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Amber Rose

I Forgive Kanye West

for Banging Kim Kardashian

1/10/2012 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Rose says she's totally forgiven Kim Kardashian for allegedly hooking up with Kanye West behind her back ... and says she feels bad for calling Kim a "home-wrecker."

Amber's referring to a recent interview ... in which she claims Kanye and Kim had a secret affair while she was still dating the rapper a few years ago. Sources close to Kim tell us Kardashian vehemently denies ever getting intimate with Kanye.

But last night, Amber was out in L.A. -- and told our photog, "I actually feel bad that I called [Kim] a homewrecker ... 'cause that was kind of mean."

"I forgive her ... and I forgive Kanye too ... it's not a big deal, you know?"

And despite the fact she's sporting devil horns ... Rose insists, "I'm not a mean-spirited person ... I just acted on my emotions when I said it."


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"How-to Attach Oneself To The Famous."

"And to escape oblivion/anonymity."

"By pulling them down - I pull myself up..."

1020 days ago


slut. all you are is a hole.

1020 days ago


Did Kanye ever forgive himself for banging Amber Rose?

1020 days ago


I bet Momanger threatened to SUE!!!!!

1020 days ago


Amber who?
PLEASE don't let this skank become the next 'nobody' who's famous just for being famous.
Kick her butt out of Hollywood - and have her take the entire Lardassian klan with her!

1020 days ago


sounds like someone either got paid from Pimp Mamma Kris to take it back or threatened with a lawsuit or who knows what with that sue happy famiy...all of them are sick in my book..still hate the Whoretrashians...

1020 days ago


If she wants to make the transition from star-****** to celebrity, she has to learn to keep her mouth shut (at least when there's a microphone in front of it).

1020 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

A pot calling the kettle black... how unique.

1020 days ago


The simple fact that Amber Rose is forgiving Kim Kardashian is proof that Kimmy K banged the back the off of the no talent Kanye west!

1020 days ago



1020 days ago


someone brought up a good point.....I smell a lawsuit against Amer Rose in the near future....courtesy of the Kris Jenner & Kim K.

1020 days ago


If this thing is F****** the same thing as Kim K then she is more stupid then she looks, Does any of those things ever think about all the ST D's they are spreading around. What about HIP. WAKE UP!!!!

1020 days ago


Amber needs to go away. Very, very, far away. And it would be nice if she would take Kanye with her. And maybe all the Kartrashians too.

1020 days ago


She doesnt care , yet she continues to talk about it, and now she is promoting that laughable whack CD. I bet she is sorry, when Kris Jenner is done with her a** she will be back on the Stripper Pole that Kanye pulled her off of, she is not smart, she knows that Kim is the person that people love to hate and talk about so she figured if she attached her name to Kim she can promote her little song nationally. i am soooooooo glad that Kim, nor Kanye responded to her foolishness, and all of you ignorant rats that keep calling Kim a Wh*re lets start counting your sexual partners, you idiots slay me, you sleep around and screw everything moving, but the only difference between you and anyone in Hollywood including Kim is that you dont have a camera in your face, some of you are probably bigger wh*res than any of them. Unless you are a virgin or was a virgin when you got married you are no better than Kim. Just because you see her with a man, or because there is a rumor online that she slept with someone it doesnt mean that she actually slept with them. I understand that you people are miserable and jealous and dont get why Kim is where she is, but that is exactly why, you sit online criticizing and wondering how she got where she is while you should be worrying about how you can get yours, thats the difference, Kim does and you people wonder. SMDH!! such a sad state that you sit up and hate on a woman that you think you know but really have no clue about.

1020 days ago


All you dumb bimbos who believe a rapper can be ever be faithful are really really stuuuuuupid and deserve all the heartache you sign up for. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

1020 days ago
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