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'Storage Wars' Star


... or I'm Off the Show!!

1/9/2012 4:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Storage Wars" star Dave Hester -- the "YUUUP" guy -- tells TMZ he's ready and willing to walk away from the biggest A&E reality show ever ... if the network doesn't up their "unjust" contract offer.

Hester was out in L.A. this weekend ... sporting a hat with his signature catchphrase on it ... when he told our photog he hasn't locked up a deal to return to the show next season.

The reality star explained, "Right now I'm in negotiations with A&E and I would just hope they would get away from their unjust contract negotiations ... the ball is really in their court."

He adds, "I don't know what their plans are ... but I would like to be on the show. Maybe 'Storage Wars' without Dave Hester??"

And to make matters worse ... Hester says he wasn't even invited to A&E's Christmas party.

A rep for A&E had no comment.


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I too hope they let Dave go, the best part of the show imo is seeing the loot and any historical relevance it may have, not who can irritate and shaft the rest the most.

Besides which, why in the world is Dave the only one who is taken at his word as to how much the junk is worth?? Jarrod and Brandi seem to have to get their stuff appraised before it counts dollarwise.

Lastly, Barry, do you just toss everything besides the one item that catches your interest?? You'd at least break even if you'd sell the rest of the locker instead of trashing them....

1003 days ago

Chrystal O    

A&E get rid of him. He is easy to replace.
People don't watch to see him anyways. If A&E gives in to him I will quit watching and my family will also. A&E listen to us get rid of YUUUP. He made more money than he should have.

1003 days ago


I will be glad to see Dave gone! Go look at the comments for his auction house. None of the comments praised him. One stated negative remarks of his body order. Others stated they felt cheated by his auction house. Very revealing about the man. He doesn't deserve more money than anyone else.

1003 days ago

Allyn Reynolds    

Is A & E's Storage Wars a real "reality" show or is it just for our entertainment ie:Gloria Allard's
We The People?
What other reality shows have the fix in?

999 days ago

Allyn Reynolds    

Is A & E's Storage Wars a real "reality" show or is it just for our entertainment ie:Gloria Allard's
We The People?
What other reality shows have the fix in?

999 days ago

nelsie ramsey    

I think it would be a good thing if Dave did go, He acts like a very nasty, greedy persons , the kids need role models,in All showes on tv. How else are they going to learn how to act.

997 days ago


The hell with A&E Dave. I worked at a company who didnt like me and didnt invite me to the xmas party. I hate them! It is not right to hurt someones feeling like that! Piss on them Dave!

996 days ago


I know it's T.V. but Dave (without the language) is an asset to the show! He shows how it's really done. Go Mr. Hester!!!

995 days ago

Craig Shipaila    

Stick to your guns A and E, I'd like to watch the show again, and I would without DUI Dave !!

994 days ago


Audios ameigo! You ain't all that!! Not now not ever!!

992 days ago

Mike Bourne    

Dave your a ass hole and you need to be off the show. I hope they do not re-new your contract. For a guy who is a son of a Marine, You have NO respect for other's. Brandy and her husband are trying to raise their young children (as you said your father did on a low military income) and you are out of hate and disrespect run their bid's up and you think its funny. When I watch the show weekly, You never fail to piss me off and make me sick to lissen to your (Yeeep). Grow up you stupid **** and stop running up the bid's and let these two kids ( Brandy and young gun ) make a better profit on their buy's to support their children, you ass hole. And if you do'nt wont the storage shed DONT bid on it, I am sure your father would not do what you do. Your father being a Marine had respect for other's. I know my father spent 33yrs in the Marine's and my father thought all 5 of his son's to have respect for other's at work and in life. Be a man, and give young gun the opportunity to support his family as you have. I hope my next letter can be better to you Dave.
Mike Bourne

991 days ago


Dave is a jackass, find another one to make fun of. I used to beat his butt every day in high school.

989 days ago


Hester sucks; I wish they would get rid of him. He just runs the price up trying to show off. He never grew up and he is still trying to be the show-off. His shop must be the most expensive in the whole USA and he is the biggest ******* in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

988 days ago


Does he think he's a big star now that he's been on the show that he deserves more money? What a joke, he's just like every other reality show cast, they all think they're big stars so they deserve more money. If the show ended, in less then a year no one would know who Dave Hester is much less care.

986 days ago

Larry winn    

I think Dave Hester is full of crap jerk. When a man tells another man he would rather die than let him make a dollar is sick in the head. I do not care for the guy. I pull for everyone else. I like Darrell Barry jarriod and really like brandy

970 days ago
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