TMZ Live Why It's Better for Floyd to Fight than Go to Jail

1/6/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Why It's Better for Floyd Mayweather to Fight than Go to Jail

What's more important -- Floyd Mayweather Jr. going to jail for domestic violence ... or boxing for big $$$$? Harvey says Floyd dodging jail was a blatant case of celebrity justice -- while TMZ staffers just wanna see Floyd fight. Yep, here comes a newsroom battle.

Plus, a twist in that bizarre David O. Russell case about him touching his transgender niece's chest -- you gotta hear what Mike's been thinking about this. Wow.

Also, the new "Jersey Shore" villain -- Jonny the Unit -- calls in to proudly defend his douchbaggery!!

(6:03) Floyd Mayweather's jail sentence was postponed til his next fight -- another case of celebrity justice?
(7:25) Floyd's lawyer -- the whitest guy ever.
(11:50) Screw Mayweather/Pacquao -- the fight that erupts in the newsroom over Floyd's case should be on pay-per-view.
(23:20) The latest "Jersey Shore" douchbag -- Jonny The Unit -- is on the phone ... Harvey asks him about his alleged drug bust.
(26:30) The Unit's war with Snooki -- and how The Situation's unit is in the middle of it all. 
(29:01) The Unit ... he just plays a d-bag on TV.
(35:20) David O. Russell and his transgender niece -- one of the most bizarre stories we've ever posted.
(42:03) If you thought the Russell story was bizarre ... DON'T MISS what Mike has to say about hypothetically grabbing Chad in a similar situation.
(47:01) Russell infamous curse-laden tirade at Lily Tomlin ... have a great weekend!!!