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Lindsay Lohan

Sued By Paparazzo

Over Car Accident

1/10/2012 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0110_lilo_car_tmz_ex2A paparazzo is suing Lindsay Lohan ... claiming he was badly injured when the car in which Lindsay was riding tried making a fast getaway from a Hollywood club and nailed him.

Grigor Balyan was taking pictures of Lindsay at the time of the accident on January 10, 2010.

Balyan's lawyer, Neil Steiner, tells TMZ ... Lindsay is being sued because her assistant was driving the car at her direction.

Steiner says his client was medically treated for orthopedic and neurologic injuries.

Steiner says he tried settling with Lindsay's insurance company but they only made "an insignificant offer." He says all he wants for his client is "reasonable compensation."

Calls to Lindsay's rep were not immediately returned.



No Avatar


I'm Lindsay Lohan, move that cone!

963 days ago


That dude is a friggin moron. If i stood in front of a moving car, everyone would say im an idiot....doesnt matter who's car it is...i could care less about Lindsey Lohan, but if some jerkoff stands in front of her car all day and doesnt move, does that mean she has to just sit there? i wish he got run over and the only pic in his camera was of LL picking her nose....idiot

963 days ago


i dont give a f*ck about LL either way, but if ur giant ass is standing directly in front of a car that is moving and when that car hits u, u have the nerve to complain that ur hand hurts, ur balls should be removed. i wish she ran him over and the only picture in his camera was of LL picking her nose....THAT should be that moron's legacy

963 days ago


Not really a Lohan fan, but we should deport the paparazzo to North Korea. He could be the new Dear Leader's houseboy.

963 days ago


Papparazzi are like vermin, they cannot be exterminated soon enough. La Lohan seems to finally be thinking about her future and some lowlife douche bag tries to cash in. I hope his bloody foot falls off soon. Harassing people and then suing them when you have an 'accident' is too low for words. **** him.

And FYI: I have never ever seen any movie with Lohan in it.

963 days ago


In this case, Lindsay is not at fault. The photographers will do anything for that money shot. Was this guy riding on the hood of her car w/ his lens? When your in that line of work and dying to make a buck, occasionally, someone is going to get hurt. Lindsay doesn't owe that poor schmuck a dime.

963 days ago


So the guy flashing bright lights into the eyes of a driver is suing? IRONY!!

962 days ago


This old fat pap should be sued for wasting the courts time. The vehicle is trying to leave, he is leaning over the car flashing his camera into the face of the driver, who is this guy kidding? he will be laughed out of court.

962 days ago


Good. I hope they don't give this guy a dime, it's his own fault he was taking photos of her and was in FRONT of her car. Sorry but it isn't her fault when you are virtually stalking her and not smart enough to get out of the way of a moving car.
That is what you get waste of space disgusting human being

962 days ago


umm...hello?? Why can this DB sue the passenger of the car? That is just lame! I don't even like Lindsey, but this is stupid. The guy jumps in front of a moving car, and blinds the driver with a flash. He is surprised that he got hit?

962 days ago


Hey Pap!

You are a moron! All you do is cause accidents! There really should be a law against that sort of thing. Yeah Lindsay is garbage now but she still deserves privacy.

962 days ago


He looks hungry.

962 days ago


Standing in front of moving car while camera flashes going off get run over dumb***. Time to get a real job and stop being a leach.

962 days ago


Why is he holding his left hand? The video shows his right side is towards the car.

962 days ago


Stupid Yanks.. when will they make a stop to all the paparazzi-****? They bring people down. And don't give me the lame excuse like "thats what is part of being famous". Thats just bull. Get a life and leave those people alone. If they just give her the space he wouldn't be hit by her car.

No wonder lots of people hate Americans. The country where everyone sue's eachother and try to get people more down then they already are.. lame..!

962 days ago
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