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Beyonce's Baby

Wreaking Havoc On Event Planning Co. with Same Name

1/9/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0108_Beyonce_getty_exBeyonce's baby is barely two days old and already causing problems -- a Boston-area event planning company has been FLOODED with calls because its name is also Blue Ivy! 

Veronica Alexandra, owner of Blue Ivy, tells TMZ she's been getting phone calls, texts and Facebook posts from friends ever since the baby's name was announced. She jokingly feels Beyonce must have known about her company, because before this weekend ... her site came up first when someone Googled "Blue Ivy."

Alexandra says she'd LOVE to plan all of Blue Ivy's milestone celebrations and thinks B.I. should even be the face of the company. She tells us, "Clearly great minds think alike, and who better than our Blue Ivy to plan events for B&J's Blue Ivy!?"

We think mommy and daddy might have something to say about that.



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Talasha Johnson    

SMH (Shaking My Head) To Tell The Truth Beyonce Father Has Got Another Woman Pregnant Behind Her Mothers Back. And He Told Beyonce To Act Like She Had The Baby. Yeah Of Course She Is Mad Of The Fact That He Dad Has Cheated BUt She Doesn't Want Her Baby Sister To Die. Thats Why She Bought The Whole floor. And Got All Cameras Taped. Oh Nd Took People Phones. Thats Crazy. And Yeah Of Course The BELLY Was FAKE. Now Her Dad Is No Longer Her Manager. And Her "BABY" Name Means something about devil worshipping. I Forgot What the actual Name Means, but ill be back with more info about it.

995 days ago


@ Kathy that is the problem with the world NOW. It's people like you that give other race's a bad rep. And YES WE DO NEED ANOTHER BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN,MEXICAN AND ANY OTHER RACE PERSON IN THIS WORLD BUT WHAT WE DON'T NEED IS ANOTHER PERSON LIKE YOU IN THIS WORLD. YOU DAMN RACIST!!!!!

995 days ago


Ms. Alexandra should lawyer up - Jay Z and B will probably sue her.

995 days ago


Gosh you all are some hateful people. Dang can the baby ******* live a week before you start hating? This child didn't ask to be here, much less be already in the spotlight. Get a life of your own and stop trying to ruin someone else's!!! #stupidasses

995 days ago

m hagopian    

great another future genius in the world. why not name it kim why don't you show anna k on camera more? why doesn't her last name end in ian?? is she russian-armenian???

995 days ago


Most of you need to find JESUS.. as for the question of who cares.... It's obvious you do... you took the time out of, what must be a very productive day for you, to comment on the matter... You speak of a fake pregnancy and birthing a pillow, because it's quite obvious you were there... Wonderful now we're all getting somewhere... "Down with black people".... oh no... wait that's not what you said... "...we do not need another black in this world"... YEAAA that's what was said... Clearly your now God and get to decide which and what we need more of.... I'll tell you what we don't need more of.....your comments.... that's what. You need to A. get a hobby... or B. take a good look in the mirror and examine yourself before throwing stones.... oh...wait... maybe you did and that's why your mad :)... it's okay though, you can turn your lives around... Find JESUS... and you will prevail.

P.S. now I know how this whole commenting thing goes, I say something that pisses you off... you reply....and actually expect me to return to view your nonsense.... GREAT... I'll be right back ... wink-wink.... :)


995 days ago


Kathy shut your ho ass up who need another white in the world get your ass back to europe.. if you can't congratulate shut your ho ass up.. TMZ got a lot of kkk on here alway*****ing on blacks..oh yes and they wanna be just like us :)

995 days ago


why are people so angry? the world needs to grow up. Potraying hatred in this magnitude only labels you as the s**** of the earth. There is no better race, only good/better people and with the amount of hatred some of you hold in your heart, you definitely are well below par. Grow up, redefine yourselves. you have a problem, be it ignorance or just something evil. Which ever way,some of u need serious prayers. n.b my advicce, if ur not a fan dont comment, dont like the article, click x. u must be harboriing something sinister to make some of the comments some of u do.

994 days ago


These are really cute babies. Thanks for this re creative site.

994 days ago


Plz, no one i*****ing. They have no f consideration for human life. she didnt have the baby herself. She used a surrogate. I used to like them, now I lost all respect for both of them. Inconsiderate azzes. Have the baby at home if u want privacy stupid. I am not a fan of none of them anymoe after this stunt. dumbazz bitch. Yes I used to love them, now I know they're really fake azz ppl. No one,not beyonce her hubby or guards gonna stop me from see my baby. f that ****.sue them,I know I would. And ppl your an idiot, if no one is talking to u, why the f you calling ppl here names? we write our opinions, if u dont like it, dont post here or read our posts.

994 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

"Blue Ivy"? Not "Afghan Black"?

994 days ago


All, please get a life or volunteer at your local boys/girls club. In other words, don't hate because others somewhat of a decent life, parents, or friends

994 days ago


All, please get a life or volunteer at your local boys/girls club. In other words, don't hate because others somewhat of a decent life, parents, or friends

994 days ago

Beewika Ng    

who care?

887 days ago
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