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Rob Lowe

ABC Eyeing Him to Replace Reeg

On 'Live' With Kelly Ripa

1/6/2012 11:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Lowe could be Regis Philbin's replacement ... if ABC has its way.

Lowe just finished a two-day stint, guest hosting with Kelly Ripa and an ABC source says the honchos "loved the chemistry between them." We're told network execs have spoken with Lowe's reps about making it a permanent gig, but Lowe -- who already has a job on "Parks and Recreation" -- is non-committal.

But we just shot Rob leaving NYC at JFK airport. Our camera guy asked him, "Do you think you could live in New York?"

Rob replied: "We were just talking about that. I love New York. I love the energy. It would be a change of pace. I'm a California boy, but it could be fun."



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AL: 7 hours ago

the only reason why ABC decided NOT to renew regis contract is because regis was working only 4 days a week and getting paid $12 million a year and he wanted even more money for the new contract, kelly gets $8 millon a year and works 5 days, so i'm sure that rob lowe will get less than kelly...if they get him.

Wow! If that is true. How greedy and money hungry can people get? Being rich isn't rich enough for them, I guess. 4 days a week and get paid 12 million a year is awesome. Shoot! Most of us middle class people would love to even get 1 million dollars a year. While the poor people just want food on the table and clothes on their families backs, and the homeless a warm blacket and some coffee so they won't freeze to death. All while the rich just want more and more and more money. The poor and middle class people seem to appreciate and are more thankful for what the good Lord gave them. While the rich is more worried about showing off what they have, and wanting more more more to show off even more with.

966 days ago


No Rob Lowe, did you guys not see how he was staring at that girl, it made me feel uncomfortable and I was watching from my home, he looked like a perv. I loved Jerry Seinfeld, he brings the perfect balance to the show plus he's very funny

966 days ago


UGH - Rob Lowe looks like he's made of plastic and very made up - I will qui*****ching it.
They should have guest hosts for at least until June before they decide. They need better ratings. Bring Trump on once, George Stepanopolis, What about the new guy on GMA
Josh - he's great and not bad to look at.

965 days ago


Mark Consuelos was so much better than Robe Lowe - Lowe was dry and self centered - did not enjoy him at all - miss Regis so much - but I think Kelly and mark would be OK - they play off each other well - its not always so great to work with your husband though!

965 days ago


I saw the first show with them together, but didn't see the second. I have to say, as much as I love Rob Lowe - and I TOTALLY do - I really thought he and Kelly were not good together at all. I thought there was NO chemistry. It wasn't as bad as the David Duchovny pairing, but it was second only to that.

Of course, I compare everyone with the time that Neil Patrick Harris was on - and NO ONE will compare with the chemistry between he and Kelly.

One thing, I DO wish they would hurry up and get a co-host. This revolving door of co-hosts is really getting old.

965 days ago


Live with Kelly is way too much of Kelly. She really thinks that she all that. Rob lowe could be a great host as long as kelly lets him in on the show, big mouth for kelly. what about neil patrack harris, he is witty and can come back real fast with kelly's mouth. I miss regis, and just wish that abc will find a great co-host if kelly will have one. she thinks she can run the show which she cant, too much talk dont even hear from the co-host a chance to be one.

963 days ago


I think you should get Jim Carrey. WOW... now that would be a show.

959 days ago

Sonia Betancourt    

I just had to comment on Rob Lowe. I also thought Kelly & Him had great chemistry, and who would'nt love to see those courgeous eyes of his every morning. ME!!! and I'm sure lots of others. Make it so!!

953 days ago

Shirley MacDonald    

I have been having breakfast with Regis and Kelly for 14 yr. since retirement. I like Rob Lowe and Mario Lopez as possible replacements for Regis. They both have a very positive outlook and most importantly they speak of women as equals. Please stop this roller coaster ride of temporary hosts!

950 days ago


Rob would be an OK replacement, Howie was very good in that position. Neal Patrick is the very last to be considered. Only my opinion, but I am weary of the Halloween dress up stuff. I turn off the program when Kelly does the Bachelor Theater and I am disappointed when the Trivia segment is eleminated.

934 days ago

Elizabeth R.    

Most of us would agree that must loved Regis and his talent with talk cannot be replaced. However, the show goes on, and in my opinion, Jerry O'Connell is the most
fun to watch interacting with Kelly and with the Live audience.

886 days ago


just take the show off! she makes me sick /she so nasal / no talent/ i will not watch her

851 days ago

Franzi Corman    

Rob would be very good........but my vote is for Seth Meyers! He is quick, funny and compelling. Makes me schedule my day around them. He and Kelly are great together.

Most of the others get old.

778 days ago
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