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Chaz Bono

I'm Saving Up

to Buy a Penis

1/7/2012 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is a post all about the elusive penis Chaz Bono wants to buy.

Chaz is in the market for a phallus, he tells Rolling Stone magazine, talking for the first time publicly about his downstairs business. He says he's leaning more toward metoidioplasty, which he describes as "a procedure that uses what you already have down there ... which has grown larger from the testosterone. You end up with a smaller phallus than with the phalloplasty, but it's fully functional, it gets erect, and the sensation is all there."

The procedure will cost, he says, somewhere between $25,000-$45,000.

See ... you can put a price on one's manhood. 

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No Avatar

buzz kill    

If Chiz like attention so much, it should hire itself out for partys as a pinata. Everyone can take a shot at it and get a few laughs. Hey Chiz, after the operation are you changing your last name from BoNo to Boner

1022 days ago


if i was cher i would pay for the new weiner just to keep chaz from talking about it publicly. TMI for TMZ

1022 days ago


So I guess a penis is much more expensive that two pair of tits then!

1022 days ago


this should be ilegal,if i slept with a woman and later found out it was born a man i would consider it a homosexual experience that i didnt want,rape...this is disgusting,and the topless photos..cmon,are you that proud of your disgusting mutilated self?

1022 days ago


I'm sure Cher's former hubby, (the late) Sonny Bono is rolling over and doing back flips in his grave about this penis story with Chaz.

Kids are "like a box of chocolates" like Forrest Gump once famously said. You never know what you're gonna get. :)

Times sure have changed ... in just the last 10 years really. It doesn't even shock people much anymore. It would be a big scandal back in the 70s when Cher was super famous.

1022 days ago


Its sad that she has to comment on that.. Who REALLY cares what her mothers money will buy her? Its not like she has a job to earn it on her own!!!

1022 days ago


this goes to prove that men really are dogs even men in transition or whatever the correct terminology is. Chaz had a devoted girlfriend for a long time fame hits and now he wants to date around. so hollywood and so regular us poor regular class folks to. bottom line men think more about their penis than their heart.

1022 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

This is a very complex freak show we're observing. So, Chaz had a girlfriend who was a leasbian like Chaz right???? Her chick was pretty hot for her and dated her a long time as two lesbian lovers. Then Chaz decides to turn herself into a male and her and her gf breakup. So is Chaz must have decided she was going to quit being a lesbian and her gf left??? In the future, regardless of Chazs "identity" the only women who will date her will be lesbians right? I'm not trying to be mean, I'd just like to know who her future "target" audience will be in the sack.

1022 days ago


You can a penis really cheap in Japan. Not a great deal by the pound though.

1022 days ago


Chaz is gonna get 1/2 of Cher's $$ anyways!!
So `` WHY save up??
Come on now Cher``````````` buy yo kid a peepee!
Does he even have a `` j`o`b?

1022 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

There are certain types of lesbians who love "butch" chicks. I guess they like it because they have the feeling of being with a man while getting a chick. Then there's a group of men who like Transexuals because they feel like they're with a women while getting them some penis. WHO are the people who like butch women who try and sprout a tiny penis? lol

1022 days ago


As everyone has been saying all along. Dude doesn't have a winky. And even funnier, his "real" fake one will be small. A ha ha ha ha ha. Now piss off and RIP.

1022 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Harvey loves the penis, thus the blow by blow coverage!!!!

1022 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Why would she want to get a penis? with that giant gut, she'll spend alot of time in her bathroom, cleaning the toilet rim, floor and wall! How does she wipe? Can't go between, and with those fat short arms, definately can't reach around!!

1021 days ago

nusox n draws    

sorry but this is just repulsive

1021 days ago
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