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Chaz Bono

I'm Saving Up

to Buy a Penis

1/7/2012 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is a post all about the elusive penis Chaz Bono wants to buy.

Chaz is in the market for a phallus, he tells Rolling Stone magazine, talking for the first time publicly about his downstairs business. He says he's leaning more toward metoidioplasty, which he describes as "a procedure that uses what you already have down there ... which has grown larger from the testosterone. You end up with a smaller phallus than with the phalloplasty, but it's fully functional, it gets erect, and the sensation is all there."

The procedure will cost, he says, somewhere between $25,000-$45,000.

See ... you can put a price on one's manhood. 

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I live in SF, and know several transgender people. It has always struck me that what is not right about them is their mind, they always think if they were a different sex life would be perfect. I don't see Chastity/Chaz ever being happy, no matter how much she/he tries to convince us differently.

984 days ago


Why is this news???
Celebs think that everyone must know everything about them at all times. Why doesn't Chaz just as mom Cher for $$$ for the surgery and then ...end of celeb news.

984 days ago


Just occurred to me that his mom is incredibly rich. Can't he get some money from her for this?

984 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

TMZ, quit referring to Chastity as a he. If she were a he then she would not need to buy a d*ck. She was born a girl and will always be a girl. She can chop off her boobs, take hormones, buy a d*ck, etc... but she will always be a girl! Will she have the capability to impregnate anyone with her new d*ck? NO! Enough said.

984 days ago


Chaz, buy the Penis Comfort Kit! It comes with a 2 feet flathead woman with no teeth that turns into a pizza at the flick of a switch, and a stein with a 25 ltr. German beer keg.

984 days ago


Save up to get some psychiatric care!

984 days ago


Damn could you imagine if that was your kid? I need money to replace my vagina with a small penis ill pay you back mom i swear

984 days ago

Aaron Maxwell    

Why bother? Unless ?he? loses that gut he'll never get to see it.

984 days ago


OK? scratching my head on that one.

984 days ago


Hm - browsing through these comments gives an interesting view of the TMZ demographic: Low brow, judgmental, ignorant, uneducated and not in the least interested in learning anything beyond what they heard in fourth grade or read in tabloids.

Really, you have to understand it's more out there than your teacher and/or priest told you. For example, the earth is round and not flat, the founding fathers did not found a Christian America, homosexuals are not gay by choice, XX and XY are not the only chromosome combinations in human beings, and some people feel very, very strongly they are born in the wrong body when it comes to gender. It's not like not liking how you look, it goes much deeper and is often apparent long before puberty. Instead of making fun of this condition and trying to persuade Chaz he's a woman because you think you know this, read up on the subject and LEARN something. The worlds is complex, and so are we.

I wish Chaz the best, I hope he'll stay happy and find someone to love, and I'm very glad I didn't have to climb the mountain he's had to climb. You're brave, Chaz! :)

984 days ago


Just stop it and shutup TMZ !

984 days ago


Yo Aston....shut the **** up. X and Y determine sex...SHE IS A GIRL, WHO NEEDS TO BUY A STRAP ON. I do not need to know the details of it's miserable attempt to something SHE's not. It's like someone who got an annulment saying they were never married.

984 days ago


Oh for Christ's sake. Buy a strap on and be done with it. NO ONE CARES. Until you get a Y chromsome, YOU'RE A GIRL (and a freak). I'd be buying the diet before the strap on and some therapy sessions.

984 days ago


Maybe there should be an transplant organization,you have a guy over here who would like to become a woman donate his body part to a women who would like to become a man...there you works out for everyone.

984 days ago


Just in case you are wondering why she/he has gone frugal. ;-)

984 days ago
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