skank. Can't believe she is even going to be on Celeberty Apprentice. And that she actually thinks people are going to watch it "just because she's on it." Right ... I'm NOT going to watch it "just because she's on it."

931 days ago


Comparing herself to Rosa Parks is a bit much. She's no Rosa Parks. She's not standing up for any cause.

840 days ago

Boss blackfoot    

Lisa is such a b__ch, she talks about black people like they are dogs, she hates pretty women for real, she talks dirty and nasty about everybody, yes it is a act and yes she is making big bucks doing it, but she is NOT funny! She is NOT Don Rickles or Joan Rivers she will not last the test of time as a funny lady, because she is NO lady, she is just a plain looking hateful women who claims that because she is telling jokes she can call people hateful things , again I don't don't think she is funny calling black people dirty names and talking about them like animals because she thinks it's funny to put blacks down for a lot of whites, Lisa try your act out in front of a black crowd and see how many boos you get, blacks and people of culture and class don't like your put downs, they did the right thing putting you in the 11th row, it was were you should have been seated, you are a put down artist who's limited talent will not last too much longer, your being on the DONALD'S Program has shown us all what a hateful person you really are. The two girly Men are not going to let you walk over them like you have the women, they know you for what you are a evil self servicing B__ch, your time is coming to be sent home, no more letting you get away with treating everyone like they are dumb and you are soooooooooooo Ms. everything, you have not won a thing you have been on the losing team but you think you are all that, you are not, shame on you!

839 days ago


Your 50 Lisa L. Your hot

806 days ago
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