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Lindsay Lohan

The Girl with a New Wrist Tattoo

1/8/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wrist tattoo, live without regrets
Lindsay Lohan is a fan of tattooing words on her body -- because just a few months after she got a Billy Joel song lyric tattooed on her rib cage ... she got a much smaller saying on her left wrist.

According to our sources, LiLo hit up a tattoo parlor on Friday night to get the work done. The impetus for the new ink, we're told, was Lindsay's feeling that she's at a great point in her life ... and she wanted to do something she'd always remember. 

Our sources say Lindsay is excited for March 29 to come, because that's the day she will be done with her court-ordered community service.

Perhaps from then on, she won't do anything anyone would regret.



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OK, someone's head is going through the headboard today. Who's up for it? Your world will be rocked!!!!!!!!!


989 days ago


Mornin Delmar
Give us the latest scoop. Your in charge around here, whether Rogie wants to believe or not.

989 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I want to see REAL naked pictures of Lilo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

989 days ago


That's the problem Lindsay, you don't regret anything. You act like a complete idiot and then justify it with your BS saying. Here's one to remember "you will regret all of it". Wake up, be productive, be a good person. Try that on for size

989 days ago


Stuff like this reminds me that most of these "celebrities" didn't even finish highschool!!! This girl is soooooo stupid!

989 days ago


I guess she's trying to start a new meaning for "prison tattoos".

989 days ago


This chick like so many other 24 year old ding dongs are just so lost!!!!!!!

989 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Im thinking about getting my life philosophy tattooed on me somewhere today, because "You're damned if you do, and You're damned if you don't" even if that aint your philosophy, idk.

989 days ago


She complains that the media and paps ruin her life yet she sells TMZ these pics such as getting tats and her little Christmas photo op, moments that can be private but made public due to her own greed and desire for attention. We dont see any real actresses or actors sending photo's of themselves doing private things or at family functions to TMZ thats because they have real things like films to keep them in the news.

Thats why I dont understand those who come on here blasting others for talking about Lohan. Isnt it obvious she wants to be talked about? Its Lindsay's fault that she gives the public nothing good to say. What are people suppose to say " Oh wow did you see Lindsay Lohan in court the other day for failing that drug test she looked great!" or Oh wow did you hear Lindsay Lohan got arrested again this time for grand theft, wonderful!" Or hey did you guys here Lindsay Lohan is on her 4th jail stint, fantastic!".

989 days ago

big bamboo    

lindsay just hired a tattoo abortionist...and grave digger to give marilyn a lindsay lohan tattoo...of course it will be mispelled.and in poor taste..But thats how Monroe and lindsay roll...they are trending

989 days ago


Jamie Boy's fell off round the time that Craig guy took over. I was thinking Sean Connery.....He wouldn't have to do anything but talk and I'd melt....LOL

You have a unfair advantage sweetie , you are a southern boy and they are born knowing charm a lady...
bet you thought I meant something else didn't ya...? wll I did............
put this under the wrong post....LOL

989 days ago


Oh now I see.....they were having a two for one sale at Jack's Discount Tatoos in Hollywood and all the c and d listers went together and each got one.....
as proof see article in side bar.................>
about Snooky and her new tat.

989 days ago

big bamboo    

damn I want to punch Jeremy kyle in the face..springer goes off...and this disgusting man comes on...
jerry springer and lindsay is still on the rule book

989 days ago


My new tattoo says "Keeping It Real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I put it where everyone can see it. I used a butter knife, a Bic lighter, and a crayon. looks pro.


989 days ago


@rogue wearer

LOL@ your avatar. I don't know if you just did that, or if it was like that all along. I swore it was the same as Rogue Warrior's, until I read it today. You get the prize for BEST AVATAR EVER!

989 days ago
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