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Beyonce -- Big Security Meeting

Before Blue Ivy's Birth

1/8/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's delivery of baby Blue Ivy was not some haphazardly thrown together ordeal -- it was an elaborate plan involving hospital honchos and a big security force ... TMZ has learned. 

According to our sources, the hospital held a meeting leading up to the delivery to discuss a security plan for the birth. We're told the meeting between execs and security was held Friday afternoon and strict security was in place almost immediately, preparing for Beyonce's late night delivery. 

The goal, keeping Beyonce's delivery under wraps, succeeded admirably -- no pictures of Bey or hubby Jay-Z entering or exiting the hospital have emerged ... and she hasn't been seen at all since Thursday.


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Amen, this was never a real pregnancy, but they are to fake to admit it, grow up Beyonce your collapsing pillow fetus, adjustable pillow baby did not fool anybody, weight gain was thanks to prednisone, stop faking it for real!!!

985 days ago

Tom Brokaw    

all I gotta say is prepare for an onslaught of damage control photoshopped pics of beyonces baby belly, she knows she is ultimately screwed, wait till she puts out another album, then she will get the whole picture. you are done for Beyonce and I know you gonna read this too, the whole worlds laughing at you right now, you and that clown jay z need to go to sleep now

985 days ago


Lets not forget that during her "pregnancy" Beyonce always wore heels out in public. I've never met a pregnant woman that thought this was ok. It's natural to fear for the safety of your fetus while wearing high heels. That's why women say no to wearing them while pregnant. Bottom line, she was never pregnant, and that is one more reason to believe so.

985 days ago


Bey and Jay-Z are two of the biggest celebrities in the game and they have always cherished their privacy. My mind immediately goes to their wedding and how no one saw anything other than a few decorations and a few guests driving in and out. Not until in a recent video did she reveal a snippet of her wedding gown. I don't see anything wrong with taking the precautions that they did and although most people here pretend they don't care about Bey and her bambino, it's obvious they took the time to read & comment. You're going to get choked on the Hater-aide people. Calm yourselves.

985 days ago


Beyonce you have let us your long time fans down on this one. To act as if you were giving birth to Jesus or something. It is sad that she could not or felt she could not show us her true fans her real baby bump each photo is a cover up which only makes people think that she is not being honest with us. I get it you are a big star now and just don't have time for us little people anymore. I would have loved to seen the true mother of this child. I as it stands do not believe you were pregnant. Congratulations to you and your family. I will be one fan who will no longer purchase anything from someone so out of touch with their fans.

985 days ago


This is a disgusting display of more. She could have stayed home and redecorated rooms in her mansion and hired the best doctors and nurses to wait on her. This spending of $1.3 million to have a baby...ugh...meanwhile the security would even let parents into the NICU to see their own newborn children. Pure, selfish, self-centered famewhores..the lot of them.

985 days ago


The Hospital that they were in, is a private Hospital, which many of New York's rich and wealthy go to besides Presbyterian. And if you have the money, you can rent out any room you want to on the floor, and have security accomodate your needs, considering the fan fare and the paparazzi who flocked to the Hospital to get a glimpse, they did what they had to do. Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez also had entire Hospital floors shut down when they gave birth, actually Jennifer had patients removed from the floor and moved into other floors to make sure that NOBODY but staff got to her, this is not uncommon with Celebrities and Public Figures.

985 days ago


Some of you "HATERS" really need to give it a "REST"!!! The child's name probably has significant "SENTIMENTAL" value to the both of her parents. In polite, civilized societies, the birth of a child is considered a "BLESSING" and since "NONE OF US" are footing the "BILLS" connected to this private matter, I really don't understand all the "NEGATIVITY" except that it's "RACIALLY" motivated. The realization that a "MARRIED", very high profile, "WEALTHY" African American couple have the resources to pay a hospital to provide "iron-clad" security for the birth of their child is simply "KILLING" you "PATHETIC" LOSERS!!! Had it ever occurred to some of you "HALF WITS" the Carters are fully aware of the unwarranted "negativity" that's constantly being thrown at them. Considering some of the healthcare related security breaches that some celebrities had to endure here in California that prompted the passage of new legislation, it's not surprising. Truthfully, we're all entitled to "STRICT" privacy regarding our medical information but the lure of a "QUICK" dollar will tempt many healthcare workers to violate HIPAA provisions. Everyone simply doesn't have a "CONSCIENCE"!!!

985 days ago

The Twin Spin Blog    

Congrats! Our thoughts and pics HERE:

985 days ago


I would never name my baby Blue when one of Jay-Z's biggest loves before Beyonce was Blu Cantrell, a beautiful R&B singer that reportedly broke his heart. I wonder did he come up with the name?

985 days ago


People who believe she was pregnant are very naive and gullible . The girl was not pregnant!!!!!!

985 days ago


She's not the only one. Don't you guys and gals know that Angelina Jolie was never pregnant with her 'twins'. Shiloh was real pregnancy but with the twins Jolie showed no signs of pregnancy, she looked anorexic other than her big pillow cushion, she also was photographed with her big tummy moved to the side of her body and other such proof. Sometimes I think that they just didn't want to go through with the discomfort of pregnancy and birth so hire someone to do it for them. The age of entitlement, Jolie and Bey just don't want people to know.

985 days ago


Congrats to the surrogate!!

985 days ago


I'm sorry, but I don't buy it that she was pregnant to begin with. No pics of her like Jessica Simpson have emerged - unless someone has one someplace? Chick was never pregnant. Maybe her surrogate gave birth and they delivered the baby later. For someone who was so excited to be pregnant and blast her business, it's funny how private she claims to be. What a joke.

985 days ago


Could you please report on the fact that parents were not allowed to visit their ICU babies because she blocked off an entire floor?! Absolutely outrageous and unjust. Even other doctors weren't allowed on the 4th floor. Makes me sick.

985 days ago
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