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Beyonce Baby Drama

Hospital DENIES Closing Maternity Floor

1/9/2012 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce and Jay-Z did NOT pay $1.3 million so the Destiny's Child singer could give birth to Blue Ivy in a sealed off private floor ... this according to the hospital.

A rep for Lenox Hill Hospital just released a statement, claiming, "The suggestion that the couple paid $1.3 million to rent an entire maternity floor is simply not true."

The rep adds, "The family is housed in an executive suite at the hospital and is being billed the standard rate for those accommodations."

According to the rep, "The family does have its own security detail on site. However, the hospital has been and continues to be in control of managing all security at the facility. We have made every effort to ensure minimal disruption to other families experiencing the births of their own children over the past three days."

TMZ broke the story ... moms at Lenox Hill are considering filing a lawsuit against the hospital, claiming they were treated like 2nd class citizens when Beyonce rolled in this weekend.


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Yeah right If you believe Lenox Hill Hospital and Beyonce and Jay-z. Then you must believe Casey Anthony is innocent?

1019 days ago


I am sick of these two. I hope the patients sue this hospital

1019 days ago


It's true - everyone in maternity was at least "inconvenienced" by the lockdowns and restrictions. One woman couldn't get formula from the nursery, it was on lockdown. A close relative had her baby there, so I heard about this. Maternity ward was full this weekend - these women will tell what happened. Lenox Hill should be ashamed.

1019 days ago

Team Arnold    

The supposed PIC of her wearing a bikini was shot far, far, far, from the actual event. Find the original PIC online. And look at the bikini she was wearing. Beyounce has never been so covered up! The ab lines on the side of her "pregnant" (fake) belly would not be there, and her belly button was too tiny to be her true "pregnant" belly button. It was all smoke and mirrors. The bikini was big enough to hide the fake tummy they had plastered to her real belly that day. It was all a photo op to help continue their sham. The belly collapsing on TV was another BIG sign of her FAKED pregnancy, as was her jumping in and out of a SUV, wearing 6 inch heels, the day before she gave birth. We are not all sheep and believe everything they try to feed us. Wisen up people! We should refuse to buy, listen to, or have anything to do with this so-called power couple and their music, videos or whatever. They have disrupted the lives of the new families at the hospital, and they have continued to play us for fools. Let their 15 minutes of fame be up so they can go raise their surrogate baby in private - since they keep claiming their privacy is so important!

1019 days ago


Of course the hospital is denying everything; if they admitted it they would be found guilty in any lawsuit cases. Seriously, these stars who think they are more entitled than the next person need to get over themselves. There are ways to provide security without disrupting the rights of others. Actually, I truly believe that Beyonce and JayZ should distribute any and all funds for any photographs when they choose to release them to ALL the babies of these families who were admitted to the birthing ward during this time. Shamefully they have robbed these families of the joy and experiences of the birthing of these babies. Beyonce and JayZ get over yourselves and compensate these families for the precious moments you stole from them.

1019 days ago


It amazes me how we could never just think postive and congratulate this couple on welcoming their child into the world. I guess I am was built different, it is okay to want to know things about the celebrities as far as performing maybe even how they are doing...but people and the media go to far or overboard.

Now J and I are around the same age so I was partying with him and B I watch her grow from and nice young lady into a beautiful young woman. That is all you should be concern about..All this negativity about them or wanting to be to personal needs to stop...WoW...They are entertainers not God...Get in Line with God and you too can be bless just like them...PEACE

1019 days ago


Of course they're gona deny lol we're not all stupid you know.

1019 days ago


This type of behaviour is just so typical of TRASH like this in the entertainment business. Growing up , we would drive by an old trailer with a brand new cadillac out front and it is no different here, we all looked at each other rolled our eyes ....yup. STUPID RICH.TRASH. whey dont these people use some of their assets to educate them selves??

1019 days ago


The New York Times interviewed mothers and fathers who had children in the NICU at Lenox Hill, and the were prohibited from visiting or seeing their own children. These people are sick! I can't believe that Beyonce and Jay-Z would put their needs so far above those of sick children!

1019 days ago


I know for a fact when any type of VIP (famous, government, law, whatever) checks into the hospital, employees are given orders to kiss their ass. And with maternity being a high profile department, I'm sure people are tripping all over themselves to cater to this family.

This does not give the hospital the right to ignore other patients (which they say they don't, but do) in favor of the famous patient. But I've seen it happen a thousand times.

1019 days ago


@ NoName I have to respond respectfully to your comment. What people are outraged about on here is the fact that celebrities such as Beyonce and JayZ ACT AS IF THEY ARE GOD and have selfish rights over the average person. I am truly happy for them and their baby, but I am just as happy about the births of the other children and their parents, who have been born at the same time. Those other families had the same right to have a joyful experience with other family and friends around, instead of it being censored and limited because of a couple who has an over inflated view of their importance on this planet. I becomes a lot harder to be as happy for someone who steps on the rights of others. At the bare minimum they owe the other families an apology for their intrusion into the other families happy moment.

1019 days ago

The TrUth    

I can't believe how everyone is reacting to this. The media and every other crazy fan have not left them alone since she found out she was pregnant. If I were them I would pay top dollar for security to protect my child. Unfortunately the hospital they chose was not equipped for this kind of celebrity status. Like they are in LA and other parts of the country. For people to assume she is lying about being pregnant and giving birth is just plain ridiculous, ignorant and mean. Her face clearly showed she was pregnant. She doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. They are typical first time parents, basking in the glory of having their first child.... Most of us parents have been there.

1018 days ago


For anyone who believes that a world renowned hospital would leave itself open to the massive lawsuits associated with keeping new parents away from their newborns, GET A LIFE!!! You think 1.3 million dollars would begin to cover the amount of money Lenox Hill would have to shell out to those parents? Not even close. To the women who are upset because a supposed breastfeed­ing class was cancelled, I also say GET A LIFE. One missed class does not a lawsuit make. The hospital has stated that Beyonce was in an "executive suite" cordoned off from the mass population which makes perfect sense. I bet you Donald Trump's wives had their own suites when they gave birth and no one said a thing about it. Leave these people alone!

1018 days ago


I wish people would grow the hell up and realize that Beyonce and Jay-Z are not your AVERAGE people. And while they probably would have LOVED for folks to leave them the hell alone and allow them to have their baby privately and in peace, that is not the world they have to live in. So, YES, you hire security to make sure people aren't stalking your child with their camera phones to try to take the "first" picture so they can sell it to the tabloids. #realtalk

And those surrogate believers...y'all REALLY need to get control of yourselves and GTFOHWTBS because you are believing every STUPID thing you read posted by some idiot (much like yourself) that is posted on the internet! DAYUM!! How many times are they going to have to say it?? Beyonce gave birth to her baby from her own vagina! GET OVER IT and move on!!

1018 days ago


i don't blame these women for suing. i think they should. why would people make up something about security issues? not just one person, alot of people were inconvenienced because of their high and mighty lifestyle. just admit you were wrong and you would probably win back a good portion of your fans. by treating everyone like you are better and that everyone else is stupid and can't see through your lies, you are asking for negative publicity. i hope everyone who had a baby on that floor is paid extremely well.

1018 days ago
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