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Tim Tebow

Does It Again!!!!

1/8/2012 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Denver Broncos just won a miraculous overtime playoff game over the Pittsburgh Steelers by the score of 29-23 ... on an 80-yard touchdown pass by Tim Tebow.

On the day, Tebow threw for 316 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran for 50 yards and another touchdown. Tebow had never topped 300 yards passing before today.

Tebow and the Broncos will next travel to Foxboro Stadium to play the other Golden Boy ... Tom Brady and the top-seeded New England Patriots.



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Have been following Tim since his high school days. I don't believe athletes should be a role model simply because they play a sport, but this guy is someone to look up to. Great guy. LOVE he had 316 yards. (3:16). GO TEBOW!!!

1019 days ago


If it makes you feel better about life to think a higher power is involved in earthly events as is being discussed, then fine, right? Its also very possible that what is happening with Tebow is just good old fashioned "letting go" of control, and trusting his well practiced and trained instincts to take over. In other words, if he does well, its because hes perfectly ok with NOT doing well and accepting that too. This ability is common in many great sports stars, musicians, actors, and leaders in history. Stop caring so much, just care enough to trust your preparation and skills, and be ok no matter what happens. It is this specific idea that inspires me about tebow>

1019 days ago


Lets be realistic here Tebow is not quarterback material. If it wasn't for his offense playing good today they would have been eliminated. A month ago Tebow got a check back to reality when he played and lost against the patriots. The same is going to happen on sat, because Patriots might not have a good defense, but that great offense is carrying the patriots to where they are right now the #1 seed in the AFC.

1019 days ago


I'm a Jets fan but I have to congratulate Tim Tebow and the Broncos. That was a hell of an exciting game, and finally shut up a couple of Steelers fans! I'll be rooting for them against the Patsies, I hope they beat the hell out of pretty boy Brady!

1019 days ago


Wow. There were more cosmic coincidences with Tebow in last night's game. This is just weird.

"For those of you who want further proof that young Tim Tebow is touched by a higher power"

Tebow’s favorite Bible verse: John 3:16

Tebow’s passing yards: 316

Tebow’s avg. yards per pass: 31.6

Steelers Time Of Possession: 31 minutes and 6 seconds…

Here’s the cherry on top, Tebow threw the game-winning touchdown to wide-receiver Demaryius Thomas who was born when? ON CHRISTMAS DAY 1987 of course…

Pretty scary right??


1019 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Funny how one of the players from the Falcons said "We don't need God to win", and they lost!!

God has blessed Tebow.

1019 days ago

Tim Tebow's Cold Sore    

Tim and his cold sore won! Be sure and follow Tim's cold sore on Twitter hahaha @TebowColdSore

1019 days ago


Next week the Broncos are going to beat the patriots and shut down that bastard Tom Brady.

1019 days ago


Hey God Loves Tebow.

He threw for 316 yards aka Tebow 3:16

1019 days ago


Okay, I admit it, I live in Denver so I am partial to the Broncos. But come on Tim, lighten up on all the religious references - it makes people a little uncomfortable. You can be religious without praising the Lord every other sentence. It is akin to fanaticism and we all know how scary that kind of thing is. Just take it down a notch.

1019 days ago


Religion is the real evil on this earth. Evolution is a fact. I would not have a problem with religion, if millions of people through history and still today are being killed in the name of false gods. Religion is a Man made way of controling people, and if anyone believes their god made our universe they should come and join the the 21st century and leave the dark ages where they threw virgins into volcanos. Hate Bill Maher all you want but he is right.

1019 days ago


Get outta my town Pittsburgh fairy towelette waving dorks. BroncoCountry!!!

1019 days ago


Tebow is a t-bag. He will get spanked like a alter boy in a catholic church by New England. Miracle over.

1019 days ago


You make it sound like he threw a bomb half way across the field.... He threw a ball 10 yards and the running back did the rest against a ****ty defense setup. God I hate this kid so much, he is a terrible football player that does great in the last 2 minutes o*****ame. Granted he had a great game all day, all the coverage of him is a waste and annoying.

1019 days ago


The interesting part. he threw for 316 yards and averaged 31.6 per completion. Can anyone say John 3:16????

However, his "divine influence" will run out against the Patriots. I have it on good sources that God is a Patriots fan. And we all know in the history of sports, God is undefeated. Think about it, when was the last time you heard someone thank God for a loss?

1019 days ago
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