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Beyonce -- Big Security Meeting

Before Blue Ivy's Birth

1/8/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's delivery of baby Blue Ivy was not some haphazardly thrown together ordeal -- it was an elaborate plan involving hospital honchos and a big security force ... TMZ has learned. 

According to our sources, the hospital held a meeting leading up to the delivery to discuss a security plan for the birth. We're told the meeting between execs and security was held Friday afternoon and strict security was in place almost immediately, preparing for Beyonce's late night delivery. 

The goal, keeping Beyonce's delivery under wraps, succeeded admirably -- no pictures of Bey or hubby Jay-Z entering or exiting the hospital have emerged ... and she hasn't been seen at all since Thursday.


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OMG, who the frig cares. She's a friggin singer...nothing more (other than another celebrity who didn't think of the ramifications of the name they chose for their child....Blue?? Really??

1020 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

Here is how they got the name "Blue Ivy" for their newborn girl. They chose 200 words from A to Z and posted them on a game room wall. Then they threw darts at the wall and the first two that landed were "Blue" and "Ivy." Papa's surname is Carter, so "Blue Ivy Carter." For the rest of her life.

1020 days ago


It just amazes me how ugly people can be to s**t all over someones happy moment. It just goes to show just how unhappy you are in your own life that you feel the need to perpetuate your negativity towards someone else. May the negativity you send out fall upon your own heads 10 fold.

1020 days ago


Honestly, who really cares?? She delivered a baby...WHOOPPIE DO....women deliver babies everyday...hope the baby has her

1020 days ago


@SGF- I s**t on fake people. I have no regrets on any comments. I'm just glad I don't hang around naive idiots such as yourself.

1020 days ago


HaHa! Beyonce named her kid after Blue Iris, the "granny" porn star from the Howard Stern Show! RIP Blue Iris.

1020 days ago


Can someone explain it to me that the majority of the comments are saying that Beyonce was never prego that there was a surrogate ? Like where did this rumour start ? You mean to tell me that Beyonce would prance around in public with a fake prego belly ? I don't know it just sounds so weird the whole thing !!!

1020 days ago

U suk    

My sentiments exactly. The only reason there ins't pics of Beyonce showing up with her fake belly is because it was all a ruse. What everyone should of been looking for was the surrogate that was being wheeled into the hospital. I'm sure Beyonce and hubby were safe at home watching the delivery of their baby via skype

1020 days ago


Well, Well, Well.. The surrogate finally popped. Beyonce was never pregnant. Wearing heels all throughout her pregnancy like it was ok. That is not ok for a first time mother. If she was really pregnant she would know that. Her sister Solange wasn't rocking heels, because she knew better. Did u guys see the video on E! on thursday where she hopped into that SUV like a regular non-prgnant chick. At nine months, my ass slid into my SUV sideways, not head first. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a 9 month pregnant woman to do that!! Cut the crap Fake-yonce... What goes on in the dark WILL always come to light! I don't care how much money you got B!!!

1020 days ago


She wasn't seen entering the hospital because she didn't give birth. It's well known that she has a surrogate who lives on the east side. And btw, Blue Ivy is a stupid name. Ivy is green, and the name Blue has been done before - Cher's kid is named Elijah Blue. Stupid name from stupid parents.

1020 days ago

Umm ok...    

At the VMA's Beyonce told the press on the red carpet that she was "close to 3 months along." If she was almost 3 months along at the end of August, THAT WOULD MAKE HER DUE TO HAVE GIVEN BIRTH AT THE END OF FEBRUARY!

1020 days ago


I like the part where Beyonce acts like such a strong black icon and role model yet she goes through such lengths to look like a white chick. Lightened skin, thinned down nose, fake azz blonde hair...yep, keepin' it real Beyonce.

1020 days ago


I would have preferred GREEN money for a name, instead of Blue Ivy or whatever!

1020 days ago


Ummm Beyonce...JayZ...someone taking a picture of your child is the least of your hardships right now. Welcome to parenthood!

1020 days ago


All the security--- and the inconvenience it caused everyone else in and visiting the hospital at the time---is ridiculous. I had cousin who was in St. Francis Hospital,in NY when a celebrity was there and visiting that child was HORRIFICALLY INCONVENIENT at the time. Her parents had to deal with the anguish of their 6 year old baby needing, having and recovering from open heart surgery while priviledged people put on airs and made stupid, inconsiderate demands and snarls when all they ---and other people---wanted to do was see their loved ones.

Just because Beyonce is a celebrity doesn't mean her hoo-hah is any more wondrous than that of any other of the millions of women who give birth daily.

THAT it was made into such an EVENT is even more ridiculous than the name she and her husband saddled their child with.

Glad the kid is healthy. No happier than I would be for any other parent who recently gave birth to a healthy daughter. Think the kid will fit in with all the other celebr-tots because so many of them have weird names due to their parents constant need for attention....hope she has a happy and healthy childhood, free of over-exposure.

1020 days ago
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