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Beyonce and Jay-Z

Increased Security Allegedly

Kept Man from His Newborns

1/8/2012 4:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Brooklyn man claims increased security at Lenox Hill hospital -- because of the presence of Beyonce and Jay-Z -- kept him from seeing his prematurely born twins ... this according to a report. 

Neil Coulon tells the NY Daily News he has been repeatedly kept out of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) by the couple's security. He also claims his relatives were booted out of the waiting room by bodyguards wearing headsets. 

He tells the paper, "Three times they stopped me from entering or exiting the NICU and it happened once on Friday -- just because they wanted to use the hallway."

A rep for the hospital told the NYDN she hadn't personally heard of any complaints. We reached out for comment as well ... haven't heard back.


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What a bunch of narcisistic, self absorbed, entitled ass$$$$$!!!! Of course they are this way because the public has pumped them up to believing they are some serious hip hop royalty, as when does hip hop and royalty go together, money as it's seen evident in this bey-jay case can apparently buy anything. She's too vain to have a natural birth, she's been drinking her own koolaid for quite some time, there's nothing humble about that Beyonce CORP.

984 days ago


How ironic. This piece of **** drug dealer wants protection from street thugs like himself. I hope the paps follow them everywhere 24/7 and make his life hell. He has many victims that he sold drugs to, robbed, had dumb ass fat ***** 50iq beat people up for him. He is s*** and I hope he hates the coverage.

984 days ago


Who gives a **** about this drug dealer admitted robber and someone that has said has done drive by shootings. I hope all of that money and nannies can save that child. Her father is a thug and all thugs at the end of the line are LOSERS

984 days ago


That sucks for the guy. However Fakeonce and FakeZ needed to make sure no one saw the surrogate. Funny how far people will go to keep secrets just cause she didn't want to "ruin" her body. It will all come out eventually and *hopefully* we wont have to hear about these people ever again. They're almost as annoying as the Kartrashians.

984 days ago


People may think that the security was acting alone but why else were they hired. The man who hired them was Jay-Z and they went by his orders. Like someone mentioned already the hospital has security so why not use them. No, this is just another case of people who have no compassion for other people, these two didn't grow up with celebrities status as kids and they finally have been reconized in the last few years as a super couple-which is publish by their own publicist. Now, they both have forgotten where they came from. They better remember the fans made you and they can break you, don't push your luck Carters.

984 days ago


shame on the hospital for turning a life saving facility for all into a private suite for one. she should have had an home birth then...

984 days ago


The hospital doesnt care, they got paid 1.3 million for a few bad days of bad pr.

984 days ago


The "she personally hadn't heard of any complaints". Who's lying: the staff, the father, or the author?

984 days ago


POPO what is that suppose to mean? Hell, if anyone eats shrimp it's NOT suppose to change you. Is shrimp suppose to be a magic potion or something? You've been watching too many episodes of "I Dream of Jeannie" or "Bewitch"....LOL

984 days ago

Umm ok...    

Until this, they could've just said "we hired a surrogate for personal reasons and don't wish to discuss it further." But now they just look so blatantly selfish, vain & conniving. Pathetic.

984 days ago


The security was intense to keep the public from seeing the surrogate woman who REALLY gave birth and Beyonce throwing out the fake rubber baby bump

984 days ago

Tony R.    

I'm sick to death of modern celebrities and their inflated sense of self-worth. The way to fix that is to pay less attention to them and don't patronize their shows or recordings.

984 days ago


A friend of mine posted this....I'm horrified by this as having been a Mama with a baby in the NICU it is scary enough. To not be able to see them??? AWFUL:
A friend of a friend (Kate Twelker) just had twins at Lennox Hill in NYC. They are in the NICU and she is not being allowed to see them. Why? Because Jay Z & Beyonce rented the whole floor and no one else is being allowed access. She has contacted media outlets and they are ignoring it. Spread the word... Maybe someone can help fix this outrageous situation

984 days ago

Just Reading    

IF this is's an absolute disgrace. Unless the hospital is some sort of privately funded, privately owned facility...the administrator should be dismissed immediately for condoning the disruption of movement and perhaps "care" of other patients and their family members/ Beyonce, Jay Z and the hospital should have the literally taste sued out of them to make a point about the proper use of public facilities. Had this been a head of state the president or some one of actual importance, mild disruption, odd security etc. would have been understandable. But keeping some one from tending to their newborns, family etc. all because you want to protect the money shot or hide a surrogate...they have lost their d#$m minds!

984 days ago

Debra A Smith    

Sick of these type of people,,,, who cares about them!! they all need to be shipped to a secluded island! To bad she didn't have her child like a real woman instead of opting for major surgery instead, sooo typical!

984 days ago
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