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Blue Ivy's Birth was 'Natural'

1/9/2012 1:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce and Jay Z
Beyonce says she gave birth to Blue Ivy the same way women have been giving birth for thousands of years ... naturally -- insisting she did NOT get a C-section.

There were reports the singer birthed Blue with the help of a scalpel -- but Bey and Jay-Z released a joint statement moments ago, claiming, Blue "was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of both of our lives."
The couple adds, "Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven. We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support."


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bey - you mean the baby came out of your surrogate's va-jay-jay ...don't lie!!!!!!!!

996 days ago


Thank goodness she really did give birth the right way. It was shocking to think she's so generic like Beverly Hills whores who get a C-Section instead of stretching out her... Well, she did it the right way after all.

996 days ago


geez . . how long are we going to have this baby crammed down our throats? Of course they will sell the baby photos (hence the hospital security) and we will have to be bombarded all over again. I am sick of hearing about celebrity babies. So they had a baby! So what?

996 days ago


You guys are so sick. I am no Beyonce fan, but I wouldn't dare goes as far as to talk nasty about someone's child. There are so many more important issues in this world being ignored, but yet I see countless numbers of articles on "Beyonce fakes baby bump" "Beyonce uses surrogate mother". Do we have proof of a surrogate mother? When did a surrogate mother come forth, and announced that this was true? Why would a woman of Beyonce's caliber go several month's of faking a pregnancy, when those months could have been dedicated to her promoting her cd? It truly hurts to see someone talk so nasty about childbirth, when children are such a blessing.

Congrats Beyonce and Jay Z. This bundle of joy will change your life!

996 days ago


bul sh t , 1% er's alway lie and cheat, why would this be any different? meat bags, the both of them

996 days ago


Watch this video of supposedly 9 month pregnant beyonce in heels hopping into an SUV with no help whatsoever. I found a better video yesterday but I tried finding it again and I couldn't.

996 days ago


Who cares? I'm so sick of hearing about this baby. I'm still not convinced that she was really pregnant. It's probably a surrogate.

996 days ago

Mary Ann    

Why would anyone name their child after a noxious weed? Many environmental agencies consider this plant a noxious weed.

996 days ago



996 days ago

Lauren Ashley    

NO NO NO! She never said SHE DELIVERED her naturally, she said the BABY was delivered naturally! B was never pregnant.

996 days ago


Who cares? Hopefully being a mum will change her perspective on what's really important. Prolly not though. She's vapid and arrogant.

996 days ago


Well, I guess they figured out that if she had that scheduled C-section on Saturday she would have to have the appropriate scar, so now the birth was "natural".

996 days ago


Are Beyonce and Jay-Z the only people in the world to give birth??

996 days ago


Jay-Z and Beyonce are no longer a private couple. Now Jay-Z talks about how the baby was delivered out of his wife's vagina. Very strange.

996 days ago


This Beyonce story has gotten so CRAZY it's way over the top. All her life she has been PRIVATE and all of a sudden u get on stage and announce ur pregnant, having videos of your SECRET wedding, Folding belly and all these fake due date? how does she expect people to react to this entire thing? She's been playing peek-a-boo with the paps showing up and looking publicity, jus looking at her do some interviews and watching he posture, how she walks and sits she didn't convince me of a real pregnant woman and i've been pregnant. If it is you were pregnant and had abortiong or miscarriages and it complicates u wanting a baby now hey!!! jus use a surrogate cause ur fans will love u regardless but don't money around trying to fool us women who have had kids and know how a pregnant belly looks it's like she's making a fool of us. i mean i love her from long time and some not all her music but it leaves me to question a whole lot and im still not convinced. then we got word that she gave birth 8th jan through c-section but that would raise so much question as to where is the scars now she issues a statement saying it was a natural birth!!! more questions to be asked cause NATURAL birth mean no drugs nothing as appose to having a vaginal birth........ Beyonce you've created a MONSTER and i jus hope u don't get caught in a LIE cause i smell a STIKING EGGG......... I'm not saying it's not there child cause the could of use her eggs and jay's specimen and it's there baby but she was'nt able to carry the baby we understand but ur entire pregnancy jus FISHY............

996 days ago
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