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Blue Ivy's Birth was 'Natural'

1/9/2012 1:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyonce says she gave birth to Blue Ivy the same way women have been giving birth for thousands of years ... naturally -- insisting she did NOT get a C-section.

There were reports the singer birthed Blue with the help of a scalpel -- but Bey and Jay-Z released a joint statement moments ago, claiming, Blue "was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of both of our lives."
The couple adds, "Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven. We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support."


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Miss Lisa    

SO she should have kept with the C-section story. Cause when it gets put on blast that she did have a surgorate. She could lie & say NO see I have the scar to prove it lol

985 days ago


Now I am definately convinced that she was not pregnant and used a surrogate! First they say that she´ll have a C-section and now it´s a natural birth because you could see a scar with a c-section...bla bla

985 days ago


Surrogate's vagina!!!

985 days ago

Lady Galore    

Babies destroy vaginas. Always get a C-section.

985 days ago


What the hell difference does it make? She gave birth, one way or the other she gave birth.

985 days ago


Unless of course there was a surrogate - and in that case, what the hell difference does it make? It doesn't make her more of a woman because she puked a baby out of her glory hole.

985 days ago

Sin D    

TMZ...THAT was uncalled for...stop the stupid OK? My God get real you are better than that.

985 days ago


Now.... if only Beyonce actually was pregnant, and actually did give birth...

We all know how much a womans body changes when she is pregnant, face, legs, body. Beyonce's body, legs, face, none of it changed, cause she was never pregnant. Even the thinnest celebrities gained weight in their faces, and Beyonce never did.

Cause there was a surrogant, or it was an adoption. Notice the wording in their statement as well, they never use the words "Beyonce delivered a healthy baby girl, via all natural". The statement just said "the baby was delivered all natural, and it was an amazing experience".

Thats also why she was in hiding in the last few months, because people would have started questioning, her pregnancy even more.

There was actually a photo taken of her back in early December, and she should have been as big as a house. But she was as flat as a board. She must have forgotten to wear her fake pregnancy belly that day.. Oops ! I dont believe for one minute that Beyonce was pregnant. She had a surrogant, or this kid was adopted. Face it, who really wants their kid to have Jay-Z's lips and the gawd awefull looking nose. If their kid has neither one of his very prominent fetures, then she was never pregnant.

Even all 3 of Angelina Jolies kids have her mouth / lips. Which is her prominent feature.

Wait and see folks. This kid is probably adopted.

985 days ago


Crass headline, but funny comments. You're all class, TMZ.

985 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Congratulations to the surrogate for having the child 'Natural'

985 days ago


So THEY name their kid after a COLOR CHART or a dog's name like ol'Blue the hound dog.

Then THEY top it off and name the kid after a PLANT!
May THEY should have PAID an intelligent person to name their kid with a decent name.
CRAZY RICH and yet, DUMB in so many ways.

985 days ago


JayZ and Beyonce didn't say the baby was birthed out of HER vagina -- they said the baby was born naturally...more than likely due to the surrogate.

985 days ago

tippy katz    

oh, dear God, I hope she looks like her mom

985 days ago

Sin D    

OK you get credit 4 changin the title...

985 days ago


Wow, this in my mind is fueling what few have been saying. Now she won't have to explain why there is no scar. How can somebody get that wrong? 2 very different ways of giving birth. Well, now I am becoming a believer. Let's not forget her folding baby bump from that interview last year. SURROGATE is becoming more and more realistic

985 days ago
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