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'Jersey Shore'

The Unit ROASTS Snooki -- She's Kind of a Slut

1/6/2012 10:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jersey Shore The UnitMoments after The Unit made his big debut on the new season of "Jersey Shore" ... dude hit the streets of the L.A. last night ... and immediately took his first public shot at Snooki.

The Situation's pal was leaving STK with porn star Amia Miley -- when the paps asked about his big fight with the Snookster on last night's show (below).

Unit quipped, "The thing with me and Snooki ... she can't seem to take my name out of her mouth ... but that's Snooki for you, she's always got something in her mouth."

And if you thought that was classy ... dude also compares himself to Babe Ruth and says strippers PAY HIM when he goes to the nudie bar.

Gym. Tan. Dbag. 


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Need to get a few things off my chest here:

#1: Are Italians trying to make themselves look like douchebags these days or is this unintentional? With the exception of some Italians, Italians always been the douchebags of the world
#2: Does this kid really think he's kissing a great girl? He's kissing other guys penises and their production if you will.
#3: Is this called De-evolution? Why in the world does said world except this show as if it was the next Brady Bunch. SMH@ the world right now. Especially the good old U.S. of A

971 days ago


He's riding coat tails, just sayin . . .

971 days ago



971 days ago


The guys body is a 10, which matches well with his I.Q.

971 days ago

Goober Jinks    

And Harvey is "KINDA" a ***...

971 days ago


They are all gross but I have to admit their show is like a train wreck that I just can't turn away from

971 days ago


Ya know what harvey you disappoint me. You and the people there at TMZ dont seem to understand that you guys are the ones that keep these losers popular. Same as the kardashians. Its not till you came around that people started glamourizing this ****. I mean seriously, Do you think that girl would be holding that ugly ass dudes hand in public let alone kissing him if your cameras werent gonna be there to put her on tv too? Am i the only one that noticed that the very first season when no one knew who these losers were that not one of them got lucky IN SEASIDE!!! IN SEASIDE NJ WITH THEIR OWN HOUSE AND ROOFTOP HOTTUB these frigging losers still only got lucky with each other in the same house. Christ, I could go down to seaside by taxi, have no place to stay and still sleep with more then one girl a day. ITS FRIGGING SEASIDE!!!! these tools do not rep JERSEY AT ALL!!! and TMZ just throws fuel on the fire. No one thinks these tools are kool people. christ real jersey people put these tools to shame and did all this **** that losers think is kool by the time we were 15. thats why their bigges*****chers are kids... to jersey folk like me these losers get beat up and sent back to the island. Are you people high? if the camera crews and body guards were not following them around and it wasnt free advertising for the bars these down syndrome tools would be nobodies. ITS NOT THE PEOPLE ON THE SHOW THAT IS POPULAR... ITS THE CAMERAS THAT PEOPLE CAN ALSO GET IN FRONT OF IF THEY ACT LIKE JACKASSES THAT ARE POPULAR.
I been watching a long time, and i even put up with the pointless stories of the useless kardasians. i dont like em, but they have merit. these people have no merit AND I DONT LIKE THEM. I swear to go the very next time you give the jersey shore losers the time of day On TMZ I WILL NEVER WATCH YOUS SHOW AGAIN!!!! you use to have standards, now i take it as an insult to myself and every other person from new jersey everytime you show the worthless human beings and say the name JERSEY SHORE. Remember when jersey shore meant something else??? try googling jersey shore now... ITS ALL YOU SEE IS THEIR ******* FACES!!!! THATS WHAT YOU SEE WHEN YOU SEARCH FOR INFO ON MY HOME!!!! They stole our name and existence. They jacked our pride and our homes image to the world. **** those s***bags and anyone that helps them exist. Dont get me wrong, i aint hating on the individual. you people get yours.... its the people that put them where they are that sicken me. and thats the aeudience and you TMZ. You spit at Jersey everytime you show them and mention the jersey shore. GIVE US OUR PRIDE BACK AND STOP PROMOTING THESE PEOPLE AS ANYTHING JERSEY!!!! But do what you want. you shame yourself even more. I am JUR-Z SURE!!!!

971 days ago


Lol he might be a douchebag, but damn, he's sexy.

971 days ago


Please Lord, don't let this ******* douche bag become famous. This is the last thing we need in this world. MTv needs to be burned to the ******* ground.

971 days ago


Calls Snooki a slut while holding hands with a porn star? I don't care about Snooki at all, but come on... Kinda like the pot calling the kettle a d-bag.

971 days ago


type in amia miley / amia moretti to watch this chick suck down loads.

971 days ago

Shane Kirkpatrick    

Its funny that a guy who claims hes the best can only get laid by a whore. Sounds a bit like Tito Ortiz to me.

970 days ago


I would take that as a comment about the fact that even after her minimal "weight loss" she's still morbidly obese, than her being a slut.

970 days ago


at least the bitch is hot

970 days ago

Allie Boy    

How about the very popular Ms. Ryder (ironic name, huh?) and dear friend of Nicole Polizzi? The Dutchess County, NY babe has been linked to hooking up with Mike, "Unit", Vinny, Pauly and who knows who else on the show. No one has any opinion about that, huh? Keep it real.

970 days ago
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