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Beyonce Baby Drama

Breastfeeding Moms PISSED

Plotting to Sue Hospital

1/9/2012 10:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0109_beyonce-hospital_EX_01Lactation and retaliation ... TMZ has learned a bunch of new moms are passionately discussing BOTH topics at the hospital where Beyonce just gave birth.

Sources at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC tell TMZ ... the mothers have been gathering at a breastfeeding class at the hospital ... and in between latching techniques, they've been griping about the way they've been treated during the celebrity lockdown.

We're told the mothers feel they've been "neglected" by hospital staff ... and now they're discussing the possibility of filing a lawsuit against LHH.

According to, Bey and Jay-Z dropped $1.3 mil to seal off a private wing of the hospital ... with private security roaming all over the place.

Our sources say several mothers have been seen arguing with Bey's security people ... accusing the hired muscle of being "extremely rude."

Still, we're told the mothers are not mad at Bey and Jay -- directing the blame solely at the people who run the hospital.

One source tells us, "Someone at the hospital should be protecting us patients."

We've placed calls to the hospital -- so far, no response.


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Jay-Z could offer to give $10K or so to each of the inconvenienced families. That would settle things quite nicely I would think. There can't be that many of them he'd have to pay off.

926 days ago


Couldn't she just have had a private room with guards at the door? They could have had a metal detector and searched each staff member for cell phones before they entered the room. To take over a whole floor seems excessive, with money (1.3M) doing the talking. With wealth comes an "I'm better than you are" mentality. Heaven forbid they should have any interaction with the "little people" even if it's no more than sharing a hospital floor with them.

926 days ago


Is that a private or public hospital? If it is private I don't think they have a case, but if it is public they should be in big trouble with the state.

926 days ago


You people make me laugh. Are you actually shocked that someone with money is getting better care in an American hospital. They way I understand it is that anyone with money (or good insurance) gets better care then people with little or no money. This just happens to be on a bigger scale and goes to show how backwards your health care in the United States really is.

926 days ago


tiff: 16 minutes ago

Like these two or not folks, no doctor in the US is going to perform a scheduled c-section at someone's home. It's surgery; it must be done in a sterile operating room with an anesthesiologist and quick access to a battery of medical equipment in case something goes wrong. It's a safe operation for sure but there is always a risk in surgery of any kind. No doctor would risk their license to perform it.

That's an extremely valid point. C-sections aren't considered "outpatient" medical procedures that can be done "safely" at home.

926 days ago


Sounds like Bey and Jay need to jump off their high Pedestal they've assumed!! Need to get over themselves, it's funny how these idiots can manipulate and make themselves the Diva's they think they are!!!

926 days ago


Money talks while the rest of us walk....pretty simple.

926 days ago

eve from eden    

Put me on a jury and the moms would leave with 50 million apiece. That hospital needs shut down. But Im sure the stupid mommys will be there flashing their teats and spreading again.

926 days ago


Lindsay: 24 minutes ago
You are ridiculous.

Hospitals are so understaffed as it is, and this one had a duty and obligation to ALL of their patients - just as all hospitals do. Their obligation is NOT just to those paying them $1.5M.

And to make this statement is so absolutely asinine "...the personal attention that patients receive is somewhat dependent upon how they and their friends and family interact with the staff." If this is even remotely true, I don't want to be treated in one of your hospitals, not to mention the fact that you basically just stated that the hospital and its staff was purchased.



It's quite obvious "YOU" have "NEVER WORKED" in healthcare but I HAVE and you "DIDN'T" thoroughly read my post. As long as the "PHYSICAL" well being of a patient "ISN'T" compromised, the HOSPITAL HAS DONE ITS JOB!!! Being "rude" and "uncooperative" will only incline healthcare workers to interact with a patient ONLY AS NEEDED WHICH IS DICTATED ACCORDING TO ACCEPTABLE MEDICAL PRACTICES AND THEIR PHYSICIAN'S ORDERS. I've seen "over worked" healthcare workers and physicians "go the extra mile" for patients regardless of how wealthy they were because the patients and their families established a "cooperative" relationship with them. As you stated, Lindsay, hospital staffing levels aren't always perfect which is why it's very important to "COOPERATE" with the individuals who are caring for your loved ones. Many of them are doing the best they can under very stressful cir****tances and they deserve to be "RESPECTED". No one appreciates being verbally or physically abused!!! Becoming a "petty" nuisance doesn't benefit anyone.

926 days ago


tiff: 44 minutes ago
If you "DON'T" know "HOW" to "USE" quotation marks "DON'T"
use "THEM" so "OFTEN". It "LOOKS" pretty stupid "WHEN" you "DO"


926 days ago


Good god how long we we have to hear abought this baby. Born to an x-con father and a lip-singing crazy black women that thinks she is Brit Spears. This going to be a long week

926 days ago


If this is true.. and somehow I think it might is pretty sad. Every one there has a baby and to take the joy out of it because you are so self centered is just wrong.

926 days ago


i would have kicked someones ass if I were at that hospital.
This Beyonce skank would have had that little stink nugget shoved back up her ass.

926 days ago


A lot of you sound like bitter unhappy people. Jealousy is the WORST shade of green. Beyonce didn't stop the parents from getting to their children. She didn't take up a whole floor. She was in an executive suite, paying the standard rate. I swear it seems like some of you are just looking for a reason or excuse to give an innocent person who is in the limelight unnecessary grief. It's disgusting. If it was YOU, I'm sure you'd be feeling prettycrappy right now knowing what your true intent and feelings are.

926 days ago


Idiot mom calves idiot baby with idiot sperm. most runs down B's leg containing brain parts. Breeding idiots screw over normal people. B is an idiot j z is an idiot and the idiot baby is retarded.

926 days ago
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