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Beyonce's Birthing Mystery ...

a Natural Wonder

1/9/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Beyonce says she gave birth to Blue Ivy "naturally" -- which means the baby came out of her you-know-what -- but something doesn't add up ... and conspiracy theories about baby Blue's entry are erupting in the newsroom.

Plus, Chaz Bono's penis shopping ... you're gonna be shocked how long $45,000 goes! Also ... Harvey was 100% convinced he had only six months to live. Thankfully, he's fine -- but you gotta hear why he spiraled down this rabbit hole.


(1:45) The Beyonce c-section mystery -- how did Blue Ivy REALLY exit her body?
(2:30) How Harvey found out about Beyonce's birth ... and what we didn't publish.
(9:30) Real quote: "I'm still stuck on the vagina here."
(15:10) Blue Ivy ... another celeb baby name to poke fun at.
(22:20) Tim Tebow's heavenly performance -- NOW do you believe?
(25:00) Ryan R. thinks Tebow has the Steelers' injured defenders to thank ... not the man upstairs.
(27:00) Joseph Coppola -- a pastor in New England -- is on the phone ... he says Tebow has christian Patriots fans torn on who to root for!
(35:00) Chaz Bono goes penis shopping -- time for Ryan S. to start using some big boy words. He fails.
(45:30) A doctor accidentally makes Harvey think he's gonna die in six months -- you HAVE to hear Harvey's reaction.


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Let's just assume for the sake of argument that Beyonce actually was pregnant. If she had a scheduled c-section, it would have been for a reason - like, the baby was too big and likely to cause problems if delivered vaginally, or the baby was in the wrong position, or the baby was in distress and needed to be delivered asap. EVEN IF she was induced instead once she got to the hospital and they decided to give natural birth a go, that baby would have taken a long time to be born because this is her first child (hypothetically). Active labor averages 20 hours for first-time mothers. Bottom line? It ain't addin' up.

983 days ago


Yes it's possible that she had the baby naturally. She could have had her labor induced with the drug pitocin. I knew when my child was going to be born. I called my mother so that she had enough time to get to the hospital before I was even admitted. I have friends who knew they would be induced almost a week prior to the date. Now, most of the time they are induced because they haven't gone into labor on their own so the drug pitocin starts the uterine contractions that kick start labor. Still not sure that Beyonce is the one that actually had the baby naturally. I still think it was a surrogate because of the previous miscarriage.

983 days ago


@Simone...I was induced because I wouldn't dilate (I was past 40 weeks and only dilated to 1) and my child was born 6 hours after they gave me pitocin. Also it says that she arrived at midnight. If they gave her pitocin then, she could have had the child at any time. It all depends on how long it took for the cervix to dilate. If it was already dilated, it could have been a very fast delivery. It is possible, not probable (she probably used a surrogate), but it could have happened.

983 days ago


Perhaps they planned a csection just in case the labor did not go right.... Perhaps she was also scheduled to be induced and if that didnt go right they would then do a csection

983 days ago


Beyonce was probably induced!

982 days ago


Maybe they went in for an induction at midnight. That would be scheduled before hand and would have resulted in a natural birth. It would be strange to schedule a c-section for midnight however it is common to have an induction begin at midnight. Maybe the source got confused.

982 days ago


Women get induced ALL the time. I scheduled my induction with my doctor because I was tired and she was not coming on her own.

982 days ago


Has it even dawned on you all that she could have come in for a scheduled induction. This way Beyonce, could have still delivered naturally.

982 days ago


It's looking more and more like there was a surrogate involved.
The best way to deflect these rumors is to 1) block off a wing of a hospital so you have total privacy and 2) make sure everyone in the media knows you did this so they will be talking about THAT and not the young Spanish-speaking woman who really gave birth to your child.
Did anyone find out if they people in the hospital who DIRECTLY dealt with Beyonce had to sign confidentiality agreements? I bet they did, even though in a hospital there is an automatic patient/doctor confidentiality rule.

982 days ago


Beyonce was NOT pregnant

982 days ago


Don't you think she might have come in a midnight and been induced. That would make it natural!

982 days ago


I still don't believe she carried a baby ,some one else had it for, and her they had it naturally

982 days ago


no way it came out of her naturally, it was a surrogates, hence tight security

982 days ago

Please, Oh, Please    

Having a baby "naturally" means there was no use of pain medication. Having a baby "vaginally" means it came out of guessed it.....vagina! There's no way in hell she had that baby naturally and apparently there's quite a bit of debate whether it even came out of her uterus.

982 days ago


Seriously, who here also thinks there's a very real chance that she never had a baby? They probably said caesarian first off because thats how the baby was born and then they realised, crap, that will leave a scar so we better say that was wrongly reported and changed the story. Meanwhile they rent the whole floor so that the woman carrying Beyonce's eggs and JZ's baby batter can give birth..... by caesarian. Everyone was blocked by security so that they couldnt see who was really having the baby, while JZ and Beyonce kicked back, watched a few movies and had something to eat. Seriously did you all see the video of her fake belly fold in half in Australia.... when was she ever pregnant? If you think she was send me a link to photos of her bare, naked, pregnant stomach. You know pics like you see pics of celebs taken by paparazzi when they really are pregnant.

981 days ago
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