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Lindsay Lohan

The Girl with a New Wrist Tattoo

1/8/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wrist tattoo, live without regrets
Lindsay Lohan is a fan of tattooing words on her body -- because just a few months after she got a Billy Joel song lyric tattooed on her rib cage ... she got a much smaller saying on her left wrist.

According to our sources, LiLo hit up a tattoo parlor on Friday night to get the work done. The impetus for the new ink, we're told, was Lindsay's feeling that she's at a great point in her life ... and she wanted to do something she'd always remember. 

Our sources say Lindsay is excited for March 29 to come, because that's the day she will be done with her court-ordered community service.

Perhaps from then on, she won't do anything anyone would regret.



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Grandma Cracker    

It is hard to believe that since this is all over the internet, that Dina and Ho*****re not involved in this. BTW, the Men's Room in Seattle is SHREDDING this story. They had a great time with the "Playboy Giveaway", where men could trade something of equal or greater value than the magazine. The most valuable item traded was a dirty ashtray. Everybody LOVES the Men's Room, Lindsay, not so much.

1019 days ago

Ellie G    

Isnt Lifetime where careers go to die?

1019 days ago

big bamboo    

If she cant get insured by bigger production companies...How in the hell can Lifetime afford to insure her?
This is BS lie

1019 days ago

big bamboo    

lifetime is going more risqi...they have changed their line up...they want the cinemax crowd..
3"pm steal vaginas
4"pm genital hospital
5"pm shaving ryans privates
6"pm Bio Liz taylor
7"pm pinochio (its not only his nose that grows)

1019 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Andy, perhaps this production is not worth insuring. I have a hard time believing that anyone at this point would give Lindsay a starring role. It takes more than a week to shoot an entire movie (or maybe not, thus the not worth insuring).

Lindsay, please, stop cramming yourself as an icon down our throats! Give us a role that will surprise us, not offend us. Rock our worlds in a small role, not some crap Lifetime movie.

1019 days ago

big bamboo    

you think this is bad wait until you see the sponsors and their commercials
head and shoulders
planned parenthood

1019 days ago

big bamboo    

Kleptosnatcha Queen of denial..good title HUH?

1019 days ago


Sorry LA Native, I just saw you email. Last night I got sidelined in 'chat' with Vorlon and Jeebs. Oh, Andy got your email and returned it to you as well.

1019 days ago


get a look at the side bar .. look at that belly that's a playboy belly if I every saw one and that shot is a couple of years old by the look of the hair color and arms

1019 days ago


Let me state the obvious first. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! Blohan doesn't even remotely resemble Liz Taylor. The only thing Blohan has in common with Liz is possibly height. Like Ketjo said, this REEKS of "Lohan Inc." spin. Blohan doesn't have a SAG card and is UNINSURABLE! I know I'm being redundant here but NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!

1018 days ago

big bamboo    

This despite the 25-year-old actress arriving in court in $1,200 Christian Louboutin heels and renting a multi-million dollar home in Venice.

Holley said that because Lindsay's SAG insurance had lapsed, she could not afford to pay for one-on-one counseling and that group counseling was out of the question for fear that others would sell her out to the media.

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Someone off camera, thought to be Los Angeles City Attorney Melanie Chavira, said that she found it hard to believe that the Hollywood star could not afford to pay for counselling.

Although Judge Sautner agreed she did not want Lindsay in group counselling and wanted her to "get the most out of" therapy in a one-on-one setting, she gave her 21 days to somehow find a therapist and if she did not have the means then to find someone who did.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan At Women's Center For Community Service

She asked Lindsay if she had anyone who had a credit card who would be able to stump up the cash for her court-mandated sessions. Lindsay consulted with her lawyer who then told the Judge that it "would not be a problem" for her to get the money together.

Judge Sautner gave Lindsay 21-days to start the psychological counseling which was mandated as part of her probation.

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Done Jail Time

1018 days ago

big bamboo    

another coachilla coming up..time for lindsay to look like a homeless crackwhore again

1018 days ago


On a side note to this same tidbit........from a observer of Lohan inc.....
I noticed that most all the site and releases are using Old and some are really old photos of Lindsay to sell this story...When she had the dark, dark hair and the dark auburn hair at least 5 yrs old....really selling the look alike idea ...didn't notice any up to date shots of her at all expect the court ones ....Come On Lohan Inc ..."that's kind of cheatin and misleading the public " ...she don't look a thing like that now.....Hell let me sent in a picture from 5 or 6 years also and I'd look good too....
Wonder if they can be sued for false adverting ?

1018 days ago


In one of the articles, it stated Lindsay was up for one of several roles for Elizabeth Taylor. She would play the younger Liz, and it would be a small part. Maybe this is a good thing for her...

1018 days ago


my avi to show 5 yrs makes a hell of a difference on how you look now....

1018 days ago
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