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Lindsay Lohan

Sued By Paparazzo

Over Car Accident

1/10/2012 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0110_lilo_car_tmz_ex2A paparazzo is suing Lindsay Lohan ... claiming he was badly injured when the car in which Lindsay was riding tried making a fast getaway from a Hollywood club and nailed him.

Grigor Balyan was taking pictures of Lindsay at the time of the accident on January 10, 2010.

Balyan's lawyer, Neil Steiner, tells TMZ ... Lindsay is being sued because her assistant was driving the car at her direction.

Steiner says his client was medically treated for orthopedic and neurologic injuries.

Steiner says he tried settling with Lindsay's insurance company but they only made "an insignificant offer." He says all he wants for his client is "reasonable compensation."

Calls to Lindsay's rep were not immediately returned.



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As far as I am concerned they all need to be ran over. Its really disgusting that they have to get in stars face. you guys have no respect for people, you following them around lurking in the shadows, stalking thier homes and so on. leave them alone, but you wont because you can get money for your pictures, you have gossip to talk about such as here. I would like to see you guys experience 5 days of having someone in your face snapping pictures everywhere you go. then maybe you would show some respect. We have actors who work hard in pictures/singing to bring us entertainment that we all love, but in return you guys destroy their lives. I remember Brad Pitt saying he wished he could live a normal life, allow his kids to play in the neighborhood wiht other kids, walk downtown and grab a cup of coffee, little things that we do all the time, but he cant, they cant, because of you guys. You people destroy lives with your cameras. I hope one day a law is passed to protect them, give them the right to privacy.

931 days ago


should have run him over! these asses who stayed near a car and blind people with the flashes, should have run him over

931 days ago


I would offer the PAP a juicy burger made from floor sweepings, factory dust, and assorted mouse droppings. I Believe He looks like a real street-foodie and that he would eat that chew in a nano-second.

931 days ago


A new year = fresh new year full of lawsuits for lindsay.

931 days ago

Ellie G    

Which thread is everyone playing on tonight?

931 days ago


Leave her alone!!!!!!!!! ********!!!

931 days ago

big bamboo    

Damn her fans seem to be want this guy injured..I never said any harm against better check yourselves..and be ashamed

931 days ago


One million!! One million!! QUAAAAAAAACKquackquackquack!!!!!

931 days ago


Why should she pay him if this Paparazzo was stalking her car and her assistant was driving it?! That's ridiculous! So if I am in a passenger's seat (and am famous or rich) and my poor cousin, friend or assistant is driving like a retard I would have to be responsible for that just because I have money???!!! Get the f*ck out of here!

931 days ago

Ellie G    

Huh, we learned in kindergarten, if not before, not to stand in front of moving cars.

931 days ago


i doubt he has much of a case. i would think she would either have to be driving or be the registered owner of the car to be in any way at fault regardless if the driver was her assistant or not.

931 days ago


Oh yes its his fault he didn't jump back quick enough when they peeled out of that spot...!!!!! Its aways somebody elses fault....

Lets see what what LaShawn got to work with now.....
A maybe almost offer for a job if she can get off
***munity service because
A. she owes a boatload of tax's and they want
the money now....
B. she is being sued and needs the money for
defence lawyers
C. she had to help Mommie save her home.
d. she has several offers that just want way..\
So please judgie poop can't be write the whole thing off and be done with it. Ive learn my lesson.

931 days ago


this moron and his lawyer should put a brain cell together with their halves and buy the book "how to sue: for dummies".

not only was lindsay not driving, but it was clear that the guy was just crying wolf right after. the video of some random drunk broad trying to diagnose any broken bones or fractures was hilarious. i'm no medical expert, but i'm gonna safely assume it doesn't take 2 years to realize you have permanent injuries from a car that struck you.

the driver being in direction of lindsay to fly down an alleyway is ludricous as well. although the driver was amazingly idiotic for doing so, it doesn't mean she's gonna fly into the path of a baby stroller at 80mph and have lindsay be liable for it. fact is, they deal with these photogs every day and know that they just won't move out of the way sometimes. they just don't care and probably hope something like this happens so they can have even more pictures/stories to sell and/or sue.

931 days ago


Last weeks "evil stalker" was the process server. See? Once again, a guy tries to do his job, brushes too close to a Lohan, and *Poof!* his world is in chaos. It never ends.

931 days ago


You see that flash of light coming from his camera? Yea he is the direct cause of the accident. End of story.

931 days ago
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