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Cal Worthington Divorce

You Don't Get My Bentley


1/8/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cal Worthington -- the greatest car salesman of all time -- believes his 42-year-old wife Anna is gunning for his fortune ... so he BANISHED her from his mansion and REPO'D her Bentley.

The 91-year-old LEGEND has filed new docs in his divorce ... claiming the woman he married in April turned out to be a lemon ... but he signed a pre-nup so she wouldn't get jack squat.

Cal claims he's only obligated to fork over $4k per month ... for 6 months after the divorce ... and THAT'S IT. Then she's on her own.

Anna thinks she deserves more ... MUCH MORE ... including Cal's $3.25 MILLION Beverly Hills mansion.

Long story short ... Anna claims Cal bought the house FOR HER as a wedding gift ... and therefor she's entitled to at least half.

Cal is calling BS -- and wants a judge to block Anna from being allowed on the Bev Hills property.

And to show he means business ... Cal sent a tow truck to secretly re-possess the Bentley Anna had been driving ... while it was parked outside of her mother's home.

In the docs, Cal claims Anna was driving a 2004 Chrysler Sebring before the marriage ... so that's what she should be driving now.

Anna hired K-Fed's former lawyer -- Mark Vincent Kaplan -- and wants to "insure [Cal] does not leave me on the street without any means to live."

Buckle up ... looks like this one's getting nasty.


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Pink Froyd    

Good for Cal, 4 grand for 6 months...cheaper than a 91 year old would pay for a hooker in L.A.
Now maybe this GOLDIGGING hoe has learned a don't mess with a Used Car Salesman, even if he is 91 Y.O.
I'd pay her the 24 grand all at once and tip her a grand for the B-Jobs and then call her a taxi, and tell the driver she's paying.
Finally a goldigger who met her match...hahaha

1017 days ago

Pink Froyd    


1017 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

If this were a book or a movie it would get trashed for having a plot that's nothing but a bunch of ridiculous stereotypes loosely strung together.

1017 days ago


Thats heart breaking. You can see that these are two people deeply in love and its just tragic that they are breaking up.

1017 days ago


That's what you get, bitch!!!

1017 days ago


1017 days ago


gold-digging whore.

1016 days ago


I am cracking up! The Bentley is at Worthington Ford right now in the showroom on their used car lot...I was there this weekend...then just read this...TOO FUNNY!!!

1016 days ago


Ha! You get her Cal. Enough of these gold digging women.

1016 days ago


This is too funny! Good old Cal is 91 years old and he has more firing neurons in his brain than that imbecile Kobe Bryant. Hellz, Cal has more brain power than most of the Lakers’ starting line up put together. You will never find Cal giving some high school drop out video ho 100 million dollars plus lifetime support...oh Kobe...that sucks ballz man!

This Cal Worthington dude acts like a dumbazz redneck…WRONG!

Cal is not about to give his hard earned money to some gold digging tramp. The only reason in hellz that a 42 year old woman would be married to a 91 year old man would be to get his money and this dumb gold digger stuck OUT! You go Cal... stop that gold digging ho in her tracks!

This dumb lady needs to go back and take “Gold Digging 101” again. No self respecting gold digger would even think of marrying a 91 year old then sign a prenup that gives her only $24,000…plus Cal repo’ed her car!

Cal is da man!


1016 days ago

wha wha WHA    

I remember those old commercials back in the 70’s when Cal would be toying around with dangerous animals. This beoch just might be the most dangerous one yet. Time for a bad late night movie, bong toke and a “Go See Cal” commercial with his new ex-wife! This time he just might be attacked. Good luck Cal. P.S. I still feel I got ripped off when I bought the Dodge Aries K Car of you back in ’83.

1016 days ago

lou cummings    

Cal Worthington - and his All Stars - at the Imperial Room in Norwalk, California - I grew up with CW-remember him from 70 years back - glad to know the little devil is still alive and kicking - hope he lives forever-go see Cal-go see Cal go see Cal - !!!!!

816 days ago

Janette M. Isaacs    

I was a court watcher on this case today (BD556475). Cal looks great for his age (91) and while Mark Kaplan was great, he was no match for Kolodny. With Kolodny, it is objection after objection which makes for longer than usual court proceedings. Judge Lewis was fair and patient with both Kolodny & Kaplan. Cal Worthington is now moving for an annulment (vs. divorce) which is "the game" currently on the table. If Kolodny succeeds in getting an order of annulment, it would follow suit that Anna can kiss the prenuptial good-bye. After all, if a marriage is annulled, doesn’t any prenuptial agreement automatically become nil and void? This one is well worth the news coverage!

803 days ago
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