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Throwing the Octuplets

a Rockin' Birthday Party!

1/7/2012 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom kids
It's been three years since Nadya Suleman popped out eight babies and transformed into Octomom -- and now, she's marking the occasion by throwing her little bundles of joy a rockstar-themed birthday bash.

The octuplets were born on January 26th, 2009 -- and we're told the party's scheduled for some time at the end of the month ... with guitar pinatas, glitter tattoos, and novelty VIP passes for everyone.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ, the kids will all be receiving free sneakers from a kiddie shoe company called Gotta Flurt -- which will be hand-delivered by 16-year-old singer Savannah Phillips, who will also perform.

According to our sources, the kids will also compete in some kind of karaoke contest -- which, at that age, will probably just be a bunch of kids doing the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song.


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Why are all Octoho supporters illiterate?

1017 days ago


So when all else fails, (which is everything Octomom touches!) use the poor kids to garner more attention & pity & of course freebies for yourself. She is such a low-life using the kids' birthday. Remember her judging Kate & others for exploiting their kids? Well Octomom,you are the worst of the least their kids aren't secluded in a piss filled prison cell with little chunks of bell pepper to keep them "well-behaved". I hope when all your evil deeds have been exposed, you end up in a piss filled cell with only Casey to keep you company, oh & a little bread & water for good behavior.

1017 days ago

Lord Rivas    

Why did TMZ have to sully the image of Mosrite? why couldn't they use your standard lame Stratocaster or Les Paul?

1017 days ago


Sooo over this horror-story of a broad and her spawn. No offense, but there are children in the world who are starving, have little fabric to clothe them, and will unlikely receive an education. I just find it a waste of time to focus on the Suleman kids, whether they're cute toddlers or soft cuddly infants. At least they have a chance of being helped out at some point, whereas millions of other kids will never have a chance at living a decent life.

In 2012, I resolve to ignore this train-wreck, children and all. Figure if I ignore Nutya and her brood, she no longer has my attention to live off of, and her kids may actually have a chance at adoption or simply a better life...

This woman is vile and should be in jail.

1017 days ago


What a selfish witch! Who's the only one enjoying a milkshake with whipcream? Who's going to be the only one singing karaoke? It certainly won't be one of the eight because how can they sing when they can't even talk yet? You never hear much about the older six... I guess she keeps them chained up and gagged in a back room. Momma needs work done so the kiddies that make some money need to get what they can while they can (Before they are taken away for good)

1017 days ago


This looks like a fundraiser/auction/auditioning for a reality me

1017 days ago


Wow, Congratulations. This is my first time seeing the OCTOMOM. Who's the Daddy?

1017 days ago


I dont get it one day shes broke and fixing to loose her house and the next shes throwing a huge party for the kids ? Wheres the money coming from she doesnt work ???

1017 days ago


I am sure the 3yr old babies will love all the mistresses and porn stars that will be at their party. Who else will Octoliar or Gina invite? Everyone knows she isn't exactly overflowing in the "friends" department. Her manager (Va-Gina) has always had to use her other "ex-mistress/porn star" clients to fill in as "friends" for Octoliar (even at her own birthday party) since the day she started managing her.

Also, the babies NEVER leave the house so it's not like they have normal friends from playing at the park or going for walks in the neighborhood. The only time she ever takes them outside of that house is when it is a photo op (this is a well known fact from people who live in the neighborhood). I doubt that they have many play dates in their filthy dirty room that reeks like old urine (this was the statement made by Dr. Drew when he made a visit to her home on one of his shows).

I would imagine that the parents of her older kids (who attend a christian school) would not really want their kids attending something like this. I also wouldn't want my child being exposed to her chaotic way of doing things - running around like an unorganized idiot and shrieking at everyone.

I would love to see the kids have a great birthday that is all about them and not about getting publicity for Octoliar or any other clients of Va-Ginas.

I have a feeling that's not going to happen though since the party has already been announced on TMZ.

What a bunch of crap.

She couldn't even let their birthday be just about them.

What kind of mom pimps out their kids birthday to get publicity?? It's obvious that this is a way to get some publicity for one of her managers other clients (and Octobitch can get her mug on TMZ a few more times too).

1017 days ago


The question is...'Whose Birthday is being celebrated ?' The answer is.. Eight, three year old children. A three year old is interested in opening presents,playing with toys, cake,ice-cream, and Thomas the Tank. That is 'Tank'...not skank.
My observation is.. that this Rockin' Party is a 'group platform' of publicity for DD Management's clients... with an emphasis on the vocal wares of Savannah Phillips..a sixteen year old young girl. Was this the premise upon which Management agreed to receive Suleman back into the fold ?? .. Or was this short lived cat fight, an orchestrated publicity stunt?..designed to facilitate and accentuate the exposure of DD Managements stable of nags....err...talent.
I cannot comprehend why any mother would allow her young daughter to be contracted to a management whose clients have been involved in less than admirable activity. I can only dedeuce that Phillips' talent has not been well received by Agencies of significance...One must grasp, perhaps, at whatever available opportunity.
Why could Suleman not have a regular birthday party, involving her children's peers...their friends ? ..With activities that a three year old would relate to, and enjoy.. This party is not for the Tups. That is clear. This is an adult party...a publicity opportunity. Anyone perpetrating otherwise, I would consider as having a poor grasp of early childhood well as an excessively poor grasp of Public intelligence and ability to discern....

1016 days ago


Now that's a lovely picture of Natalie. She wouldn't even be able to do porn because that's what she would look like providing services to the men. Ain't pretty at all. All those weird implants, plastic surgery scar tissue and filler lumps look nasty. Instead of a pretty pout, you get a hairy horizontal eyebrowed leech gnawing away.

1016 days ago


So! How'd the party go?

1001 days ago


You all know that weather it good attence or bad thats what she is looking for so maybe if WE all stop reading ,comment and showing her that what and how she lives doesnt matter to anyone she wont have money gifes surport or what ever.I for one will not watch her on tv or read anything containing to her until now it was my first and last.there is a whole lot of other things and people to waste my time

982 days ago


Goodness me! I have to give her credit for trying to juggle everything at once. I am happy that her kids are for the most part healthy and hope she is able to do the best that she can for them. I think the negative comments on here are a little bit much. The children are here to stay and she is their mother.

961 days ago
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