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Beyonce and Jay-Z

Increased Security Allegedly

Kept Man from His Newborns

1/8/2012 4:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Brooklyn man claims increased security at Lenox Hill hospital -- because of the presence of Beyonce and Jay-Z -- kept him from seeing his prematurely born twins ... this according to a report. 

Neil Coulon tells the NY Daily News he has been repeatedly kept out of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) by the couple's security. He also claims his relatives were booted out of the waiting room by bodyguards wearing headsets. 

He tells the paper, "Three times they stopped me from entering or exiting the NICU and it happened once on Friday -- just because they wanted to use the hallway."

A rep for the hospital told the NYDN she hadn't personally heard of any complaints. We reached out for comment as well ... haven't heard back.


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Sorry dude but if you didn't get to see your premies it's your own fault. If I had babies in the NICU it would take a hell of a lot more than Beyonce's private security to keep me from them. I would have raised hell and called the cops if needed. You're a dad now - grow a spine.

1018 days ago


If I were that man - and this is true - I would SUE Beyonce & Jay Z. for "Emotional Distress" for keeping me from seeing MY OWN CHILD in the ICU! That's F**KED UP!

1018 days ago


Why aren't we hearing more about the surrogate?
So obvious.
C'mon TMZ. Dig up the details!

1018 days ago

good as gold    

Beyonce got paid a million dollars to do a private show for Gadhafi. That thug killed thousands of people in his lifetime including innocent people on an airplane over Lockerbie Scotland. Did she ever pay taxes on that money or give the money back? Stop supporting her elitist attitude by not buying tickets for her shows and her cd's. She has no solo talent anyway. LOL @ if you want put a ring on it.

1018 days ago


It's pretty pathetic when these two think there better then all of the other parents in that hospital..There "NOT" any better,just because there rich & famous there "Bodyguards" feel like they can just go kick anyone or bully anyone they want to out of a PUBLIC hospital...Well let me tell you one thing..If I was there waiting for MY kids to be born and then all of a sudden these "Bodyguards" come up and try to kick me and my family out of the waiting room of this "Public" hospital...Well there lucky and at least there already at a hospital because they would be needing a doctor after I was done with them..Bottom line here and listen up JayZ & Beyonce your NOT any better then those other "real" people on the streets begging for money and I bet they are better people to talk to also and not all fake and stuck up and thinking there better then the world and just because you guys have tons of money you think you can do whatever you want to to whoever you want to...Your both are FAKE & PATHETIC and your NOT any better then me OR anyone else in this world,you put your pants on one leg at a time....Oh yeah I forgot that you both have someone in your "gang" to put those on for you.

1018 days ago


They are exactly this selfish. Beyonce didn't have a single thought for any other mother there which is ironic because the only reason she did all of this is to hide her surrogate.
People should not be ashamed of using surrogates-unless the surrogate isn't a surrogate and is actually Jays side piece.

1018 days ago


WHY DID THE HOSPITAL ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS? for the money? If so, this is sick!!! But the baby is named afer his LAST GIRLFRIEND...LOL

1018 days ago


boycott beyonce items cd's,dvds etc. Fake ass

1018 days ago


This is just so sad. My twin daughters were in the NICU for 2 months for being premature. If some celebrity decided to give birth in the hospital and make it difficult for ME or my HUSBAND, or my FAMILY to see MY babies, you bet I would be arguing with the security, the staff, the directors, and would be letting every media outlet know! Being rich gives you NO right to step on the toes of other rights! I'm so sorry this family is going through this, especially when they are going through something as stressful as the NICU.

1018 days ago


Shame on B and Jay. There are plenty of ways to have a baby safely and privately without blocking off a hospital floor or department. There is no excuse for in ANY way influencing how other new parents can access their own newborns. No excuse.

I don't care about the surrogate debate, I don't care about any of the rumours, there is just no excuse. With all their money they could have arranged this without poohah getting in the way of other peoples' newborns.

Very very selfish that they did not plan that properly. Plan your bulletproof glass and security, but by all means don't plan how it will affect other parents on that floor.

1018 days ago


It appears that the all hollyweird clan has over extended there self proclaimed god status and turning the admiration of fans to nothing but degust. Or as the hodashian's describes as "haters". The hospital should be sued because the father trying visit his children was also a paying customers to that hospital and they violated his rights. Beyonce and Jay-Z are nothing but pieces of sh*t.

1018 days ago

marcy singh    

i am glad u give birth to baby girl.but i don"t the showdown at the hospital,i think everyone should be treated the same,not because u have money u will think u on top of the world.whenever done we r all human.take care of the new born

1018 days ago

boo boo    

Aside from the unnecessary gluttony and selfishness, paying for a hospital to function as a medical hotel is a deviation from standard of care and potentially harmful to the other patients. As a healthcare provider, that's a risk I would be reluctant to take.

1018 days ago


I agree with the other posters. They were just trying to hide the fact that they used a surrogate. If not then all they would have needed to do was have guards outside of Beyonce's room and there would be no need to take over an entire NICU. This reeks! And you better believe the Hospital was in on it otherwise those guards would not been able to get away with barring fathers and visitors from seeing newborns! That Hospital spokeperson is lying through her teeth That Hospital must have been paid off to allow such a thing.

1018 days ago


I dont care who you are. That is not fair and make no sense. If thats the case the birth should have been private and at home. They wanted the caos wow dont you have enough of attention.

1018 days ago
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