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Blue Ivy's Birth was 'Natural'

1/9/2012 1:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyonce says she gave birth to Blue Ivy the same way women have been giving birth for thousands of years ... naturally -- insisting she did NOT get a C-section.

There were reports the singer birthed Blue with the help of a scalpel -- but Bey and Jay-Z released a joint statement moments ago, claiming, Blue "was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of both of our lives."
The couple adds, "Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven. We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support."


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boo boo    

"Naturally" meaning, as nature intended it: in a private hospital's executive suite with a private security detail? Or "Naturally" meaning vaginally and without drugs?

1025 days ago


It pisses me off that she thinks were all that stupid.
I don't believe that kid came out of beyonce for a minute.
It boggles me why she won't just confess, tons of stars hire chicks to carry there kid these days, no muss no fuss.

1025 days ago


Beyonce Knowles doesn't want the stomach 'stretch marks' with pregnancy. C-section, no getting around that scar either.

Medical records, Birth certificate of the baby. Right down to pounds and ounces. A very generic 7 pounds.

Birth cert

1025 days ago


ok ok... so how often does a woman 'naturally' give birth to a healthy 7lbs baby A MONTH premature? My guess is not often. Something smells fishy, and this is not a vagina joke.
And i'm also totally on the 'how ugly is this baby gonna be?' gross. I hope lil carter is the next Chaz Bono... good luck on the hunt for your little red october.

1025 days ago


Bitch please. Your fake pregnancy was anything but natural. You weren't even pregnant let alone saying you're in "heaven" your lives are being served to the devil, how heavenly is that!?

1025 days ago


She's claiming natural child birth so she can go back to wearing those slutty 2pc outfits! The surrogate must be laughing her ass all the way to the bank.

1025 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I'm sure it was natural, by someone NOT named Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1025 days ago


Did she ever even attend a birthing class or OB appointment? Every *real* mother knows that "natural" means "without drugs." "Vaginal" means "not C-section." Either she real dummmb, or lying.

1025 days ago

Alan Carver    

OMG! You would think that the birth of this child was the SECOND COMING OF THE ANTI-CHRIST ... I mean CHRIST! WHO GIVES A RATS FART IN A SKILLET that these two uber-pathetic people gave birth to a child ... at least we know now that J-Z isn't shooting blanks. Although I would have that child 'paternity-tested' to verify that it is actually his! Yeah NO LOVE for these clowns! GO AWAY!

1025 days ago


The baby's name is Ivy Blue, no it's Blue Ivy. I had a C-section. No it was vaginal. Baby is due in February, oops never mind it was born yesterday. We paid for a private suite, no we didn't. Puh-leeease every detail about this birth has changed. Totally starting to believe in the surrogate stories. There's no way that many reporting errors were made. She's too into herself to risk messing up her body with a pregnancy but she didn't want the backlash of admitting she hired a uterus (Camille Grammar anyone?) I don't think it's adopted though, as some people have said because sooner or later they're gonna get a divorce and she's gonna need that child support.

1025 days ago


all these beyonce hater, i love it,lol love u bey

1025 days ago


look how fat beyonce face was, she did give birth, watch and see when she proves it, yall gonna gagg,lol i cant wait. i love u bey and jay congrats

1025 days ago


I wonder if he also made a song like this when his other child was born...oh wait, didn't he abandon that one and keep it in hiding for 8-9 yrs and only just now confirmed he had a son? It's pathetic and sad that these celebrities pretend to be such great parents while at the same time abandon their other children because it's more convenient to spend time with their 'new' family.

1025 days ago


I dought that she even gave birth, the whole things was fake if you ask or didnt ask me..

1025 days ago


Oh, yes, the perfect Beyonce, didn't gain weight during her "pregnancy", allowed to eat oysters and fly on planes right up to the day of the birth. Able to fit into her heels. And now, of course she had a completely natural birth. Next she will probably announce that she didn't have any painkillers or anesthesia and "gave birth" standing on her head. I didn't believe all the talk about Beyonce faking her pregnancy at first. Then I went on Youtube and saw the video of her stomach folding over. What convinced me in that video was the way her arms were tightly holding the sides of the belly as she sat down. No pregnant woman uses her arms like that when she sits. Then when the belly folded up, she darts a glance at the host to see if he saw that. The whole video was slowed down and you can actually see her belly compress like foam rubber does. I wonder why she feels that they have to convince the world that she had this child.I feel bad for all of the new parents that are being shoved around by her security at the hospital.

1025 days ago
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