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LeAnn Rimes

Bikini Bottoms Out in Hawaii

1/9/2012 8:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

skinny LeAnn Rimes in a bikiniEddie Cibrian enjoyed a bootyful weekend in Hawaii watching his wife LeAnn Rimes play bocce ball in an itty bitty thong bikini.

Doesn't matter what the score was because LeAnn always wins ... in the end.


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What kind of deal does this chick have worked out with the paps? Surely she's getting some dough for all these pics we've been seeing lately. She's becomming an attention whore like that Lohan brat.

917 days ago


She's built like a 12 year old Korean boy.
Obviously has issues with her body and self esteem. What has she been trying to prove and to who? Does she sing anymore or does she just spend all say twittering pictures of herslf half naked?

917 days ago


Many woman wear bikini bottoms just like Le Anne's and what a nice toned tush she has. People can be such prudes. Do a little traveling out of the RV park, there are beautiful woman all over the world who, dare I say, sunbathe topless, too.

917 days ago

Melinda Reyes    

Oh my lord she looks horrible in my opinion. She looks like death

917 days ago

So Sad    

Eat a steak, or 3

917 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

WHy waste our time if you're going to put that big black stripe down her backside?

917 days ago


So nice of her to bend over in front of all those guys and show off her boney ass.

917 days ago


I personally like to see a woman with some more muscle mass and some weight to fill out those nice curves. LeeAnn needs to eat more lean protein like fish and chicken and the "good fats" and "good carbs" and so forth. The "caveman diet" or whatver.

Those type of healthy foods are the "fuel" that our DNA is designed to run on. They make women look healthier and naturally lean. That's way better than those skinny supermodels who look like all they eat is salads and drink lots of coffee, smoke cigs like crazy and take drugs or something.

I think Katy Perry's body is pretty close to the ideal. Not too skinny, not fat either. Just right ... like Goldilocks and the 3 bears. Of course her wonderful rack and curvaceous hind quarters are something a guy could worship every day. :)

I like girls that are about 5'6" to 5'9" like Katy and weigh about 115-125 lbs or so ... whatever is the perfect weight and body fat for their height and body frame. Katy is smart. Katy also has great taste in clothes and hairstyles and so forth too.

Girls, Katy Perry is the one you should try to look like. Same thing with her personality. Watch some interviews of her on YouTube. Trust me, guys love it. She's a fun, interesting girl all around. She would qualify as "one of the boys" like the name of her 2008 album. She could hang out with me and my friends all day and they would just drool over her and stare at her like idiots.

917 days ago


Looks like a laboratory skeleton with a bathing suit.

917 days ago


Does Leeann ever get dressed anymore? Every photo I see lately shows her almost buck naked. Leeann, you're a married woman, please respect yourself and your husband and put your clothes back on.

917 days ago


If you have to put a black bar on someone's ass when they are with fully clothes people is a clue into her slutiness.

917 days ago


I don't get it...what in the heck is the deal with this person always flaunting her not-worth-looking-at body in a bikini. Is she that hungry for attention these days? Her body (if you can call it that) is awful. There's nothing there...she's too skinny. I don't get it with the paps...just don't show up when she calls to tell you where she's gonna be posing in a bikini and maybe, just maybe, she'll go away. Well, we can hope, can't we?

917 days ago


She needs to put some clothes on and eat a sandwich. I'm getting sick of seeing her scrawny ass in her barely there bikinis.

917 days ago


Why is it they black out the crack of her butt when she is standing up, but when she is bent over they don't????

917 days ago


This goes WAY BEYOND pride in ones spouse...or self. sadly 'displaying' herself like this looks like she's up for sale. Would they be comfortable w/a daughter displayed in the same way?? Doubtful. Both of them have issues....most men would never be comfortable w/their wife bent over in front o*****roup of men.....Their ex's are waaaaay better off.

917 days ago
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