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Casey Anthony

I Got Pregnant with Caylee

After I Was Raped

1/11/2012 1:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
said she was raped at a party when she was 18 and that's how she conceived Caylee -- this according to Casey's former psychiatrist

The psychiatrist -- Dr. Jeff Danziger -- recounts the allegation in his deposition, which was just unsealed today by a Florida judge.

In the deposition, Danziger cites an interview he had with Casey in November 2010 -- claiming, "Two beers, possibly given another drug. Woke up passed out ...  Don't remember anything at a party, age 18. This is how she said she got pregnant."

Danziger claims Casey did not know the identity of the father.

According to Danziger's tests, Casey showed no signs of mental illness.


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be happy

1018 days ago

cha cha    

Don't you love how Casey comes here and posts positive love notes to herself .... LMAO

And remember when her clown Bozo was going to get a book deal with Trident Publishing where she was going to reveal the real father who is alive and well in Orlando ... hahaha Do people really think that if Casey knew who the father really is that her and Cindy wouldn't have cleaned him out financially for child support and if he died (another story she told) she would have camped out on the steps of social security. What a disgusting Ho she is and I thought her father raped and killed Caylee .... oh yeah that was yesterdays story.

Who knows maybe tomorrow she will say Bozo was the father of Caylee, and that would not surprise me.

George is a scammer who cheats on his wife for money, ask River Cruz, but I do not think he raped Caylee.

1018 days ago


Who goes onto to TMZ to dislike every comment about Casey Anthony? What a loser.

1018 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

OMG!!!! Stop LYING CASEY ~ you probably had a voluntary gang bang with follow up sober up regrets, so you made up this story. I pity the poor bastard that hooks up with you. You lie so much, you can't tell the truth from a lie anymore. If you don't know her father, then its because you had multiple partners ~ consensual ~ and you never expected to get pregnant - which is why you denied it up until you delivered her. The layers of issues just go on an on... pathetic soul.

1018 days ago


Why are people even still talking about this giant excuse of a human being? She's horrific. No one cares about her, stop covering her story.

1018 days ago

cha cha    

barbarascy, there are dirtbags on this earth who will marry her, there were losers sending her money in jail so she could buy her pork rinds and hot beef sticks. Yes, Casey will get every loser and s***bag that walks the face of the earth, even that dirtbag Larry Flynt made her an offer and he is the King of dirtbags.

1018 days ago


I knew she wasn't crazy! I love you Casey! Everything will be ok. You were not convicted and you are innocent of all charges. Just be you. Come out when you feel comfortable and start selling your story. make millions. You deserve all of it for all the hard times you have gone through. Casey, please contact me. I would make you my wife. I am rich and successful. I would take care of you my sweet angel.

1018 days ago


Well,can you believe,a girl that goes to a wear nothing party and wraps the American flag around her body.has her child in bed with one of the boys she meant, would get raped.SHE GOT MOlESTED BY dad brother.RAPED,BY SOMEONE,CASEY IS ONE GIANT SIZE PITY POT.I THINK CASEY SHOULD LEAVE HER BRAIN TO SCIENCE.All this pity me.MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT.I can bet a million NO RAPE WAS REPORTED.and no testing for a date rape drug,I just love how she comes up with these LIES

1018 days ago


If this report is true, it supplies an even stronger psychology for Casey to want to get rid of the baby.

1018 days ago


either she's lying to get attention, or else if she is telling the truth then it's totally believable because she's the type of girl to put herself in the position to get raped. why is this skank still in the news anyways. on another note, nobody hacked her computer to post videos of her. she's an attention whore so she posted the videos herself. then she talks about suing the person who posted the videos. is it possible to sue yourself? just curious.

1018 days ago


so she doesnt remember "anything" at the part except what she drank, that she was drugged and she was raped? rriigghhtt

1018 days ago


Why is she becoming relevant again...let this piece of crap disapear into obscurity!

1018 days ago

Joan K    

What an ugly horse face, she just keeps getting uglier if that is possible.

1018 days ago

cha cha    

hahaha So now Casey is posting as Steinberg .. yeah marry the baby murderer.

1018 days ago

cha cha    

She does look like a horse face .... surprise surprise

1018 days ago
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