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'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

Tebow Can HAVE My 3:16 If ...

1/10/2012 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Tim Tebow

Before there was Tebow 3:16 in the NFL ... there was Austin 3:16 in the WWE ... and now the wrestling legend says he's willing to surrender his iconic numbers to the NFL star, pending one GIANT condition.

TMZ spoke with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin -- who tells us he watched Tebow's Mile High Miracle this weekend and was blown away when he learned Tim threw for exactly 316 yards in the playoff victory.

FYI -- the numbers have a special meaning with Stone Cold, who created the famous faux bible verse back in the '90s to humiliate his enemies -- "Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass!!!"

Now, Austin tells us, "Austin 3:16 still rules" ... but adds, "If Tebow can throw for 316 yards again this weekend then hell, he can have the numbers and I'll have no problem with it."

Austin continues, "A guy named John was using it before me ... so if Tebow can do it again, more power to him!"

"I wish him all the luck in the world," Austin says ... adding, "I'm not a Denver fan but Tim's a great role model for kids."


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Tim Tebow wears, "John 3:16," not, "Tebow 3:16;" and, he'd rather have it that way I'm sure. The only ones who are shouting, "Tebow 3:16," are his fans. Besides, "John 3:16" signs have been visible at pro football games for decades, and in the Holy Bible for 2,000 years before that.

980 days ago

Steven Janda    

The beauty of scripture is that we can all reference the Word of God without worries of copyright infringement, for all title to the Word belongs to God and the Word is God.

980 days ago

James D    

lol @ yall taking this serious. Dude's just having some fun with his catchphrase from his "wrestling world" and giving him props. Of course he knows its from the bible.

980 days ago


I wonder why Tebow thought God took time out of his schedule of feeding the hungry, caring for sick and dying children, and sheltering pregnant women from murder and rape of war to help him win a football game. Nice to see Tebow putting God into the proper perspective. Football is so important to God, much more than those other things like food, safety, health, peace, and innocent children.

980 days ago



980 days ago


Austin started using the phrase as a joke when he saw some idiot holding a John 3:16 sign. He mentioned the sign and then said something like " Well Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass" The comment stuck with fans and became his catch phrase.

You can all go back to thumpin your bibles now.

980 days ago


Do the numbers really mean anything?

13:24, 2nd Quarter, Tim Tebow passed to Eddie Royal to the right for 30 yard gain (How many points did Tebow score? 6 )

10:36, 2nd Quarter, Tim Tebow rushed up the middle for 8 yard gain (How many points did Tebow score? 6 )

OT, Tim Tebow passed to Demaryius Thomas down the middle for 80 yard gain (How many points did Tebow score? 6 )

Any meaning to this?


"Rapture" or just a Football game? You Decide...

980 days ago



980 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Somebody reported my comment! Great, I must have really hit a nerve with a tebagging Christo-Taliban.

Fell free to let your inner Nazi get the best of you again, please.

I said: Nail Timbo Christ to a cross already and be done with it.

"Der größte Schuft im ganzen Land - das ist und bleibt der Denunziant."

980 days ago


That is so nice of Stone Cold Steve Austin to do!

980 days ago


Bunch of retards here but no wonder it is TMZ. Austin made John 3:16 popular again as****s. It had been absent from football games for years. No one ever said he invented the damn thing. He did however coin the phrase Austin 3:6. You ****tards need to qui*****ching the Kardashians and Jersey Shore and learn to read.

980 days ago


I would like to see them face off at Wrestle-Mania and stone cold put a stunner on this ass!

980 days ago


No one "owns" John 3:16 but thankfully everyone that chooses to can "CLAIM" it!!

980 days ago


No one "own" John 3:16 but thankfully we can all "claim" it!!

980 days ago


Once again the white trash bigot readers of TMZ showcase their lack of reading comprehension skills.Austin never stated in this article that he owned the 3:16 verse. I don't see why people are saying that, makes you look pretty idiotic.

980 days ago
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