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Beyonce and Jay-Z

Increased Security Allegedly

Kept Man from His Newborns

1/8/2012 4:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Brooklyn man claims increased security at Lenox Hill hospital -- because of the presence of Beyonce and Jay-Z -- kept him from seeing his prematurely born twins ... this according to a report. 

Neil Coulon tells the NY Daily News he has been repeatedly kept out of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) by the couple's security. He also claims his relatives were booted out of the waiting room by bodyguards wearing headsets. 

He tells the paper, "Three times they stopped me from entering or exiting the NICU and it happened once on Friday -- just because they wanted to use the hallway."

A rep for the hospital told the NYDN she hadn't personally heard of any complaints. We reached out for comment as well ... haven't heard back.


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Has anyone counted the monthes she was supposedly prego.Was not nine monthes,when they going to come out and say it was fake just to keep herself in the lime light.Why hide the fact about adopting?Celebs do it all the time

1027 days ago


I'm getting really really sick of these celebrities and their arrogance. (*cough*cough* KARDASHIANS) They seem to forget that they made their fortunes on the backs of ORDINARY PEOPLE.
They have no right to shut down an ENTIRE ward of a hospital just for their ~~"special"~~ child.
Get over yourself, Beyoncé.
Plus I just don't understand why they didn't they just go get a private home doctor to take care of her and do her c-section?

1027 days ago


SUE! Nobodys going to keep me from seeing my babies, I don't care who you are. Not everyone cares about your baby. He had newborns but they thought their newborn was more important?! Oh yeah, I'd sue everyone involved.

1027 days ago


I love how they say there were no complaints. Wasn't this a complaint? Security does not have ANY legal right to shut down areas of a hospital. Only government officials can do that and they have to have one hell of a reason. I'd sue not only the Beyonce and Jay-Z, but the hospital as well for allowing this to happen.

1027 days ago


Who honestly cares about Jay -Z and Beyonce After reading about this story made me think that all famous people are just b-tchs and azzholes, hopefully on Inside Edition they will run a story about how there cronies told family's to leave the NICU when probably the other family's where there first, this is sick if it is true and I hope they will tell the other people there sorry hell if I was one of the other family members I would sue the hell right out of them and there punk cronies.

1027 days ago


Kate Twelker just had twins at Lennox Hill in NYC. They are in the NICU and she is not being allowed to see them. Why? Because Jay Z * Beyonce rented the whole floor and no one else is being allowed access. She has contacted media outlets and they are ignoring it. Spread the word... Maybe someone can help fix this outrageous situation.

1027 days ago


so your baby and joy is more important than another couple's baby and joy....what awful people. To be so selfish as to take away a special moment in the lives of another couple.

1027 days ago


Why is it that Beyonce and her gaggle of sycophants felt the need to do something that higher profile celebrities did not do? The fact that they were able to pay a hospital for an entire floor says more about the integrity of the hospital unfortunately. All the security and planning in the world however, will not keep the truth about a surrogate from coming out if it is true. In this day and age, nobody can keep that type of information from getting out.

1027 days ago


I would have called the police. It is illegal to prevent a parent from seeing their child in the hospital (becuase the child is a minor and the parent has rights to be with their kids)

1027 days ago


Blue Pillowtina Carter

1027 days ago


Damn, they really aren't that special. Who really cares honestly. She had either a surrogate or adopted. No way she actually had this kid. Pregnant bellies don't "fold over".
Noone gives a **** you didn't carry this baby. Celebrities prance around with their adopted babies like crazy. It's rediculous a man couldn't see his baby because these selfish ******** wanted everything under wraps. No one is important enough to keep someone from seeing their child.

And really? Blue ivy? Thats..horrible. Be smarter about using the meaning. Use blue but in a different language maybe? Ivy isn't that bad...until you put blue in front of it.

1027 days ago


No Celebrity is going to keep me away from my baby!!! someone has to come with the idea for a hospital for people like this!! I think is not fair.

1027 days ago

good as gold    

If it was my twins in that nicu this would be my plan of action. I would take pictures of the security thugs then hand my family members the camera for safe keeping. I would then march right to the nicu. If any of the thugs tried to block me, I would call 911 and have them arrested for assault. Private security for the "stars" have no legal authority to block from seeing your child. If the 2 elitist overpaid stars can't handle running into someone in a hallway then GO HOME and hire PRIVATE NURSES. DUH

1027 days ago


But Blue Ivy is not the name of a baby, it's the name of a cheap crack house down in Philly

1027 days ago


i bet that baby is white

1027 days ago
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