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Lindsay Lohan

The Girl with a New Wrist Tattoo

1/8/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wrist tattoo, live without regrets
Lindsay Lohan is a fan of tattooing words on her body -- because just a few months after she got a Billy Joel song lyric tattooed on her rib cage ... she got a much smaller saying on her left wrist.

According to our sources, LiLo hit up a tattoo parlor on Friday night to get the work done. The impetus for the new ink, we're told, was Lindsay's feeling that she's at a great point in her life ... and she wanted to do something she'd always remember. 

Our sources say Lindsay is excited for March 29 to come, because that's the day she will be done with her court-ordered community service.

Perhaps from then on, she won't do anything anyone would regret.



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big bamboo    

Now you see how much she actually made from playboy..instead of going to a legit artist she goes to a back alley butcher..

986 days ago


What an airhead, she will do anything to keep her name and face out there. All that white dye must be going to her brain. Looks high in that pic, to dull the pain.

986 days ago


Perfect and yes March 29th or earlier possibly will be great.

986 days ago


Tattoos are so trashy and ordinary. When will these trashy girls and boys realize that they look so pathetic with them and that any stupid redneck or gangsta can do it...tattoos are so two years ago. Pathetic that the only way to express yourself or better yet get attention is through ravaging your body.THINK LASER SURGERY.... Once beautiful people marring their body's with trashy looking crap.

986 days ago


I have the same thing, but it's written on a piece of paper and taped to my refrigerator. She's such a Blo-han.

986 days ago


her tattoos always look so cheap

986 days ago

Now That's Trailer    

The new tattoo reads 'live without regrets', the fact that Lindsay is now able to look back and realize her choices landed her in unpleasant cir****tances, but experiencing these bad situations certainly built her character today is a stepping stone.

986 days ago

big bamboo    

some tattoos look nice..but hers look like stevie wonder on Acid did them..
let them mean something, not just stupid sayings and pointless son lyrics..
not a well thought out plan..but has she ever done anything that involves thought?

986 days ago


Another Fail for Lohan.. LMFAO! Guy is working on right hand, while she snaps a photo of her left hand that was ***cough*** cough just worked on

All this is, is another Lying photo op for her. She probably didnt even get a tat done..What a LOSER!

986 days ago

big bamboo    

Honig has such a hold on her and dina..that they are not alouded to talk in whatever they have to say will be displayed on their skin.

986 days ago


this woman should be behind bars ,like you or I would be ,she would be behind a glass wall picking up a germ ridden phone talking about whatever she has to talk about, that I dont have to hear ,but no ,she is a celebrity so she gets to do as she pleases,disobey orders, laughs at the justice system .these people make me sick along with the judges and lawyers who let these people go without any punishment.Lindsay lohan did not pay for her crimes and thats sad when there are people in jail right now for doing less then she did.

986 days ago


That goes great with the other new "W" tattoos she got on each butt cheek, so when she bends over it spells "MOM" or "WOW".

She's so creative!!

986 days ago


ilovegossip: 46 minutes ago

No matter when she got this one, it's a poor choice of words for someone that has 2 DUI's and is a convicted thief.

Yes she was convicted of misdemeanor grand theft but Lindsay herself said she took the plea deal to avoid jail. It isn't like she plead guilty she just selected the action that was in her best interests.

986 days ago


THIS? the only thing you could come up with to start a new thread TMZ ? You know acting as Lindsay PR Man you should be able to better then this....but hell, if it gets you 130 hits from 1.00 am when you posted it it ain't doing to bad...and the other playground was getting pretty nasty anyway......

Rouge baby..I see you been missing me,,,sorry sweetie I have a real life outside this keyboard that needed my attention...but I didn't forget you ...having your sweet nothin's whispered in my ears every morning just makes my day.....
Obviously the kiddies didn't do their research very well and the layout is flawed the different wrists in each picture...and that tatoo has been there for a while you can see it has faded in pictures of her all over...looks like she regreted it and is having it bleached out.....So much for NO REGRETS....LOL ...which is a really stupid saying in the first place the only people who have NO REGRETS are people who have no Conciences and souls ...its normal human nature to regret or have second thoughts about our actions..which proves she ain't a normal person....

986 days ago

big bamboo    

she needs tattoos like the "Riddler" just a bunch of question marks.?????????????????????
just to show how clueless she is

986 days ago
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