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Casey Anthony's Lawyer


1/11/2012 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony is on her own ... 'cause the attorney who got her off murder charges has decided to REMOVE HIMSELF from Anthony's legal team.

Anthony first hooked up with Jose Baez while she was in jail -- and heard other inmates raving about his work.

It's unclear why Baez tendered his resignation ... though it's rumored the two were having a falling out after Anthony's private video diaries surfaced online.

Story developing ...


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Joan K    

That has to be Casey sticking up for herself and calling herself HOT, nobody in their right mond would think this scank is hot or whatever except herself. Notice the dislikes too, it has to be her, Casey now what are you going to do, Bozo even gave up on your fat azz. I would be very careful about where you show your puss or wait you can't do that because the public is wating for that day. Karma sure is a "B", isn't it?

933 days ago

KC SUX Dongkey Dix    

BOZO knows the only got K.C. off because he paid the jury, so technically, yes he got her off and she got him off - short love affair, wasn't it?

933 days ago

cha cha    

Bozo this will not sell your book, nice try, no wonder Barbara Walters pulled away from you when you went to kiss her. Eeeeeek, you are truly a s***bag .... BTW did you ever take a DNA test regarding Caylee? PIG !!!!
So people who are reading here this is all staged by them for money a book interest and Bozo also sold a bogus story to the Enquirer about an assassin who left a post it note on caseys door warning her he was going to blow her head off .... never met an assassin who leaves a warning on a sticky note.

Hey Horaldo, yeah you, Bozo's BFF ... I am still no*****ching your show. Go Away ... how do you sleep at night knowing you put our troops in danger you moron.

933 days ago


Baez's resigning is a scam. He can't get her a deal, nobody wants to involve themselves with her, so if he "resigns" (as attorney only, not as a representative), he can get interviews himself and split the profits with Casey. I don't trust this clan of people...not at all.

933 days ago


It's too late, Baez!!! Even if you quit,

You will forever be the idiot attorney who GOT A BABY KILLER OFF, AND WALKED AWAY.

I Hope your business goes down the toilet, you son-of-a-bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

933 days ago


He quit because he found out those tapes were directed to another guy she's fooking. As long as he's paying for that baby killer to live, he wanted her diseased pus all to himself.

933 days ago

cha cha    

A MUS*****CH….Casey sounds just like melanie McGuire, guess she copied her.

933 days ago


It took him long enough to smarten up!!

933 days ago

cha cha    

Yes Sue I agree with you, this is all bullchit because Bozo wants to sell a book. How can he quit when he hasn't been her attorney since the 12 Village Idiots set her free KARMA keep it coming now.

Ad Cindy and George Marie, since you are reading here I pray Karma rips your hands apart when you start paying yourselves with blood money from Dr. Phil for your phoney fraudation.

We all need to keep on the IRS going after The Dirt/Dirty or whatever that is that is offering the skank $350,000 for her lies. I also think this is bogus and is used as a ploy to show that their is an interest in her and a bidding war will go on until it reaches 1 million. This guy who runs that web site TheDirt, I wonder if the IRS has looked into him and his website and whre does he get that kind of money.

933 days ago


Ya cause he knows the bitch is the one trying to sell her video's...P.S lets hope Animal Control seizes her dog before it too ends up in laundry bags with duct tape around its mouth!! I am a true casey anthony hater and proud of it..

933 days ago

cha cha    

Sandra Bozo was never smart, just Lucky !!!!

933 days ago


S*** got satan's spawn off and then dumps her. I feel this is yet another scheme of theirs. It just doesn't sound right. I also don't believe the whole hacked video thing. People keep personal diaries they don't want anyone to see in writing. They make video blogs to share. She's probably so pathological that she thinks she got away with murder because she's famous and has fans. That's why she made the videos. She's a nut case. I hate those jury people even more now. She truly is living the beautiful life thanks to them. No kid, No jail time, stands to make money off of her crime... Dumb-asses. what did they think that tattoo was for?

933 days ago

cha cha    

Bozo is distancing himself only to become marketable... I mean he had to lie to the Enquirer for money with a bogus story about post it note assassins. What he doesn't realize is that the majority of the people despise him as much as Casey. So distance is not going to buy him a ticket on the money train.

933 days ago

cha cha    

Mayu, follow this link and you will see her video diary (cough cough) was a rip off of another murderer.

A MUS*****CH….Casey sounds just like her.

933 days ago


I'm really emotional as I type this. Casey, you really don't deserve all this. People will trash talk you because they made up their own minds that you killed Caylee. YOU DIDN'T AND IT WAS PROVEN IN THE COURT OF LAW! I'm speaking behalf of humanity when I say this, from the utmost sincerity, we apologize for being such lemmings to the media. Most of us love and embrace you. We love you and we hope you make the best out of this. I am expecting a movie Casey. Get to it. Make your money while you can babe!

933 days ago
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